The Dohertys of Kilkenny, Ireland

Dohertys of Kilkenny, Ireland

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The Doherty Family of Kilkenny tree has been reconstructed by family members on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean including Ireland, Canada and the USA.

For more information please contact: Dr.John Hamels of the USA (write to John)

[Doherty motto: "Ar nDuthchas" meaning "For my hereditary right"]

Feb 8, 2012

I'm still playing in an Irish duo going on 3 years now. That's my musical partner, Bill Drellow on banjo below. We have a Facebook page if you want to check us out! or click here: "Doc and Bill"

March 20, 2011

A hundred thousand welcomes to you all! It's been over a year since I have posted anything here. I am sad to say that I haven't heard from anyone about our family history. In the past year I have been half of an Irish folk group as noted last year. We have been playing all over our county and helping spread the Irish tradition of good songs and story telling! Here is a link that will take you to an article about our musical Irish endeavors. I'm the one in the hat! Click here: Irish Immersion Article, Jamestown Post Journal
According to a discussion that I had with Robbie O'Connell the great Irish singer and nephew of the Clancy Brothers, our Doherty relatives and his relatives worked for Lord Bessboro. How cool is that?!?!? Don't be shy. I know some of you are visiting this site from time. Leave a message in the guestbook or drop me a line. Till next time, happy Spring!

Feb.8, 2010

Well, it's been a long time since I have posted anything here or have heard from anyone so how about I try something a little different? I have joined up with another musician and we are playing many of the traditional Irish tunes that one hears by the Clancy Brothers or the Dubliners. Could you send to me any titles of songs that were special Doherty tunes that you heard from our elders as a child? I would like to incorporate these songs in to our act. For example, we are doing "Whiskey in the Jar" and "Molly Malone" which I know are tunes that I heard as a child in our house. They can be Scottish songs since I know there are some tunes that the Irish did that had Scottish roots such as "Wild Mountain Thyme/Go Lassie Go". Thanks and please don't be bashful! Leave a note here or email me. Thanks and have a great year in 2010! ~ John

December 30, 2008

It's almost the end of the year and not too much new has been discovered about our Doherty heritage. But take heart! I have had our Hamels web site up for almost 10 years and had almost 10,000 hits and we just got some new information just yesterday after quite a dry spell! We just have to wait till the other family members find us sometimes!!! The real reason that I am posting this today is to alert anyone who is reading this that 6 of us are booked to go to Ireland next October and would be happy to have you come along with us on our tour. We have booked into the Irish Legends Trip through C.I.E. tours and we are going to spend one full day exploring the villages where our grandparents and great-grandparents lived and rasied their families. If you are interested drop me an email and I will give you the details.Write me at: Happy New Year!!! ~ John

September 16, 2008

Here is a blast from the past submitted this week by Bob Doherty! It is a reunion of sorts at Jack & Sara Hamels' house somewhere around the mid 1960s in Buffalo, NY. Dad and I had to date it based on the clock hanging in the background! Pictured in this photo are: in the back row, Jack Hamels, Mary Doherty [Hamels] Hogg, Minnie & Gene Cowan; sitting in the front: Art Doherty, Ed Hamels, Sara Hamels and Bernice Hamels. I guess some spouses didn't sit with their wives for photos then. We are guessing that Emma Doherty took the photo! Enjoy and keep sending those photos!!! ~John

July 27, 2008

Today my father and I are working hard on our family history. We decided to upload a couple of photos including my grandmother Mary with glasses at age approx. 52 in 1939. Evidently the dark scene behind her was painted by her son Pete. Below her is a photo of Art and Emma Doherty in July 1973 in Buffalo at my parents' home. ~John

July 25, 2008

Here is an early photo of Mary Doherty and 3 of her 4 boys. Pete is missing or perhaps the photographer. Pictured in the first pose are some unidentified chidren, two male friends, William (Bill) and wife Betty, Betty's mother, Mary Doherty Hamels, and Jack (John) Hamels. This was probably taken in the late 1930s. In the second photo Edmond (Eddie)is on the left and Jack is out of the scene.
Here is a photos that I recently received from grand-daughter, Donna Coleman, of John & Margaret Doherty in the first photo.They are pictured in the center. We will need some help with the identification of the others!

July 24, 2008

Below is the earliest known photo of my grandmother Mary Doherty Hamels. I'm guessing she is in her early twentys. But it's only a guess. Below that are two photos of Mary, probably in her 50s. Hard to say at this point. She sure did like her hats, didn't she?!? I will be adding more photos that I have received from my Dad. They are small so I have to work with the scanner a bit. Stay tuned. Keep the photos and emails coming! ~ John
[Young Mary Dohertry, Older Mary Doherty Hamels, undated photos]

July 21, 2008

Well, I think that we can limit the folks in the 3 mystery photos below down a little bit. The first two photos were taken in Toronto, Canada and we presume the third [pouring beer] as well. Since this is the case, the man with the mustache is not Joseph Doherty, Sr. and the woman sitting in the photo is not Elizabeth Doherty! The tougher questions are "then who are they?" I have recently received new data from Donna Coleman about her family tree which I will start adding today and she has sent two more photos. I will try to upload them.

July 11, 2008.

I am posting three "mystery photos" for everyone to consider. Does anyone know who these individuals are? Do you have similar photos tucked away in an old shoe box? Let us know. The first one I am pretty sure is John Doherty when he was younger than the photo farther below. The facial features look pretty similar. The photo with the two men and the beer may feature Fred Doherty, John's younger brother holding the glass. As for the two females, either one could be my grandmother Mary Doherty! We will need more information! Have fun thinking about it! These photos came from Donna Coleman and she is not sure who the individuals are as well. ~John
[Perhaps John Doherty,sitting, when he was younger?]
[Could be Fred, John's younger brother holding the glass]
[Could be Mary Doherty sitting, could be Mary Doherty standing!!!]

June 2008. This is the start of our family tree as we know it today. We would very much like to add to it and move the time line back further. As time goes by I will add photos and stories as we receive them. Above is the commonly accepted Doherty crest. Until recently we knew that three siblings came from Kilkenny: John, Frederik and Mary Doherty. We knew that they came to Canada somewhere around 1906/7. John and Frederick remained in Canada over the years and Mary moved about the USA with her husband Pierre Andre Hamels. Now we know that their father's name was Joseph Doherty and their mother was ELizabeth Lynden. The story is a bit fuzzy but we know that Joseph and probably Elizabeth worked for the various Earls of Bessborough over the years. The latest finding comes from a work by Mary O'Shea in which she lists Elizabeth, Fred and Mary living in Piltown which is part of Fiddown in southern Kilkenny Co. Click on this blue line to go to Mary's story. See Piltown Land League section: Our Dohertys in Piltown, Ireland ~ John

The Dohertys of Piltown/Fiddown, Ireland 1771-2008
-1 Joseph Doherty married in 1771, Co. Kilkenny 0. Joseph Doherty, land renter in Fiddown, 1850,Ballyglassoon, Ossory diocese (?).m. Elizabeth Lynden 1. Joseph (dies of gun shot wound) 1. John (April 23, 1875/77 - d.1942 , 65/67 yrs. old [discrepancy in birth year], machinist, later on caretaker at Delta United Church, buried in Hamilton Cemetery, York Blvd., Hamilton, Ontario)
[undated photo of John Doherty]
[John Doherty in his later years, undated]
m. (May 17,1907) Margaret Reidford [Presbyterian] (b. 9/26/1879- d. 12/19/1962) 2. Marion Elizabeth (b. 1/27/1909 - d. 7/7/1997) married July 24, 1954 Walter Arnold Beck (b. 10/28/1911 - d. 7/7/1982) 3. June Marie (b. Aug. 29, 1935, Hamilton, Ont.-) m. Hugh Patrick Gillen (b. Jan. 13, 1928, Belfast, Ireland - d. 1989) 4.Colleen (b. May 17, 1958, Hamilton, Ont.- ) m. John Cottrell, married Jan. 16, 1993) 5. Corrie Patrick (b. October 25, 1993, California) 5. Caylee Katherine (b. August 14, 1996, California) 4. Michael Eman (b. Feb. 29, 1956, Hamilton, Ont.) m. Darla Spel Bring 4. Shaun (b. May 29, 1978, California) 4. Seth (b. Dec. 10, 1979, California) 4. Wesley (b. April 6, 1981, California) m. Sheila 3. Donna Mae (b. April 10, 1941, Hamilton, Ont. - ) m. John Bruce Coleman (b. June 25, 1941, Toronto, Ont. - ) married Sept. 24, 1966 4. Randy Mel (b. Sept. 24, 1961, Hamilton, Ont - ) 4.David Michael (b. July 27, 1972, Hamilton, Ont. - ) 4. James Bruce (b. Oct. 17, 1978, Hamilton, Ont. - ) 3. Carol Ann (b. Jan. 4, 1947, Hamilton, Ont. - ) m. Gary Wayne Rutherford (b. March 13, 1943, Hamilton, Ont. - ) married Nov. 8, 1968 4. Tonya Marie (b. June 1, 1971, Hamilton , Ont. ) m. Leonard Jeffrey Potts 9b. Dec 19, 1970 - ) married, Oct. 23, 1993 5. Mackenzie Marie (b. July 25, 1997, Simcoe, Ont. - ) 5. Evan Jeffrey (b. Nov. 14, 2000, Hamilton, Ont. - ) 4. Tod Brent (b. feb.3, 1973, Hamilton, Ont.) m. Laurie Sean Ban (b. Dec 1, 1973 - ) married Oct. 6, 1997 5. Kyra Grace (b. FEb. 5, 2001, Simcoe, Ont. - ) 5. Halle Jane (b. March 11, 2002, Simcoe, Ont. - ) 3. William John (b. April 2, 1937, Hamilton, Ont.) m. Audrey Dale Robart,(b. May 17, 1935) married June 29,1958 4. Deborah Dale (b. Dec. 31, 1958 - ) m. Kevin Ng, married June 8, 1991 (b. March 30, 1964, Toronto, Ont. -) 5. Kevin William 9b. Nov. 1, 1991, Halifax, NS - ) 5. Kimberly Rebecca (b. Feb. 1, 1994, Ottawa, Ont. - ) 4. Kimberly Ann (b. Feb. 18, 1960, Halifax, NS- d. Nov. 12, 2004, Waterville, NS) 4. Carol Leann (b. July 22, 1961, Halifax, NS - ) m. Richard Fredrick Weldon (b. July 18, 1961 - ) married July 12, 1986 4. Kelly Marie (b. Nov. 1, 1965, Halifaz, NS - ) m. David Charles Curry (b. April 13, 1965, Glacierbay, NS - ) married June 9, 1990 5. Kevin Richard (b. April 25, 1993, Gatineau, Quebec - ) 5. Charles Ryan (b. Oct.25, 2002, Halifax, NS. - ) 4. Stephanie Lu-Ann (b. Sept. 21, 1972 m. Andrew Michael Wilson (b. Oct.26, 1972, Halifax, NS - ) married Dec.20, 1997 5. Johnny Michael (b. June 15, 2002, Halifax,NS - ) 5. Sophie Lu-Ann(b. June 4, 2005, Halifax, NS - ) 2. Arthur Edward (b. May 18, 1910 – d. 1/15/1997) m. Emma Day Smithson (b. 1/11/1908 married September 1929 died September 28,1979 -50th wedding Anniversary) 3. Roy Edmond (b. July 1930 – d. Nov. 1, 1964) m. Mildred Ibbott (b. Oct.1, 1930 d. April 11, 2002) 4. Larry 4. David 4. Kelly 3. Robert Frank Born (6/19/1940- ) m. Julia Ruth Carpendale born (10/23/1941- ) 4.Elaine Katherine born (8/27/73 - ) m. Anthony Catalano 5. Joseph (2002 - ) 5. Emma Julia (2005 -) 4.Robert James (born 9/9/1964 - ) m. Tammy Hill 5. Meghan 5. Cooper 4.Susan Elizabeth ( born 12/14/67 - ) m. Kevin Kerkhof 5. Jessica 5. Eric 1. Fred m. ? 1. Sarah (died from choking on bone?) 1. Mary (b. 1887- d.1970) m. Pierre Hamels (1879- d. 1949) 2. William Pictured around 1940. m. Betty ? 2. Peter (1915)Pictured in undated photo. 2. Edmond (b.1917-d. 2000) m. Bernice Zelin(b. 8/20/1921 - ) 3. Gary (1948) m. Bernadette Kwienski (1946) 4. Daniel (1971) m. Julia Brisker 5. Olivia 5. Lillian 5. 4. Michelle (1976) m. (1998) Scott Jeziorowski 5. Emma (2000) 3. Bruce Edmond(b. 1/25/1954) m. Suzanne G. Beltz 2006 (b 4/21/1955) 4. Joy (b. 8/25/1973) m. Calvin Carr 5. Brendan (b. 7/20/1999) 5. Ryanne (b.1/12/2002) 4. Lauren (b. 8/2/1979) m. David O’Connor 2005 5. Kellen (b. 10/15/2006) 4. Allison (b. 12/281982) 4. Aaron J. Beltz (b. 9/21/1986) 4. Nicole V. Beltz (b. 1/8/1988) 2. John Lyndon (1923) m. Sara, 1949 (1922) 3. John Patrick (1952) m. Barbara Mulson, 1981(1951) 4. Scott (1974) m. Luisa Moreno 5. Nesha 6. Nadia 6. 5. Nicole 5. Justin 4. Shaun (1977) 4. Stephanie (1982) 4. Justin (1985) m. Brittany Enterline 5. Kyla (2005) 3. Robert Joseph (1953) m. Margaret “Peggy” Nicholson (1952) 4. Jennifer (1976) m. Thomas Sullivan (1972) 5. Joshua (2007) 4. Robert (1981)

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