The Parker Family Tree Excerpt from Cherished Memories.
A compilation by Ardrossan Unifarm. (1972)
ISBN     0-919212-16-6
 Pages 70-71

PARKER FAMILY TREE by Dorothy Parker

Clyde and Bella Parker had five children: - James Widdis, Sarah Waddell, Clyde Wilson, Mearl Rogers and Marion Isabella.

Widdis - married Dorothy Steele. They had two children Wayne Widdis (deceased) and Clyde Wilson. Clyde Wilson married Constance Isabel Bell. Their children are Gwendolyn Anne, Clyde Wilson Dale, Alexander Mearl, Dorothy Mary Janice, Bradley Wayne (deceased), Sharon Dianne and Barton Robert. Widdis died 1932.

Sarah - married David H. Currie. Their five children are Isabel Claire, C. W. Parker, Ruth Elizabeth, Elinor Margaret and Sarah Anne (who died in infancy). David is also deceased.

Claire married H. 0. Armstrong. Their three daughters are Margaret Ruth, Kathryn Claire and Eileen Elinor.

Margaret married Ronald Cunningham. They have a son Kenneth James.

Kathryn married Ryan Sutley. Their son is Sanden Osborne.

C. W. Parker Currie married Jean Sutherland. They have four children - Mary-Anne Evelyn, David Hunter, Donald John and Lynn Sharon.

Ruth Elizabeth married Warren Jerred. Their five children are Lorraine Ruth, Clifford Erwin, Frederick David, Robert Warren and Brian Lindsay.

Elinor Margaret married Max Cherniak. Their children are Jean Elizabeth, Howard Gerald and David William.

Clyde Wilson - married Agnes Corbett. They had two sons. Donald (now deceased) and Thomas Corbett. Agnes (deceased). Clyde Wilson married Audrey Job.

Thomas Corbet married Kathryn Spilde. They have a daughter Susan.

Mearl Rogers - married Dorothy Steel Parker. (Widow of his brother James Widdis Parker) Their daughter is Dorothy Donna.

Marion Isabella - married Joseph Marshall. They have a son David. His wife is Lorraine. They have a daughter, Cathryn Marion.

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