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Our Family

Trudy Smith with some of her grandchildren - 1984
Wakefield, Quebec, Canada

Our Family

This site is about our family.

Here you will find photographs,biographies, eulogies and stories about us, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents, etc., and some history of the places our ancestors come from.

You will find things of interest to us that we hope you will also find interesting.

There is a link at the top and bottom of this page to my Arctic Experiences site - pictures taken during my 13 years working in the Arctic

There is also a link to my Alberta Oilfields site - pictures of work in the oilfields.

This is a site that will constantly be changing as our family grows and interests change.

We hope you like what we have done, please let us know by signing the guest book.

Our family tree features over 10.000 individuals and can be found by following the genealogy link at the top or the bottom of this page.

Also, visit my brother's sites (see the links at the bottom of this page).

Don Smith


Trudy Smith - A Remembrance.
(a eulogy with pictures)

Reminiscences of Bow Lane.
(a biography with pictures)

Hamilton Lackey Family.
(a biography with pictures)
(added 17 January 2000)

Alexander Allan
(a biography with picture)
(added 22 January 2000)

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Storms
(a biography with picture)
(added 22 January 2000)

Lorne Storms Family
(a biography)
(added 22 January 2000)

The Dwight Rice Family
(a biography)
(added 22 January 2000)

James Smith of Olrig
(a biography with pictures)
(added  14 February 2002)
contributed by RJ Paxman
Alan Glen Smith
(a biography with pictures)
(added 11 January 2003)
contributed by Moira Smith

DeWitt-Storms Story
(a biography)
(added 22 January 2000)

The Bradshaw Family
(a biography)
(added 22 January 2000)

The Mearl Parker Family
(a biography)
(added 30 January 2000)

The Clyde Wilson Parker Family
(a biography with pictures)
(added 30 January 2000)

The Parker Family Tree
(a biography)
(added 30 January 2000)

The Roger Parker Family
(a biography with picture)
(added 30 January 2000)

The George Lackey Family
(a biography)
(added 30 January 2000)

Father Thomas Aloysius Smith
(an obituary with pictures)
(added 5 February 2000)
John VanFrank
(an obituary with picture)
(added 10 June 2002)
Contributed by Jan Monnin

History of Elkhart County
(a biography of John VanFrank with pictures)
added 10 june 2002
Contributed by Jan Monnin


Cathy at the Helm
Barrie and Linda's Wedding
My family - Spring 1999
Reunion at Wakefield
Early morning on Burnaby Lake

Picture Sets

Pam's Wedding 
(added 20 November 2000)

Reunion at Brookmere
(added 24 November 2000)

Stephanie's Wedding
(added 1 August 2001)

Christine's Wedding
(added 3 October 2006)

Ardrossan History

A history of the Churches in Ardrossan
(added 29 January 2000)

A History of Baker School in Ardrossan
(added 29 January 2000) 

Alberta Becomes a Province
(Added 18 December 2005)

Burnley, Lancashire

Scenes from Burnley,  courtesy John Dyer.
(Click on image to see full size)
(Added 1 October 2006)

Nairne St.  Nairne St.   Nairne St.
Nairne St.  Nairne St.

Water Buffalo    

Read about Darrel and Anthea and their attempt to start a herd of Water Buffalo at Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island,  and the problems with the Canadian Government.

Also visit Darrel and Anthea Archer at:     Fairburn Farm.

Cemeteries (added 28 May 2002)

We have Photographs of graves and graveyards of some of our ancestors. We will keep adding more as we receive them.


Wakefield, Quebec

home to the Smith Family for 35 years


Special: (Added 18 December 2001)
Surviving Terror
Christine Gillies-Dilouie's Story
from The Cambridge Reporter.

-Christine is the grand daughter of 
Alexander Allen whose biography can be found on this page.

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