Jamie Shave's Family Photograph Album

A Few Family Album Snapshots

There are over 100 pictures in this collection... give it a minute or so for the thumbnails to load & then point to a picture for picture info / click for a larger view

Some of the very, very early days in Jamie's life ... & some in the mid-60's
Jamie with Dad in (perhaps) 1956 Jamie with Dad Jamie's little red car, 1957 ------ Jamie in the garden at 70 Elmes, circa 1966 Just the 'lad Jamie looking ahead to the 1970's in Bovington ~1965 Jamie in the late 60's

Late 60's
Swan lover Horse lover Horse lover Jamie with Dad & friend Johnnie Early in late 1960;s Jamie with Mum, early summer '68 Jamie with Alan, summer '68

Early '70s Picnic in '74 and a couple of "Uncle Peter" Uncle Peter on the moped, late '60s Peter up at the boozer

Off in the Army at Harrogate, April'73, Jamie's Harrogate Graduation Graduation in the local rag Germany, Don in the Army, '74 & N. Ireland N. Ireland tour, Xmas 1974

In and around Soltau, Germany Jamie propping up the Soltau town sign, 1975

Army Married Quarters -- Jamie & Jane's home from June-75 to Feb-77
The block of flats in Soltau (75) ... we're the top floor on the right A complete view of the block of flats View from the flat View from the flat View from the flat The sunset from the flatView from the flat View from the flat

Some of the rivers & ponds in and around Soltau
Down by the river in Soltau (with Jane) Working in the river (for fun) Over at the trout pond with Jane .... River view in the winter Another river in the summer

Jane Eleanor Wood

April'75 Wedding Inside the church at Eastleigh, Hants Don & Jane's Wedding, April 19th, 1975
and some memories of our honeymoon in the Isle of Wight View over Alum Bay at the Isle of Wight on our honeymoon, April 1975 The sands at Alum Bay, IOW, April-75
Many, many memories of Jane in and around Soltau...
Jane on the couch Jane with our new paintings Jane's smile framed by the view from the balcony Jane relaxing at the flat Jane on one of our many bike rides
Jane by the bridge over the river Jane with her soda Jane on a cold day's stroll around the woods in Soltau in the winter Jane on a fall stroll somewhere in England
Mum, Dad & Alan visited us at the flat, Christmas 1976 Jamie & Jane Jamie & Jane Jane
Jane with Jennie's kittens Jennie the cat with her litter Jane with her smile and a couple of kittens

Brenda Lou Trumbauer & our boys... so many, many memories stored away, but not to be found here...
wedding day, Oct'80----A day at the zoo (82) Stuart fights with Daddy's sock Alex flys on Peggy's feet to Stu's singing (85)----The Shave Family at 70 Elmes in 85 The Shave family at 70 Elmes

Stuart Stuart and Alex Alex in the late 90's

and, of course, Sandra Lee Pagel
Celebrating on our wedding day----Sandy & the girls on a dress-up night out with Don, Summer'99----Sandy Sandy with her Frizzy----Sandy on a hunting trip with Don in '96

Sandy's family in the 1960's Sandy's family and the early 80's Sandy's family

Kelly Kelly and Kaci Kaci in the late 90's ... with a poem Teenaged angst at the dance(s)

Jamie's Brothers, Alan and Mick ...
Alan with Kimi around 1976 Alan the younger Alan with Debbie, his close friend for several years Alan & Anne on a country stroll/pub stop, Summer'98----------Mick in VietNam in the early 70's

Mum Mum with Alan & Anne Family with Nan-nan in the 1930's Mum and Dad relaxing on the beach in the early 50's Mum's family around the well in the 1950's "Who's who" around the well

Dad Dad with his landscaping van in the 60's Dad (on right) at age 11 with his family, snapped in the Orchard Dad in the Para's around 1940 Dad in his favorite place, the garden Dad relaxing down on the beach Dad on the beach early 50's

and last but perhaps not least ...
Yours Truly! Don snapped at the computer in Oct '98 Don modeling Anne's new hat Jamie & Alan on a stroll around Hengistbury Head, Summer'98 The Shave Family together in 1998

Here and there... Don snapped by Brenda in Paoli, PA in Oct'79 Don snapped by Brenda on the Isle of Bute in Apr'80 Don on a boat ride Don snapped by Sandy in San Diego, CA in Dec'96

CampFryer's Spring'98 Outing CampFryer's Spring Outing '98...Don's record cigar ash! The old Bull of the Woods (Ken) congratulates his successor Acceptance speech

And, finally, that "shoot on sight" '79 passport shot... "Shoot on Sight" from 79

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