Power Et Al DNA and History Project -- How do I participate?

How do I participate?

  1. If you haven't already been tested by a lab, you may order a DNA Kit by notifying the coordinators. The current cost, if you order through the Power/Powers/Poor/de la Poer Family DNA Group coordinators, is the group-discounted rate. Your payment, along with the invoice, is due when you mail your DNA sample to the Family Tree DNA lab. You may pay with credit card, Paypal's secure payment service, personal cheque, or money order (The entire fee goes to the laboratory, the Power et al Group does not profit financially from your participation).

    The Family Tree-DNA kit contains an Instruction Sheet, a Release Sheet to be signed, two tiny bottles containing a soap solution, (preservative type solution), and two "cheek scrapers." An invoice and a self-addressed mailing envelope are also enclosed.

    The cheek scraper is about the size of an ordinary Q-tip. You remove the scraper from the sterile package and then scrape the inside of you cheek for about 60 seconds. Then the end of the scraper is ejected into the small glass bottle containing a soapy solution. Eight hours later, you do the same thing with the second scraper and bottle. The two bottles, your check, and the signed release is then mailed to the Texas laboratory.

    Unfortunately, it requires from five to eight weeks to process your sample and notify you of your Y chromosome scores. A copy of your report will also be mailed to the coordinators of the Power Et Al DNA and History Project Administrators. We will then ask you to submit information about your Power (and its surname variants) lineage and your ancestor's migration pattern. This data will then be posted onto our Internet website. However, your name will not be reported (your privacy will be protected). Your DNA marker values will be added to our data tables which will allow you to compare your values with other participants in our project.  The tables also contain links to other DNA database services where you can compare your markers.

    To join the project and to receive a test kit via Family Tree DNA's website: Click Here

  2. If you have already been tested by a lab such as Ancestry.com, SMGF.org, or FTDNA and have access to your DNA test data, participation is easy.  Simply notify the project administrators via the link below.  We will request you send us a copy of your DNA test data via e-mail and will add it to our ever growing database of participants.

    If you have already been tested with a lab and wish to share your information and join the project:  Click Here

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