Alan Glen Smith

Alan Glen Smith

Moira by his sister Moira

The time was 12:30 pm at the Thompson General Hospital, Karen Smith brought home an 8 pound baby boy whom they named Alan Glen Smith. He was introduced to his sisters, Moira and Christa, and their dog at their home at 46 Centennial West Drive in Thompson.

Reunio 1985

They went on Family Reunions to visit Grandpa and Grandma Smith.

 When Glen went to school, his friends were Neil, Junior, Clifford and Billy.

 Glen loved sports participated in Bowling, Curling, Swimming and more.

Lisa Austin Alan
When Glen grew up he met a girl named Kelly, but they later broke up. He then met and fell in love with Lisa. They had two children, Alan and Austin. Glen died on 10 March 1997 at the age of 23 having never met his sons.

 He is missed by friends and family alike.

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