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A lot of my info came from others, either by them sending it to me or I found their info on the web.
So, there may be some BAD info. Don't take anything here as 100% acurate.
It is here for information only and something for you to build on.  Please send me any additions or corrections you know of.

              Numbers reference a 15 generation Pedigree chart:

2 Wayne L. Smith---- 
Born: 5 Sep 1918 
Place: Berthoud, CO 
D: 13 Sep 2007
Centennial, CO

 For 11 generation chart on Smith, 
 click here:  |  SMITH SIDE   
  1 Donald J. Smith--

|m.  27 Jun 1942
3 Benita J. Welty---- 
Born: 17 Feb 1921 
Place: Longmont, CO
D: 15 May 2005
Centennial, CO  
 For 15 generation chart on Welty, 
 click here: 

1.  Dates for living people have been left off.
2.  All information is not verified and is only displayed as I found it.  There could be typo's.  A lot of my info was given to me or I have copied it from the web.
2.  If you know of any errors or have any additional information, please notify me.

My new E-mail address is: E-mail Me!

My old address was: donsm52 (at)
also, it was: don (at)

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In the event that I am no longer able to support this work, my info will last on as long as they stay in business. At some time, will no longer be around.    GED files also uploaded at: 

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