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Welcome to the Power Et Al DNA & History Project website. It has been designed as a site dedicated to sharing research concerning the Power, Powers, Poor, Powys, and Paor surnames and their variants with others in order to further our family knowledge. This site was developed to serve as a central location for compiling records and resources collected over the years by our Y-DNA study participants in the hopes that one little tidbit found here may be the clue another is looking for in order to break down a research brick wall. Your comments, additions and corrections are always appreciated.

Links to Power and its surname variant related family Web Sites and a section for Power research links have been included. Various records have been contributed by generous members of our Y-DNA project and to them we are most grateful. Sources are included on many of the pages or will be gladly furnished by the contributor on request. You are urged to use this information only as a guide to where you can obtain copies of original records.

If you are a member of our Y-DNA project and would like to contribute information to this site, all that is necessary is to send us a simple e-mail message by clicking the mailbox icon Mailbox on any of the site's pages. This is a project of great proportions and of considerable historical significance. Every little bit of information helps and will be added to the site as quickly as time becomes available in our schedules.

We will be continually updating the site and we sincerely hope you will find something here that will be of help at some point during the course of your research.

In order to make use of this site's full abilities, please make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser. Certain navigation functions and communications features on the site require it.


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