History of Elkhart County

Excerpt from History of Elkhart County
by Chapman, 1881
Repository: Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
History of Elkhart County.                                        1179     

Charles P. VanFrank, farmer, sec. 19; is the son of next mentioned (John VanFrank), and was born in New York State June11, 1833; coming West with his parents he grew up with the State in the improvements of the county, his father being one of the first settlers in this tp.; was married in 1859 to Amelia Bickel, born in Ohio in 1836; they have 3 children: William Walter, Frederic Charles and May. Mr. V. owns 108 acres of land under a good state of cultivation; he is a member of the Presbyterian Church and a Republican.

John VanFrank, retired farmer, sec. 19; was born in Oneida county, N.Y., May 10, 1803; was on the farm with his father until of age, when he began life for himself, continuing his vocation in his native State.
 John VanFrankIn 1832 he married miss Harriet Whipple, who was born in North Providence, R.I., Jan 7, 1808, and they had 2 children: Charles P. and David B., both born in New York.  In the spring of 1835 they came via Buffalo steamer to Detroit, and by ox-team thence to what was then Middlebury tp. This county, a wilderness, where Mr. V. entered 40 acres of land. At that time there were but 20 or 25 settlers in the township. In answer to a petition of the citizens, the fractional tp. Of York was set off from Middlebury, named after the State of New York, and they immediately elected their justice of the peace, school trustees, supervisors, road commisioners, etc.  

     Since coming to Indiana, Mr. V. has had 4 children, only 2 of whom are now living: James D. who lives with his father on the home farm, and Hannah Maria, now Mrs. John A. Hogan, Wyandotte county, Kan.  The 3 deceased are: Edward P., who died March 1, 1838; Mary Elizabeth, who died July 24, 1851; and David Branerd, who enlisted in Co. I, 88th Ind. Vol. Inf., in 1861, and died at Bowling Green, Ky., Dec. 7 1862 of pneumonia.  He and his wife joined the presbyterian Church at Mottville, Mich., and when the Church at Bristol was organized, they united with it, where is still their place of worship.  In 1842 Mr. V. was elected Elder.  He and his wife are now very aged, yet they enjoy good health.
     They have endured the hardships of frontier life, and by perservering toil they have made homes for their children and laid deep the foundations of good society.  Charles V. VanFrank and Harriet A. Bickel were married August 10,1859 and they have 3 children; William Walter, Charles Frederick and Mary Maria.  James D. VanFrank and Susie Analinda Fowler, were married Jan. 7, 1869, at Peekskill, NY; they have 1 son, Lewis Hiram.  Hannah Maria and John A. Hagan were married Sept. 26, 1871; They live at Armstrong, Kansas; they have 2 children: John Van and Lawrence D..

     Mr. J. VanFrank united with the Congregational Church in 1821 in Clinton, N.Y., and Mrs. John VanFrank united with the Congregational Church at Hampton, same county, in 1830.

Contributed by Jan Monnin

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