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Researching Strong(e)s and Strang(e)s in Britain and Ireland (2nd Edition)

The Stonemason Stronge Genealogy Chart
Descendents of Timothy Stronge of Wilshire, England

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This webpage and chart were originally provided courtesy of Nicola Jenkin as assisted by Keith Hazel. All research and documentation of sources has been preformed by them. Their work represents an update and correction of various genealogies previously prepared and published by others. The following email exchanges with Nicola Jenkin and Keith Hazel are self explanatory:

Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 10:01:39 -0700
From: "Nicola Jenkin"
Subject: .... UK Strong stonemasons family tree

Hi everyone,
I would like to share a family tree for the UK Strong stonemasons (Wiltshire/Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire/London/ Hertfordshire) that I have drawn up.

It has taken me some time to develop this tree, but I think it is pretty accurate. It is based on wills, parish records and many secondary sources. The problem with some of the secondary sources is that they have a tendency to confuse generations i.e. Edward snr and Edward jnr. The secondary sources also tend to repeat or snowball the errors. Hopefully this family tree will rectify a lot of these problems.

[T]he tree is in an excel spreedsheet ...[Click to view the Spreadsheet: Stonemason Stronges]

Before I sign off, I would like to thank Keith Hazell for kindly supplying me with work he carried out on the Strong family parish records and wills. I am very aware that this takes an incredible amount of time.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to comment on the family tree, and or feel they could be related to any of the lines.

Nicola Jenkin

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From: "Nicola Jenkin"
To: David B. Strong
Sent: Monday, November 17, 2003 6:47 AM
Subject: UK Strong stonemasons family tree


I would like to take up your offer to upload the family tree onto your website. I'd appreciate if you could post my details (mainly e-mail) with the tree as I'd like to receive comments from anyone who's interested in it.

Could you please let me know when you upload the tree and the URL for the site.

Please find attached the spreadsheet. [Click to view the Spreadsheet: Stonemason Stronges]

The following Email from Keith Hazel is also informative:

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From: "Keith Hazell"
To: David B. Strong
Sent: Saturday, April 05, 2003 3:31 PM
Subject: Thomas & Edward Strong, Masons of St Paul

Dear Dave

Looking at some of the research published on the [internet; see STRONG'S OF ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL], I was sorry to see the published research on the abovementioned masons repeated there, as it contains so many inaccuracies, only a few of which I cite here. It includes Strongs from other families and even an excess generation. You can verify for yourself from the memoirs of Edward Nares, Edward's grandson (available on internet), that Edward (bapt. 1652) had four daughters, the mother of these being Susanna, not Martha as the tree shows. It is not a matter of him marrying twice, as Martha was still alive at the time his daughters were born. The Edward who married Martha may well have been a descendant of Timothy( who probably had more children, but he is not the man who laid the last stone at the Cathedral nor the brother of the Thomas who laid the first stone on 21 June 1675 and died in 1681.

Valentine's daughter Lucy is shown as being buried in 1643, when she was actually baptised in that year and there is no record of her burial. There is no record of Valentine's putative son John, who is almost certainly not a son of Valentine, but the John Strong born at Little Coxwell, Berks., in 1758 to another Timothy Strong and who married Mary Carter at Stanford in the Vale, Berks., in 1683, having many descendants at Stanford in the Vale.

Timothy's daughter Ann, was not buried at Taynton in 1677.That was Ann, the first wife of Valentine (bapt 1647), the mother of his first three children(She is not even mentioned in the tree). The baptism given for Ann Margetts is actually the baptism for Joan Margetts, her sister Ann being baptised in 1612. The Letitia who married James Mundy, was actually the daughter of Edward, not of John Strong. The whole tree is full of such errors, has been sloppily researched and contains much conjecture as fact. I have transcripts of all the parish registers for Oxfordshire and at least a hundred for North Berkshire, so it is fairly easy for me to research. I regret very much not having any Gloucestershire PRs. to be able to check the Little barrington entries. However it looks as if the original researcher has created the tree, without checking the parish records at all.

Kind regards

Keith Hazell
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From: "Keith Hazell"
To: David B. Strong
Cc: Nicola Jenkin
Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2003 8:36 AM
Subject: Strong/Strange et al

Dear Dave and Nicola

The memoirs of Edward Nares are on the following


I attach what I believe to be the correct Strong tree, although, as I said in my earlier email, I have no access to the PRs of Little or Great Barrington from my home in the Canary Islands and some of my info. has come from the IGI, but not however, from Ancestral Files or Family Search, which contain many inaccuracies. I hold a very large library of PRs, Census Records, Gentleman's Magazine, Annual Register, etc. and have been able to prepare the whole tree from my home in one week. I aso acknowledge the use of information from the Nares site, which is very extensive and with very few errors. If you intend to use my information in any way, I would be grateful if you would acknowledge it's provenance.

My connection is through my cousins the Dandridge family.

Kind regards


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