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An On-line Parish Clerk (OPC) is the repository of all sorts of genealogical data relating to an adopted Parish. This can come from my own transcripts of a wide range of documents as well as those donated by other researchers that relate to the Parishes of Meavy, Roborough by Torrington, Sheepstor & Walkhampton. These include, but are not limited to: Parish Registers, Censuses, Land Tax Assessments, Tithe Apportionments, Directories, etc. etc.

Through the auspices of GENUKI Devon On-Line Parish Clerk Project and its webmaster, Brian Randell, over 185 of 500+ Parishes are now covered, benefiting researchers everywhere.


As with any secondary or tertiary genealogical information, all information herein needs to be verified at source by comparison with the original documents.


The term OPC as used here, refers to a repositor of genealogically related materials such as (but not limited to) Church register transcripts, land tax assessments and census information, and the OPC should in no way be confused with the Parish Council appointed Parish Clerks. All OPCs are unpaid volunteers who are willing to assist others in their genealogical research.

(Errors and omissions exempted)


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Description: stonbu1   Cornwall OPC Project

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Contact Information

Deborah O'Brien


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Current Projects

Description: stonbu1    Co-ordinator for the GENUKI Devon On-Line Parish Clerk Scheme

Description: stonbu1    SQUANCE & LILLICRAP One-name Studies

Description: stonbu1     Parish Register and Census transcriber


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Member Devon Family History Society


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Last revised: February 2019

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