Lorne Storms Family Excerpt from Cherished Memories.
A compilation by Ardrossan Unifarm. (1972)
ISBN     0-919212-16-6

Pages 78-79

LORNE STORMS FAMILY  by Evelyn and Lorne Storms.

The Storms family dates back to the Revolutionary War. Dad's father, Daniel, was the second youngest of five boys. They emigrated to Iowa in 1843 from Ohio. They had come previously from Pennsylvania, their family being Pennsylvania Dutch.

When the Civil War broke out, Daniel enlisted in the Union Army, 30th Iowa, and served under Ulysses S. Grant. He was at Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain, Vicksburg and Atlanta where their regiment was in the lead for Sherman's march from Atlanta to the sea (Savannah). They were then taken to Washington where they were "mustered out" (demobilized) put in box cars and sent home.

Daniel Storms had a family of six girls and three boys, of which Clyde W. Storms was the oldest boy. In 1898 he married Mary Ann Widdis who lived in Omaha, Nebraska. She had moved there from Ontario in 1888.

After the depression of the 90's in the States, an offer of free grant land looked pretty good. A man named Foster, an immigration officier working for the Dominion Government, had come to Omaha with samples of grain grown in the Edmonton area. If grain like this could be grown, well, that was the place to go.

Clyde Storms arrived in Edmonton on April 7, 1900. They travelled from Calgary by Canadian Pacific Railway, a slow journey because the road bed was soft from the spring run off.

With him was his wife and small son, some household effects and a ten dollar bill. He homesteaded on land at the edge of Beaver Hills. They later moved and built on S. W .   13-53-22 W4th.

Lorne still lives in the house built by his family in 1910. In 1949 he married Evelyn Rice. Three children came to stay  - Marilyn, who works and lives in Edmonton, Ruth works in Edmonton and lives at home and David, who lives at home and helps on the farm. They all completed their grade 12 at Ardrossan High School.

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