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Partial Newry Marriage & Baptism Records from LDS Microfilm

MARRIAGE REGISTRY ? 1784-1815 (LDS Film #0259218)


Rev. Samuel Smartt ? by Clerk Atchison Thompson Henderson


1795-1805-Charlotte Thompson/James McClelland

1808-Ann Thompson/John Henderson

abt. 1826-Catherine Thomson/William Stone

(all three above-named women were daughters of Atcheson Thompson of Trevor Hill, Newry)

29 Oct 1784-John Thompson & Prudence Barry, both of Newry

19 Nov 1788-Edward Thompson of Peltham, Co. Kent & Ann Thomas of Dolgally Town & Parish, in Merrioneth, N. Wales

16 Jul 1789-Samuel Thompson & Agnes McCullough, both of Newtown Hamilton

17 Jun 1791-James Robinson of DownPatrick & Mary Sloane of Ardarah/Newry

10 Oct 1789-Joseph Adams & Mary Todd, both of Longhilly

28 Dec 1791-John McCullogh, skinner & Catherine Brown, widow, dau of William Hamilton of High St., Newry.

23 Nov 1792-James Martin of Parish of Carmony, Co. Antrim & Agnes Jameson of Longhilly, Co. Antrim

2 May 1793-John Thompson of the Parish of Killevy & Mary Mills, Parish of Cregan, Co. Antrim

10 Sep 1793-James Gibson & Margaret Armstrong, both of Longhilly? (Loghhally?) Parish

27 Nov 1795-Thomas McConnell of Co. Antrim & Margaret Sloane of Ardarah Parish, Newry, Co. Down

14 Jun 1796-James McGluer of Parish of Donaghmore, Co. Down & Margaret Thompson, dau of James Thompson of same.

29 Jun 1797-Patrick Gibson of Parish of Loughilly & Susanna Patten of same

15 Dec 1799-Michael Connel, Quartermaster of the 6th Dragoons & Elinor Noble of Newry

30 Dec 1797-James McCleland Esq., Counsellor & Charlotte Thompson, 3rd dau of Atchison Thompson Esq of Newry, at about 4 o?clock at night in the house of said Thompson

15 May 1800-John Ross of Killmeagan Parish & James Thompson of Damully, Newry Parish

14 Jul 1802-William Carter Esq of Newry, merchant & Catherine Thompson, dau of Andrew Thompson of same in the presence of her parents & several sisters

29 Dec 1802-Samuel Gordon, son of William Gordon & Mary Thompson alias Brizier, of Longhilly, widow, in the presence of her father who lives in Newry, a publican.

3 Sep 1803-James Gilson? (Gibson?), chaise driver, to Margaret Lee, both of Newry

4 Sep 1803-Andrew Clarke of Drumbanaher & Anne McConnell of Ballymore Parish, brother of the girl present

29 Nov 1803-William Thompson of Mullaglans to Sarah Sleep, dau of David Sleep at Tullyhappy Parish, Killery.

27 May 1804-George Thompson of Newry & Anne McCoy/McCurg alias Keogh, of Armagh

31 Mar 1803-James Hadden of Lurgan, muslin weaver & Jane Hamilton alias Donnelly of Warrenspoint

14 Apr 1803-John Sloane of Boat St. & Eleanor White alias Draney of Boat St., Newry

30 Dec 1804-Hector McNeil, son of Malcom McNeil & Catherine McCarol, a servant, her parents dead and she of age.

4 Jan 1805-James Henry of Drumbancedger? & Mary McConnell of Linsumma, Parish Kelevey. Patrick Morgan swore to consent of mother of girl, father being dead and the mother single.

28 Jun 1805-James Thompson of Banbridge, soldier in Downshire Militia & Jane Hamilton of Seirse in Parish Killeny, her brother David present

11 Feb 1806-James Cloane of Coal Island & Sarah Boyle, dau of ____ Boyle, widow of Canal St., Newry.

25 Mar 1807-John Thompson, private in 8th Regt. & Eleanor O?Reilly of Church St., dau of Dennis O?Reilly?/Rilly?/Grilly?/Orilly?

8 Oct 1807-John Martin, Pvt. 1st Royals to Margaret McConkey of Moneyglass

15 Mar 1808-James Thompson of Carnban, hock keeper & Elizabeth Graham of Kiellywinney, Parish Kilevy; James? relatives and Brother in law to girl of Sugar Island swearing.

20 Apr 1808-at Newry ? John Henderson of Castledawson, Esq, Co. Derry & Miss Anne Thompson, elder dau of Atchison Thompson of Newry, Esq.

4 May 1808-John McComb, a corporal in 45th regt. & Elizabeth Hamilton of Church St., Newry, dau of Thomas Hamilton who was present

7 Oct 1809 ? Ross Thompson Esq, collector of license & Miss Margaret Livingston, dau of the late Dr. William Livingston, M.D. of Newry. Married on a license from the Court of Newry by Rev. V.H.S. Hamilton, Vicar of Tullylish

24 Mar 1811-Thomas Jefferson, merchant & Isabella Gibson, dau of Wood Gibson, merchant.

4 May 1812-William Robinson, Cat. 7th Dragoons & Anne Noble, dau of Widow Noble, Canal St.

7 Nov 1812-Robert Porter, a hackle maker & Sarah Warring of Boat St., her sister swearing to consent of her father

3 Aug 1814-William Smith, Pvt. N. York milita & Elizabeth McComb alias Hamilton, a widow, of High St., Newry.


Book !V/Marriage Register 1815-1820


15 Aug 1817-John Richard Barret of High St., a Pensioner & Sarah Gibson, a widow of Newry, married in the church

4 Se p 1803-Andrew Clark of Drumbanahor to Anne McConnell of Parish of Ballymore, brother of girl present. Married by Charles Campbell.




Mary, dau of John & Anne Henderson, b. 28 Nov; chr. 1 Dec 1822

Mary, dau of Robert & Jane Thompson, b. 29 Jul, chr. 1 Aug 1824

George, son of Ross Thompson, b. 11 Mar 1822, chr. 4 Apr 1822, registered 16 Jan 1825

James, son of Robert Porter & Francis, b. 21 Apr 1822; chr. 12 May 1822; registered 16 Jan 1825

Margaret, dau of Clelland Thompson, b. 7 Mar; chr. 13 Mar 1825

John A. Hamilton, son of ____ Hamilton, b. 2 Apr; chr. 11 May 1825

Margaret Louisa, dau of Clelland & Anne Thompson, b. 21 Jan; chr. 28 Jan 1827

John, son of Hugh & Elizabeth Thompson, b. 13 May; chr. 20 May 1827

John, son of William & Charlotte Henderson, b. 1 Nov; chr. 2 Nov 1828

Elizabeth, dau of Hugh & Elizabeth Thompson, . 27 Jan; chr. 1 Feb 1829

William Theophilus, son of Clelland & Anne Thompson, b. 5 Apr; chr. 19 Apr 1829

Thomas Jefferson, son of Ross Thompson, b. 13 Sep; chr. 17 Oct 1829

Jane Elizabeth, dau of Samuel & M. Hamilton; b. 15 Aug 1829; chr. 1 Nov 1830

William, son of William & Jane Hamilton; chr. 10 Apr 1805

Edmund, son of George & Anne Thompson, chr. 24 Apr 1805

John, son of John & Margaret Thompson, b. 7 Nov; chr. 9 Nov 1815

William, son of Major N. Hamilton, Inspecting Field Officer, chr. 9 Jun 1819




Robert Hamilton of Newry & Mary Holmes 25 Sep 1825

William Quinn of Newry & Elizabeth Anne Thompson, 8 Feb 1824




Marriages: Year????? Not clear in records

John Mooney? & Anne McConnell of Balleymena 10 Dec; witnesses Peter Ward & Anne Ward of Pastewarfs?

Thomas McConnell & Margaret McConnell of Anaghbane. Witnesses James B. Hare & Mary Bradley of Clanahland? 6 Dec

Peter Alstare? & Margaret McConnell of Clenalland; 6 Jan

Patrick McConnell & Elizabeth Savage of Barrinmason? No date

Charles Neil & Eleanor McConnell of Clenalland; 26 ?



Provided by Mary Ruddick Silzel