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The following is a Volume, Book and Chapter outline of the late John R. Mayer's writings in Extraneus, copywrite 1997, John R. Mayer. John reserved the right to move chapters from one book to another and, since the work was "in progress" almost up until the time he died, there may be some variations from his final efforts. This outline is provided, courtesy of the late John R. Mayer, in order to assist the researcher in following the various discussions which arise from time to time on the Strong-List and in this Website. It also will serve as a directory. Hyperlinks will appear below for certain works, which will lead the viewer to individuals who hold copies of various parts of his work. These individuals have volunteered to contribute their time and resources in making John's work available to researchers as a means of memorializing John R. Mayer. See the John R. Mayer Memorial Web Page.
[Editor's Note: John R. Mayer described the first seven books of his work as follows: EXTRANEUS: THE ANNALS QUINQUEPARTITE OF STRANGE LIVES. A Social and Literary Chronicle of the Families Extraneus and le Strange of Knockyn, L'Estrange and Styleman of Hunstanton, L'Fstrange of Moystown, Strange of Tunbridge Wells, Strange of Devon, Strange and Alloway Strange of Virginia, Strange of Balcaskie, de Lestrange of Limousin and Saintonge, d'Estreng of Glen, Strang of New Rochelle and Rye, and Strangeways of Alne and Melberrie Sampford, 1082 to 1986, with Essays on Alienage, Lineage, and Peregrinity in the Western World. First edition, Beaux-Arts Press, 1986. Seven books of the twelve-book second edition, with separate Strange Compendia, by John R. Mayer, Arapacana Press, 1992-1997.]
The Outline of Extraneus is as follows: Volume I: Le Strange of Britain and Aquitaine Volume I, Book: I: Le Strange of Middle Britain Chapters: Rosebuds Brittany The Honour of Richmond Lord of Middleham The Honours of Upper Brittany and Richmond La Maison de Dreux Lords of Dol, Dinan, Oswestry, and Arundel Xenogenesis: Extraneus of Peak Peveril Marcher Lords and Squires of the Smooth Dunes Roland the Strange Lions of Halicarnassus at Bodrum Castle Sons of Roland Strange of Knockyn Peerages le Strange Extranee of Gloucester Christian Intolerance Barony of Knockyn Eubulo the Lucky Throw Vychan of Glyndyfrdwy Le Strange of Blackmere Talbot of Blackmere Postulations of Baronial Descent Aylesbury of Milton Keynes Strange of Mounscourte in Siston Stanley of Lathom and Knowsley Stanley of Bickerstaffe Houses of Hastings, Rawdon-Hastings, Abney-Hastings and Philipps The Inadvertent Barony of Strange Strange of Shrewsbury Murray of Atholl and the Barony of Strange The Earldom Strange Drummond of Megginch and the Barony Strange Volume I, Book II: De Lestrange of Aquitaine Chapters: The Gallican Liturgy De Lestrange of Limousin and Saintonge The Family d'Estreng of Gien Strang of New Rochelle and Saint Esprit Strang of Southern Jersey Strang of Cortlandt, Rye, and Yorktown Strang of Crompond, Yorktown, Fishkill, and Cayuga Strang of Westchester Strang of Kentucky and Ohio Strang of Skara Pennsylvanians Strang, Strange, and Lestrange Volume I, Book III: Strange Sanguinary Chapters: The Lord God The Reckoning of Creation Generations of Adam Generations of the Sons of Noah Seed of Abraham The Nations of Israel The Families of the Levites The Tribe of Judah The Tribe of Benjamin Judges The House of David Kings of Israel The Shoot of Babylon The Maccabeees From Llyr to Arthur Mary the Virgin John The Baptist Brothers, Sisters, and Cousins of Jesus Bloodline of the Grail Apostolic Succession The Grail Family The Merovingian Dynasty Nominoe The Carolingian Dynasty The Royal Houses of Capet and Valois The Royal Houses of Normandy and Blois The Royal House of Plantagenet d'Anjou The Earldoms of Lancaster, Lincoln and Leicester The Royal House of Lancaster Mortimer and Percy The Royal House of York Woodstock, and Buckingham, Hereford, and Stafford The Royal House of Tudor The Royal House of Stuart The Royal House of Hanover The Royal House of Windsor The Royal Scots Hastings of Abergavenny Neville of Middle Ham Neville of Walcot and Grafton The Earldom of Westmorland Volume I, Book IV: Strange of Wessex and the Saxon Shore Chapters: Strange of Kent Strange of Tunbridge Wells Strange of London Strange of Westminster Strange of Bishopsgate Strange of Purleigh Strange of Bermondsey and Southwark Strange of Whitechapel and Stepney Strange of Moorgate and Cripplegate Strange of Aldersgate and Clerkenwell Strange of Friday Street Strange of Devon Strange of Rode Strange of Woonford Hundred Strange of the Rivers Yeo and Creedy Strange of River Dart Strange of Honiton Strange of Northam Strange of River Plym Strange of Littleham by Bideford [Editor's Note: A copy containing pages 187-213 is held by Martha Strong] Strange of Cornwell Strange of Exminster Hundred Strange of Somerset Proper [Editor's Note: A copy containing pages 239-254 is held by Martha Strong] Trinitarians Strange of River Exe [Editor's Note: A copy containing pages 261- 298 is held by Martha Strong] Strange of Rivers Taw and Mole Thomasians Strange of Exeter South Olavians Strange of Exeter West Strange of Black Torrington Sidwellians Strange of Exeter North Strange of River Teign Strange of River Culm Strange of Bath Strange of Dorset Strange of Manitoba Strangeways of Alne Melberrie Sampford Volume I, Book V: Strange of Eastern America [Editor's Note: John R. Mayer described Book V as follows: This premier book of the second edition introduces American genealogies of the family Strange, by discussing three important Strange families that arose in Maryland, Rhode Island, and northern Virginia during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Contained herein is a general introduction to Strange lineages in America, a small manual for patrilineal numbering, a selection of bibliographic entries, and a few essays on such topics as family values, familial love, adoption , and pioneer migration. Revised Second edition by John R. Mayer, second impression, October, 1993. xviii + 380 pages, including bibliographic references, illustrations, prosopography, and index. ISBN 0-9638665-0-8 paperback. Copies are held by Lin Hillis and Juanita Alloway.] Chapters: Strange of Portsmouth Strange of Massachusetts Strange of Eastern America Strange of Maryland Strange of Freetown Strange of Onslow Ash of Piles' Fresh Strange of Ash [Editor's Note: A draft copy of Lin Hillis' research edited by John R. Mayer is held by Sheri O'Brien] Strange of Hardin and Martin Strange Distaffs of Faith and Love (Strange Devolutions to Faith, Love, Smith, Miller, Nye, Schreck, Cotner, Wright, Chittenden, Brown, Wall, Vail, Alves, Wheeler, Eastin, & Dowers: Strange Affinations with Ash Llewellin, Harrel, Bramble, Padgett, Ramsey, Williams, Sharum, Young, Lents, Jackson, Backs, & Stewart Maryland- Kentucky- Indiana (1771- 1983) [Editor's Note: An updated draft copy edited by John R. Mayer and Sheri O'Brien is held by Sheri O'Brien] Strange of Ragleville Strange of Bramble Strange of Effingham and Wayne (1812-1979); Kentucky - Indiana- Illinois- Missouri [Editor's Note: A draft copy is held by Sheri O'Brien] Strange of Lincoln Faith of Elnora Descendants of Valentine Strange Strange of Lost Creek Intermarriages of Strange and O'Maley Strange of El Cajon Hopkins of Daviess Descendants of Dr. John William Strange Webber of Fairfield Volume II: Le Strange of Anglia and Eire Volume II, Book VI: Le Strange of Hunstanton Chapters: Hunstanton Hall Le Strange of Litcham Fictional Stranges Knights and Esquires le Strange of Hunstanton Strange Esquires to the Body Royal Esquire at the Field of Cloth of Gold The West Wing The Gatehouse of Grass Court Fasti memores Hunstantunes The Elizabethan Hall Volume II, Book VII: L'Estrange and Styleman of Hunstanton Chapters: Miscellanea Strangensis Baronetcy of Hunstanton Miscellanea Sudfulciensis The North Wing The Orangery Strangways Norfulciensis Incidents of Lestrange and L'Estrange in Norfolk The Baronetcy Astley of Melton Constable Styleman and le Strange of Hunstanton Masonic Societies The Grey Lady Hunstanton Park New Hunstanton New Chambers The Victoria Volume II, Book VIII: L'Estrange of Moystown Chapters: L'Estrange of Moystown Strange of Knock Recket [Editor's Note: A 1997 draft copy is held by David B. Strong> (Contact through the Rootsweb Strong-List; Click for contact information.)] L'Estrange of Keoltown Descendants of Henry-Peisley L'Estrange of Moystown L'Estrange of Cleveland Transmigrations L'Estrange L'Estrange of Kilcummin House LesStrang of Pittsburg Volume III: Strange of Balcaskie and the Alloway Strange [Editor's Note: John R. Mayer described Book IX as follows: EXTRANEUS, BOOK IX, Strange of Balcaskie and the Clans Outlandish Strang and Stronge: Strangus de Caledonia et Hibernia et Carolina. A compendium of everything I have managed to learn about the family Strange of Balcaskie, and the various Strang families in Scotland, and Stronge in Northern Ireland. Second edition by John R. Mayer, June, 1996. xxxvi + 542 pages, including bibliographic references, illustrations, prosopography, and index. ISBN 0-9638665-9-9 paperback. [Editor's Note: A copy is held by: David B. Strong> (Contact through the Rootsweb Strong-List; Click for contact information.)] Chapters: William Strange, circa 1271, of Montrose John Strang, circa 1345, of West Pitcorthie Robert le Strange, circa 1406-1465 Robert Strang, circa 1511, of Kilrennie Sir George Strang, circa 1515, Prebendary of Saint Andrew's Strange, circa 1523, Strang The Reverend William Strang, 1547-1588 John Strang, ca 1550, of Pittenweem Strang, circa 1571 Strang, circa 1558 Strang, circa 1612 The Progenitor ____ Strang, ca 1616, of High Church, Glasgow Strang, circa 1624 Thomas Strang, circa 1625, of Kilmarnock Matthew Strange, 1625-1718, of Burnhouse, Kilbride, and Rutherglen Matthew Stronge, ca 1637-1716 James Strang, ca 1660, weaver, vel James Strange William Strang, ca 1671, of East Kilbride Robert Strang, ca 1677-post 1696 David Strang, ca 1693 Robert Strang, 1722-1802, of Glasgow William Strang, ca 1705 of Leuchars John Strang, ca 1718, of Govan Mathew Strang, ca 1719, of Hamilton Sir Robert Strange, 1721-1792, Knight, of Balcaskie William Strang, ca 1739, of Limekilns and Dunfermline John Strange, 1742-1830 Captain Alexander Strange, 1747-1840 John Strang, ca 1755, of Culross Sir Thomas Andrew Lumisden Strange, 1756-1841, Knight Charles Strang, ca 1759, of Inverkeithing and Dunfermline Maxwell Strange, ca 1763, of Whitefield House George Strang, ca 1774, of Gorbals and Glasgow Starling Strange, 1776-1885 Thomas Edward Strange, Sr., ca 1800-1865 James Strang, ca 1822, of Central District, Barony, Milton, and Clyde Thomas Strang, ca 1832, of High Church, Central District, and Calton Andrew Strang, ca 1837, of Anderston and Tradeston Strong of the Shetland Isles [Editor's Note: A 1999 draft copy of the 3rd Edition is held by Stuart Baillie Strong (Contact through the Rootsweb Strong-List; Click for contact information.)] [Editor's Note: The Third Edition of Strange of Balcaskie is now available from Arapacana Publishing Co.]

Volume III, Book X: The Alloway Strange [Editor's Note: John R. Mayer described Book X as follows]: The Alloway Strange family arose in New Kent county, Virginia, at the same time the Blisland Stranges appeared, in the late seventeenth century, and has yielded two variant surnames, namely Strange and Alloway. This branch produced several men with distinguished military and government careers. John Alloway Strange (1727-1811) of Oak Hill, Fluvanna County, Virginia, is the earliest progenitor firmly identified, and he gave rise to Colonel Gideon Alloway Strange I (1793-1838) of Dog Point, who begat the Confederate hero Colonel John Bowie Strange (1823-1862). The family also produced Glen Strange (1900-1973), the Western movie stunt actor best known for his role as the bartender in Gunsmoke. Robert Strange McNamara (1916) became United States Secretary of Defense (1961-1968). Second edition by John R. Mayer, second impression, November, 1994. xviv + 256 pages, including bibliographic references, illustrations, prosopography, and index. ISBN 0-9638665-3-2 paperback. A Copy is held by Juanita Alloway.] Chapters: Alloway Strange of Virginia Mitchell of New Kent and Goochland Alloway Strange of Fluvanna Alloway Strange of the Upper Yadkin Alloway of Boone Alloway Strange of Elk River Alloway Strange of Crocus Creek Alloway Strange of Jennings and Jasper Alloway Strange of Rock Rest Alloway Strange of Dog Point Distaffs of the Alloway Strange Alloway Strange of Glen's Fork Volume IV: Strange Virginians Peregrine Volume IV, Book: XI: Strange of Blisland [Editor's Note: John R. Mayer described Book XI as follows]: The Blisland sketches commence a two book series on the largest Strange Family in America, by describing first the Stranges of Saint Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia Colony, and then the northern members who emigrated from Virginia and Kentucky. The work extensively describes the colonial records of persons surnamed Strange, and explores several possibilities for trans-Atlantic connections. The story follows the movements of several major Strange lineages into Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. Revised Second edition by John R. Mayer, 1995. xl + 708 pages, including bibliographic references, illustrations, prosopography, and index. ISBN 0-9638665-1-6 paperback. Copies are held by Juanita Alloway, Marna L. Clemons, and Linda Strange Kielbowicz.] Chapters: Strange of Flowerdew Hundred Strange of Virginia Northern Stranges Unidentified Strange of the River York Strange of Blisland Strange of Henrico Strange of New Kent Strange of the River Rappahannock Chandler of New Kent Strange Emigrants in Bondage Hypothetical Dumnonic Descent Strange of Abermarle Strange of Brunswick Strange of Halifax Talmon Harbour of Goochland Strange of Campbell Strange of Culpepper Strange of Garrard Strange of Warrenton and Spencer Strange of Bowling Green Strange of Knox Strange of Montgomery Strange of Wise Strange of Pittsylvania Strange of the Big Racoon Strange of Mammoth Cave Descendants of Cornwall Strange Riddles about Henry Strange Veterans of the American Revolution Strange of Clear Creek Virginia Stranges after the Revolution Descendants of Washington Strange Strange of Howard Strange of Waynesville Strange of Platte and Deseret Strange of Horse Cave Rickman of Bear Creek Strange of Anderson Strange of Crawford Descendants of Joseph H. Strange Strange of Bear Creek Strange of Pleasant Valley Descendants of Roland Y. Strange Miller of Four Mile Creek Strange of Versailles and Mundy's Landing Strange Disease and Misfortune The Flowerdew Pedigrees Volume IV, Book XII: Strange of the Carolinas [Editor's Note: John R. Mayer described Book XII as follows]: Strange of the Carolinas continues a two-book series on the largest Strange family in America, by describing the Strange lineages from New Kent County, Virginia that migrated through several southern regions, through the Carolinas, into Tennessee and Georgia, and then to destinations as distant as Illinois, Michigan, Texas, and Oregon.Book XII contains the charming reminiscences of Alexander Taylor Strange, about Cherokees, domestic life, and many pioneer topics. Contained herein are war records of veterans of the War of 1861, the Great War, and many other conflicts. The story is one of evolution, from impoverished, agrarian, pioneer life, to lives greatly enriched by professional training, travel, and education. Second edition by John R. Mayer, second impression, July 1994. xxvi + 548 pages, including bibliographic references, illustrations, prosopography, and index. ISBN 0-9638665-2-4 paperback. A copy is held by Juanita Alloway.] Chapters: Strange of the Carolinas Strange of Dan River Strange of Swearing Creek Strange of Chester Strange of Rowan Strange of Oconee Strange of Wateree River Strange of Pendleton and Emanuel Strange of Buncombe and Grassy Valley Strange of Tickfaw and Amite Strange of Bosque Strange of Laurens and Chattooga Strange of Limestone Strange of the Beaver Creek Mountains Strange of Saint Clair Southern Stranges Unidentified Strange of Ellaville Strange of Jefferson and Moniteau Strange of Walnut Grove Strange of Sturgeon Creek Strange of Littleberry Strange of Sand Mountain Strange of Stamps, Falcon, and Magnolia Strange of Saint Tammany, Catahoula, and Caldwell Strange of Pond Springs Strange of the Umpqua Valleys Strange of Boonesville Strange of Shoal Creek Strange of Bagnall Strange of Hillsboro Strange of Mount Pleasant Epilogue to the Narratives V: Strange Compendia Parts: I: Bibliography Proper [Editor's Note: A January, 1998 copy is held by David B. Strong (Contact through the Rootsweb Strong-List; Click for contact information.) However, The Bibliography is now on-line, as is The Glossary. II: Chronologies III: Geographies IV: Prosopographies V: Indices

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