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Descendants of Susan Barber and Allen Griffith

Susan was daughter of James & Penelope Barber

8. Susan Barber, born about 1812, Clarke County, Georgia, married Allen Wilmon Griffith 15 December 1829. They were both living when the 1860 census was taken. Census Records on Allen Griffith

       A.  David Griffith, born 1830, Clarke County, GA.

       B.  William Griffith, born 1831, Clarke County, GA.

       C.  James Griffith, born 1835, Clarke County, GA.

       D.  Susan Griffith, born 1838, Clarke County, GA.

       E.  Allen Weymon Griffith, born 29 Nov 1840, Clarke County, GA.
           died 17 Jan 1923, Hancock County, GA, married (1) Susan
           Elizabeth Autry 28 Jan 1864, (2) Milldred Parri Kidd 20 Oct
           1895.  The youngest two children, Joseph and Ruth, are from
           the second marriage.  Robert L Jones has sent me files on the 
           Malcom and Autry families, which connects to the Griffith family.

  Courtesy of Robert L Jones, a descendant


           Name: Allen W. Griffith
           COMPANY: C
           Unit: 44 Georgia Infantry.
           Rank - Induction: Private
           Rank - Discharge: Private
           Allegiance: Confederate

           Source Citation: Box: 226;Extraction: 25; Record: 539

             Allen's death certificate
           a.  William A. Griffith, born 3 June 1867, died 16 May 1915, 
               married Ada Brooks.

               aa.  Albert Griffith, born 1902, Hancock County GA

               bb.  Pearl Griffith, born 1903, Hancock County GA, married
                    _____ Diller.

               cc.  Marion C. Griffith, (Marvin?) born 1909, Hancock 
                    County GA, married Pauline. They were living in Floyd
                    County, Georgia in 1930. bootlegger?

               dd.  R. T. Griffith, born 1911, Georgia

           b.  Green L Griffith, born 30 July 1869, Clarke Co GA, died 4 
               July 1897, from drowning.

           c.  Susan Penelope (Susie) Griffith, born 17 Jan 1872, Clarke 
               County, GA died 19 July 1946, Oconee County, GA, married David 
               Elder Sims. Victor Hawk is descended from Frances Louise Sims
               the sister of David Elder Sims.


               aa.  Henry Quilman Sims, born 17 Jan 1890, Oconee County, 
                    GA, died 21 Aug 1912, Oconee County, GA, married Dora 
                    Adell Hardegree.

                    aaa.  Susie Florence Sims, born 1 Aug 1910, married
                          John Benjamin Cheek 2 March 1929.

                    bbb.  Walter Earnest Sims, born and died 1912

               bb.  William Allen Sims, born 15 April 1892, died 22 April
                    1892, Oconee County, GA

               cc.  Lillie Mae Sims, born 18 Aug 1893, died 24 Feb 1898,
                    Oconee County, GA 

               dd.  Ervin Elder Sims, born 18 May 1896, died 26 Nov 1970,
                    Oconee County, GA, married (1) Timmie Virginia Head 16
                    July 1916, (2) Georgia Ora Matthews 24 Dec 1924.

                    aaa.  George David Sims, born 27 April 1927, died 26
                          April 1970, Oconee County, GA, married Betty 
                          Jannett Hightower 31 Dec 1951, DeKalb County, GA

                    bbb.  Frances Vivian Sims, born 24 May 1929, Fulton
                          County, GA, died 12 Nov 1969, Fulton County, GA
                          married Otis Gartrell Storey 8 Aug 1945, Cumming
                          Forsyth County, GA.

                    ccc.  Howard Ervin Sims, born 30 Dec 1933, Fulton 
                          County, GA, died 7 June 1977, Oconee County, GA.

                    ddd.  Mary Ellen Sims, born 30 July 1938, Fulton 
                          County, GA, died 2 Feb 1939, Fulton County, GA

                    eee.  Emily Sims married William Albert Glass.

                    fff.  Terry Sims married Evelyn Stewart.

               ee.  Jessie Lumpkin Sims, born 19 Oct 1898, Oconee County 
                    GA, died 30 May 1960, married Maude Morgan.

               ff.  infant son Sims, born and died 24 Nov 1900, Oconee 
                    County, GA

               gg.  Emery Spear Sims, born 20 Oct 1901, Oconee County, GA, 
                    died 6 Dec 1973, Winter Park, FL, married Corrie Lena 
                    Graham 28 Dec 1921, Wilkes Co GA.


                    aaa.  Emery Spear Sims, Jr, born 1922, married (1)
                          Sarah Edith Morgan, divorced 9 March 1971, 
                          married to (2) Edith again on 24 Sep 1971, 
                          Orange County, FL, divorced again on 14 Nov 
                          1991, (3) married Barbara Joy Isenhoff Roberts 
                          3 June 1992, divorced 28 Dec 1995, Lake County, 
                          FL (4) Frances Mae Hendrix Hagy 3 March 2000, 
                          Orange Co FL. Edith is the mother of all the

                          Emery Spear Sims, Jr

                          The pictures came from  Glenda Geraci
                          whose daughter is married to Emery Spear Sims 

                          aaaa.  Sarah Margaret Sims (Markie) never married

                          bbbb.  Emery Spear Sims III married (1) Linda 
                                 Marie Lee Aug 1969, divorced 11 Aug 1980, 
                                 (2) Catherine Camilla Crispe Stone 4 Sep 
                                 1982, Orange Co FL, divorced 29 July 
                                 1993, (3) married Deanna Long Bolena 18
                                 Oct 2003. Two daughters by first 
                                 marriage, one son by second marriage.

                                 aaaaa.  Jennifer Sims, born 12 Dec 1972, 
                                         married Jason Noll.  Four 

                                 bbbbb.  Jessica Sims, born 3 June 1975.

                                 ccccc.  Chase Sims, born 6 May 1984.

                                 Emery Spear Sims III

                          bbbb.  John Graham Sims, born 26 March 1953, married 
                                 Susan "Morri" Morrison. Four children


                                 aaaaa.  John G Sims Jr

                                 bbbbb.  Shanni Sims married ____ Boos

                                 ccccc.  Travis Sims
                          dddd.  Bradly Sims. Two children

                    bbb.  Charlie David Sims, born 1925, Orange County, FL
                          married Jaunita Holton, who was born 26 Nov 
                          1927, Valdosta, Lowndes Co GA, died 25 Oct 2008, 
                          Valdosta, Lowndes Co GA. Three children. 

                          aaaa.  Beverly Ann Sims, died at birth
                          bbbb.  Mary Helen Sims married Louis (Buddy) LaPointe.

                                 aaaaa.  Christine Claire LaPointe married 
                                         Derek Souliere.

                                 bbbbb.  Mary Lynn LaPointe

                          cccc.  Betty J Sims, born 22 May 1951, married (1) 
                                 Robert Wayne Moseley, (2) Alan R 
                                 Alexander in 1975.

                                 Betty Sims Alexander
                                 aaaaa.  Brian Moseley married (1) Brandy 
                                         Wertz, (2) Gail Denise Smith.
                                         Two girls and one son.
                                 bbbbb.  Robin Alexander married Douglas
                                         Prozzoly, have three daughters.

                          cccc.  Brenda Susan Sims was in a relationship
                                 with Mike McNabb, one daughter, Shannon. 
                                 Brenda married  Glyn Cotton and had one
                                 daughter, Ashley.

                                 aaaaa.  Shannon Leigh Sims married 
                                         Michael R Stuno 4 May 1996.

                                 bbbbb.  Ashley Cotton, born 10 Oct 1985.

  This beautiful picture courtesy of Shannon Sims Stuno
  JG, Morri, Deanna and Emery Sims III

                    ccc.  Carroll William Sims I, born 30 Aug 1928, 
                          Winterville, GA, died 18 March 2004, Patterson,
                          GA, married Margaret Stafford.


                          aaaa.  Patricia Sims, died at birth

                          bbbb.  Carroll William Sims II (Bill)
                                 One son

                          cccc.  James Sims (little Jimmy) Three children

                          dddd.  Debra Sims. Three children

                    ddd.  James Elder Sims, born 1937, Orange County, FL
                          married Norma Jean Maddox

                          aaaa.  Shelly Sims married ____ Hinosa. Two

                          bbbb.  Emma Jean Sims married _____ McGarity
                                 Three children

                          cccc.  Lena Kay Sims married _____ Weldon
                                 Four children  

               hh.  Viola Susie Sims, born 7 May 1904, died 19 Oct 1910,
                    Oconee County, GA.

               ii.  Lawrence Harel (Lonza) Sims, born 7 Oct 1906, Oconee
                    County, GA, died 9 Dec 1988, Orange County, FL, 
                    married Annie Sue Hawks

                    aaa.  Gloria Sims

               jj.  Theo Emily Sims was born 11 Jan 1909, Oconee County, 
                    Ga, died 31 March 1999, Baldwin County, GA, buried
                    Oconee County, GA, married Robert J. Carter 1928.

               kk.  Oveliar David Sims, born 24 Sep 1911, Oconee County, 
                    GA, died 22 March 2002, married Hubert H. Michael 21 
                    Sep 1929, Oconee County, GA, son of Clifford C 
                    Michael and Rosa Frances Sims.

                    aaa.  ____ Michael

           d.  Sarah Caroline Griffith, born 18 Jan 1874, died 1937, 
               Oconee County, Georgia, married James Stewart, son of Silas
               Stewart and Alethia Huff.

               aa.  Clarence Stewart

               bb.  S C Stewart married Melvin Dooley

                    aaa.  Tom Watson Dooley

                    bbb.  Margaret Dooley

                    ccc.  Melvin Dooley

                    ddd.  Lewis Dooley

                    eee.  Hilman Dooley

                    fff.  Hamilton Dooley

               cc.  Thomas Stewart married Zelma Whitehead

                    aaa.  Hal Stewart

                    bbb.  Tommy Stewart died at birth

               dd.  Lillian Estell Stewart, born 27 April 1899, died 16 
                    Jan 1962, married Charlie Marcellus Tucker 10 Nov 1923 
                    in Winterville GA. He was born 20 Nov 1893, died 13 
                    Nov 1968.

                    aaa.  Curtis Mae Tucker, born 7 Aug 1920, married John 
                          Allen Roundtree 21 April 1956.  He was born 13 
                          Jan 1918, died 26 Dec 1985, Clarke Co GA.

                          aaaa.  Karen Anita Roundtree, born 18 May 1957.

                    bbb.  Sara Gwinolin Tucker, born 9 July 1925, died 
                          17 April 1992, married Hocier Garnet White.

                    ccc.  Charlie Thomas Tucker, born 1 Feb 1928, married 
                          Pearl May Tucker 24 April 1948.

                          aaa.  Tommy Tucker, born and died 1950.

                    ddd.  Frances Tucker, born 8 June 1931, married Edger 
                          Spivey 15 Jan 1955.

                          aaaa.  Michael Anthony Spivey, born 12 June 1956,
                                 married Wendy Campbell 31 July 1976.

                          bbbb.  Stanley Kent Spivey, born 19 Aug 1957.

                          cccc.  Pamela Gale Spivey, born 22 Nov 1963.

                    eee.  James Lee Tucker, born 28 Nov 1933, married 
                          Geraline Wilson 1 July 1957.

                          aaaa.  James Lee Tucker Jr, born 18 Oct 1959.

                    fff.  Darleen Tucker, born 8 July 1936, married 
                          William Glenn Akin 29 June 1958.

                          aaaa.  William David Akin, born 24 Dec 1959.

                          bbbb.  Thomas Gregory Akin, born 17 Nov 1964.

           e.  Jessie Griffith, born 7 May 1876, died 1952, married
               Martha Isabell Stewart abt 1895, daughter of Silas Stewart
               and Alethia Huff. She was born 1875, died 1946.

               aa.  Susan Emma Griffith, born 2 Apr 1897, died 23 Apr 
                    1938, buried at Ross Chapel Snows Mill Rd, Oconee 
                    County, GA, married Joseph Lewis Ivey. Joseph was
                    born 1897, died 1989.

                    aaa.  Mary Belle Ivey, born 18 May 1919, died 15 Oct  
                          1987, Athens, Clarke County, GA, married 
                          Golden Raymond Stanley.

                          aaaa.  Mary Eugenia Stanley, born 12 July 1940, 
                                 Atlanta, Fulton County, GA, died 13 May
                                 2004, Atlanta, Fulton County, GA, married 
                                 ____ Laidman.

                    bbb.  Dorelle Ivey, born 5 June 1921, died 18 July 
                          1982, Atlanta, Fulton County, GA, married
                          Stanley Millard.  

                          aaaa.  Betty Millard

                    ccc.  Anna L. Ivey, born 1925, Fulton County, GA.  
                          married Herbert Wilborn.

                          aaaa.  Judy Wilborn

                          bbbb.  Paulette Wilborn

                    ddd.  William Joseph Ivey married _____.

                          aaaa.  Joe Ivey

                          bbbb.  Debra Ivey
               bb.  Dewey Lee Griffith, born 27 Aug 1899, Walton 
                    County, GA, died 1962, Walton County, GA, married Eva

                    aaa.  Larry Griffith

               cc.  Euell Lumpkin Griffith, born 20 Aug 1902, married 
                    Louise Lovern.

                    aaa.  Dwayn Griffith

                    bbb.  San Griffith

                    ccc.  Alton Griffith

                    ddd.  Omar Griffith

               dd.  William Hoyte Griffith, born 25 Aug 1905, married (1) 
                    Hattie Mae Scott, who died Oct 1932, (2) Mary Frances 
                    Aaron about 1937. He had four children by his first
                    wife and nine children by his second wife.

                    aaa.  Sybil Anngelyn Griffith, born 19 Nov 1925, died 
                          21 Jan 2001, Walton Co GA, married Brendyl 
                          Farmer about 1945.

                          aaaa.  B. A. Farmer, born about 1946, married 
                                 ____ Hamby.

                                 aaaaa.  J. A. Hamby (female) married 
                                         J. Jennings

                                 bbbbb.  K. A. Hamby (female), born in 
                                         Newnan, Coweta County, GA

                    bbb.  Jessie Paul Griffith, born 1928, died 1972.

                    ccc.  Billy Donald Griffeth Sr, born 8 July 1930, 
                          Oconee Co, GA, died 18 Aug 2010 at Bonifay 
                          Nursing and Rehab Center, Bonifay FL, married
                          Betty Ann Cape 1955. They have nine 
                          grandchildren: Christina Jesson Schave, Kaye 
                          Jesson Lewis, Ashley Griffeth, Wesley Griffeth,
                          Sarah Best, Hannah Griffeth, Billy Donald 
                          Griffeth III, Harrison Griffeth and Dylan 
                          Griffeth, and one great-grandchild, Spencer 

                          aaaa.  Marsha Marie Griffeth, born 14 March 1960, 
                                Athens, Clarke Co GA, married (1) Paul
                                Marshall Jesson 26 May 1979, Panama City, 
                                FL, divorced 5 Sep 1985, (2) James Earl 
                                Best Jr 15 July 1988 in Chipley FL. He was 
                                born 8 May 1964.

                                aaaaa.  Christina Marie Jesson, born 29 
                                       June 1982, Munson Army Hospital, 
                                       Leavenworth, KS, married David 
                                       Matthew Schave.

                                bbbbb.  Kay Maureen Jesson, born 14 July
                                       1985 at Tyndall Air Force Base
                                       Hospital, Panama City, FL, married
                                       Waylon Sean Lewis.

                                       aaaaa.  Spencer Lewis

                                ccccc.  Sarah Savannah Best, born 17 April
                                       1991, Panama City, FL.

                          bbbb.  Billy Donald Griffeth Jr, born 12 July 
                                1966, Athens, Clarke Co GA, married (1)
                                Deborah Ann Butler in March 1985, divorced
                                in 1997. Two children by this marriage.
                                Billy married (2) Allison Farley 20 July
                                2001. He adopted Allison's daughter 

                                aaaaa.  Ashley Marie Griffeth, born 21 Oct

                                bbbbb.  Wesley Colton Griffeth, born 20 Jan

                                ccccc.  Hannah Griffeth (adopted)

                                dddd.  Billy Donald Griffeth Jr
                                eeeee.  Dylan Griffeth (twin of Harrison)

                                fffff.  Harrison Griffeth (twin of Dyla

"Billy Donald Griffeth Sr (1930-2010)

Billy Donald Griffeth Sr, 80, of Westville, Fla, passed away August 18, 2010 at Bonifay Nursing and Rehab Center. He was born July 8, 1930, in Oconee County, GA, to the late William Hoyt and Hattie Mae Scott Griffeth. He served in the U.S. Army 440th Transportation Company in the 1950s as part of the post-World War II occupation of Europe. He had been a resident of Westville since 2006, and was previously a resident of Panama City for 38 years. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his brother, Jesse Paul Griffeth; and sister, Sybil Angelyn Farmer. He is survived by his wife of 55 years, Betty Ann Cape Griffeth of Westville; daughter, Marsha Best and husband, Jim, of Westville; son, Billy Griffeth Jr and wife, Allison, of Alabaster, Ala, and sister, Helen Raye Fuller of Winterville, GA. He also is survived by nine grandchildren, Christina Jesson Schave, Kaye Jesson Lewis, Ashley Griffeth, Wesley Griffeth, Sarah Best, Hannah Griffeth, Billy Donald Griffeth III (Donny), Harrison Griffeth and Dylan Griffeth, and one great-grandchild, Spencer Lewis. The viewing will be from 6 to 8 p.m. today, Aug. 20, at Peel Funeral Home in Bonifay, Fla. Funeral services will be at 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 21, with a viewing from 2 to 3 p.m. at Hickory Hill Baptist Church in Westville, with the Rev. Chris Nelson and the Rev Dean Padgett officiating. Burial will follow in the Hickory Hill Church Cemetery, with Peel Funeral Home of Bonifay directing."

Peel Funeral Home Bonifay, Fla. 301 E. Evans Ave. Published in Panama City News Herald on August 19, 2010 ddd. Helen Raye Griffeth, born 14 July 1932, married Robert (Bob) Fuller. eee. Mark Griffeth, born about 1941, married Connie Tench. aaaa. William Brady Griffeth, born 1 June 1991, married Mariah Maloch 24 April 2010. aaaaa. Gunner Griffeth, born 26 April 2013. bbbb. Cody Griffeth cccc. Madison Griffeth dddd. Alecia Griffeth eeee. Bert Griffeth ffff. Parker Mason Griffeth gggg. Eli Griffeth fff. Rachel Hilda Griffeth, born 8 Feb 1942, Oconee, GA, died 6 Nov 2014, Conyers, GA, married (1)Allen Nix, (2)Bill Compton. aaaa. _____ Nix, born abt 1962. aaaaa. Chris Nix, born 1985. ee. Delmar Oziar Griffith, born Nov 1908, died 1969 buried Ross Chapel Snows Mill, Oconee County, GA, married Mavis Lord. ff. Jessie Bell Griffith, born 13 Oct 1910, Oconee County, GA, died 11 Nov 1996, buried at Ross Chapel Snows Mill, Oconee County, GA, married Warren Chandler Stone 25 Dec 1926, Eastville, Oconee County, GA. He was born 31 Oct 1905, Jackson Co GA, died 12 April 1984. aaa. Alton Ned Stone, born 18 Feb 1919, Bogart, Oconee Co GA, married Joan Thomas. aaaa. Ronnie Stone aaaaa. Crystal Stone bbbbb. Ryan Stone bbbb. Pat Stone cccc. Diana Stone aaaaa. Michael Stone bbbbb. Brad Stone bbb. David Stone, born 1 Dec 1931, Rehobeth, Morgan Co GA, married Carolyn Thomas. aaaa. Wayne Stone aaaaa. Shane Stone bbbbb. Tayna Stone ccccc. Matt Stone bbbb. Diddie Stone aaaaa. Hannah Stone ccc. Martha Sue Stone, born 11 Nov 1934, Rehobeth, Morgan Co GA, married Guy Biggs. aaaa. Joy Biggs marreid Phil Adcock bbbb. Rusty Biggs ddd. Harriet Linda Stone, born 18 Jan 1943, Bishop, Oconee Co GA, married Philip Briscoe aaaa. Eugene Briscoe bbbb. Susan Briscoe aaaaa. Bilie Briscoe eee. Nancy Keran Stone, born 8 March 1948, Bishop, Oconee Co GA, married Emmitt Powers. aaaa. Carl Powers married Teresa Hayes aaaaa. Rebecca Powers bbbbb. Shane Powers bbbb. Joshua Powers cccc. Rachel Powers dddd. Alicia Powers f. Joseph Washington Griffith, born 21 Sep 1896, Social Circle, Walton Co GA, died Sep 1978, Thomasville, Georgia, married Eva Ada Epps 28 April 1918 in Sparta, Hancock Co Ga, daughter of Andrew Epps and Rachel Bachlor. She was born 2 May 1898 and died Dec 1974. aa. Mildred Louise Griffith, born 16 Feb 1919, Taliaferro County, GA, died Dec 1974, married Homer Monroe Cagel Jr 1 Aug 1939. aaa. Aubrey Cagel married Sauey aaaa. Todd Cagel bbb. Foster Cagel married Bonnie Finley aaaa. Angie Cagel bbbb. Sloan Cagel bb. Marie Elizabeth Griffith, born 15 May 1921, married Herman Culvin. Two children aaa. Terrance Culvin, born 1941. bbb. Richard (Dick) Culvin, born 1942, married Jean aaaa. Tesa Culvin bbbb. Tina Culvin cccc. Tanya Culvin cc. Margaret Griffith, born 10 Feb 1924, married Earl Anglin 27 Dec 1949. Earl was born 1916. aaa. Margaret Patricia Anglin, born 7 April 1953. bbb. Gwendolyn Joan Anglin, born 13 Oct 1955, married Kennith B Ludwig 30 Sep 1988. dd. Mamie Sue Griffith, born 28 May 1928, Millidgeville, Baldwin Co GA, married Cecil Wood 7 Sep 1945, son of Ed Wood and Bell Dinsmore. Ed was born 24 Jan 1924, Alpharetta, GA, died 19 March 1983, Roswell, GA. aaa. Dawson Cecil Wood, born 17 Sep 1948, Alpharetta, Fulton Co GA, married Connie Kell 1973. aaaa. Joseph Wood, born 1974. aaaaa. Catalina Wood bbbbb. Janicia Wood bbb. Luke Wood, born 11 July 1951, Alpharetta, Fulton Co GA, married Brenda Rabjohn June 1973. aaaa. Jarett Wood, born 1974. ccc. Rebecca Sue Wood, born 31 Aug 1954, Atlanta, Fulton Co GA, married William A Griffith 7 Dec 1991. aaaa. William Griffith Wood aaaaa. Rachel Helena Wood bbbb. Nathen Wood, born 30 Oct 1974. ddd. Bernita Ann Wood, born 14 Feb 1958, married James Edward Powell 16 Aug 1975. ee. Nellie Janet Griffith, born 31 Jan 1932, married (1) Clifford M Currier 23 Sep 1950, (2) Vernon Emerson 1970. aaa. Ramona Nadine Currier, born 19 March 1953. aaaa. Geranamo Currier, born 1974 bbbb. Poppy Currier, born 1978 ff. Andrew Holsey Griffith, born 27 June 1934, Hancock Co GA, died March 1968, married Rhea Sanders Epps Keys 17 April 1957. Andrew adopted Rhea's sons Gary and John. aaa. Gary Keys Griffith (adopted), born 1951 bbb. John Keys Griffith (adopted), born 1953. ccc. Clifford Griffith, born and died 15 June 1958. ddd. Andrew Holsey Griffith Jr, born 15 Dec 1969, Sparta, Hancock Co GA. gg. Joseph Washington Griffith Jr, born 13 July 1936, died March 1968, married (1) Ludwina Stalin, (2) Ruby. g. Ruth Rebecca Griffith, born 29 June 1899, Walton County, GA, died 29 July 1984, Warner Robins, GA, married James Robert Johnston 4 Jan 1923, Eatonton, GA, buried in Hancock County, GA Grandparents and Mother of Robert L Jones aa. Anna Ruth Johnston, born 30 Oct 1930 in Macon, Bibb Co GA, married William Henry Jones Sr. 19 May 1951, Hancock Co GA. Henry born 7 March 1930, Brunson, SC, died 5 June 2000, Houston Co GA, was the son of Omar Jones and Nellie Chafin. aaa. William Henry Jones Jr, born 14 March 1953, Fort Campbell, KY, married (1) Sylvia Elaine Evens 15 June 1980 in Fort Valley, Peach Co GA. She was born 28 Oct 1957, Macon, Bibb Co GA. He married (2) Rebecca Lee Ryals Davis 12 Feb 1994, Peach Co GA. Rebecca was born 27 Dec 1961. One child by Evens. aaaa. Nathen Even Jones, born 9 April 1984. bbb. Robert Lias Jones, born 2 Aug 1961, Marquette MI, married Tina Renee Dooley 17 Jan 1981 in Warner Robins, GA, daughter of Douglass Dooley and Jacqulin Prather. She was born 4 March 1961 in Warner Robins Air Force base, Warner Robins, GA. aaaa. Jonathan Michael Jones,born 21 Dec 1985, Houston Medical Center, Warner Robins, GA. bbbb. Kaitlyn Elaina Jones, born 22 May 1991, Houston Medical Center, Warner Robins, GA. ccc. Vera Ellen Jones, born 23 Oct 1967, Albuquerque, NM. F. Louisa Griffith, born 1843, Clarke County, GA. G. Joseph Griffith, born 1846, Clarke County, GA. H. Aurelia? Cynthia Griffith, born 1848, Clarke County, GA. I. George Griffith, born 1849, Clarke County, GA, died young. J. Franklin Gray Griffith, born Oct 1850, Clarke County GA, married Elizabeth Jane Ford abt 1870. She was born Oct 1851. They were living in Paulding County, Georgia in 1920. a. William A. Griffith, born Dec 1873, Georgia, died before 1953, married Essie J Pruitt. aa. Grady K. Griffith, born 1893, died 1973, married Eva ______. bb. Jessie M Griffith, born 1904, Paulding County, GA, died 1984 cc. Gracie H Griffith, born 1909, Paulding County, GA died 1989 dd. Thelman D Griffith, born 1913, Paulding County, GA died 1993 ee. Franklin E Griffith, born 5 April 1915, Paulding County, GA, died 4 Feb 1991, Atlanta, Fulton County, GA ff. Bessie C Griffith, born 1916, Paulding County, GA died 1996 gg. Willie T. Griffith (female), born 1918, Paulding County, GA, died 1999 b. Lon H. Griffith, born Jan 1876, Georgia, married Ellen _____ about 1901. aa. Alfred D. Griffith, born 1903, Paulding County, GA bb. Dallis? (female), born 1907, Paulding County, GA c. Susan Elizabeth Griffith, born 31 Oct 1880, Paulding, Georgia, died 19 Nov 1955, Cobb County GA, married Elijah Martin Hall. aa. Letha Hall, born 1905. bb. Janie Hall, born 1907. cc. John C Hall, born 1908, died 1923. dd. Claudia Lou Hall, born 1912, died 2001. ee. Eli Hall, born 1917. d. James L Griffith, born Feb 1883, Georgia. e. Alan Griffith, born Feb 1885, Georgia f. Bessie Griffith, born Aug 1887, Georgia g. Luther Micle Griffith, born Sep 1889, Georgia, died 1967, married Pearl Magnolia Davis, who was born 1894, died 1918. aa. E. Ines Griffith (female), born 1914, Paulding County, GA bb. Pearl Marcelle Griffith, born 10 March 1916, Paulding County, GA, died 1 Nov 1997, Cobb County, Georgia, married Arthur Lee William Turner Sep 1937. aaa. Doyal Lee Turner, born and died 1939. bbb. Loyal Turner, twin of Doyal, born 1939. ccc. Harold Turner ddd. Janette P Turner, born 10 June 1942, GA, married Donald Franklin "Butch" Cabe. aaaa. Wendy Leanne Cabe, born 1974, married David Michael Russ. aaaaaa. Kayla Russ bbbbbb. Tyler Russ bbbb. Sonya Cabe married Mike Hudson. cccc. Lania Cabe married Cary Ogletree. eee. Margene Turner, born 7 Aug 1944, married Jack Graves. aaaa. Jennifer Graves married ____ Faucher. Jennifer Graves Faucher and daughter fff. Jerry Turner ggg. Larry Turner hhh. Murl Turner iii. Dale Turner, born 1956, married ___ Sanford. jjj. Donna Turner h. Eulie M Griffith, born March 1892, Georgia K. Nancy Griffith, born 1851, Clarke County GA L. George Russell Griffeth, born 10 March 1852, Clarke County GA, married Harriet Matilda McDaniel. a. Allen Russell Griffith, born 9 July 1878, Winder, Barrow, GA, died 28 Dec 1929, Barrow, GA, married Minnie McDaniel. aa. Floy Griffeth, born 1907. bb. James Griffeth, born 1909. cc. Robert Griffeth, born 1911. dd. Viola Griffeth, born 1914. ee. Fred Thomas Griffeth, born 1919, died 1979. b. William Henry Griffith, born 1880. c. James A Griffith, born 23 Feb 1882, married Maude Bell McDaniel. aa. Florbelle Giffeth, born 1900, died 1980. d. Thomas Franklin Griffith, born 5 Sep 1883, died Feb 1985, married May _____. aa. Lillie Griffeth, born 1904. bb. Tommie G Griffeth, born 1906. cc. baby Griffeth, born 1910. dd. John E Griffeth, born 1913. ee. Gertie Griffeth, born 1916. ff. Mamie, born 1922. e. Susan Jane Griffith, born 2 March 1885, Barrow, BA, died 31 July 1933, Barrow, GA, married Lewis Hilmer McDaniel 13 Nov 1904, Walton, GA. aa. Rosie Lee McDaniel, born 1905, died 1978. bb. Dora Willie McDaniel, born 1907, died 1992. cc. Willis Allen McDaniel, born 1909, died 1980. dd. Fred Thomas McDaniel, born 1911, died 1911. ee. Waymon Jackson McDaniel, born 1912, died 1913. ff. Ralph Howard McDaniel, born 1918, died 1945. gg. Roy Harold McDaniel, born 1918, died 1952 (twin of Ralph) hh. Herman McDaniel, born 1922, 1994. ii. Myrtle Irene McDaniel, born 1925, died 1992. f. John Samuel Griffith, born 9 July 1887, Lawrencville, GA, married Idell Perdue 12 Nov 1921, Hall, GA. g. Joseph Howard Griffith, born 18 Nov 1888, Barrow, GA, died 9 March 1954, married Lula Mary Austin. aa. Joseph Howard Griffith Jr, born 1915. bb. Druwillie Griffith, born 1917. cc. George Berry "GB" Griffith, born 1920, died 1990. dd. Odene Emma McDaniel, born 1925, died 1996. h. Mary Ida Griffith, born 1 Nov 1890, died 25 March 1987, married Morgan Edward Starnes. aa. Roy S Starnes, born 1915, died 1966. bb. Mary Eunice Starnes, born 1917, died 1966. cc. Dorothy J Starnes, born 1927. dd. Morgan Edward Starnes Jr, born 1932, died 2007. i. George Cleveland Griffith, born 30 June 1892, died 30 June 1969, married Maudie Kellum 1 Aug 1915, Barrow, GA. j. Pearl Johnson Griffith, born 2 Jan 1894, died 1 Jan 1953, married David Lee Mobley about 1919. Lee Mobley was an inmate in Walton County GA in 1920, and a prisoner, and a dishwasher at the alms house in Clarke County GA in 1930. So he may have been incarcerated because of debt. aa. Grace Runette Mobley, born 1921, died 1999. bb. Robert Edward "Bud" Mobley, born 1924, died 1999. cc. Camilla Mobley, born 1927. dd. Dora Dean, born 1928, died 1993. k. Robert Jackson Griffith, born 6 Sep 1895, died 13 Oct 1964, married Sadie Belle Mobley 24 Sep 1916, Barrow, GA. aa. Sally Lavertis Griffith, born 1919, died 1985. bb. Leon Griffith, born 1920. cc. Myrtis Griffith, born 1924. dd. Bennie Robert Griffith, born 1933, died 1972. ee. Bettie Lee Griffith, born 1938. l. Minnie Griffeth, born 10 May 1897, died 26 March 1987, married Otis L Spinks. aa. George W Spinks, born 1917, died 1994. bb. Mary Lucille Spinks, born 1919, died 1998. cc. John Melvin Spinks, born 1922, died 1999 dd. Florine Spinks, born 1926. ee. Junior Lexton Spinks, born 1929, died 1992. M. Elizabeth Griffith, born 1857, Clarke County GA