Rev. Haute Wyatt page
                   Colonial Families of the Southern States of America Second Edition by
                 STELLA PICKETT HARDY; Pub. 1991, relates as follows:

                REV. HAUTE WYATT, (10-6), of England and Virginia, b. 1594, at Allington
                Castle, Kent Co., England; d. Aug. 1, 1638 in Boxley Parish, Kent Co., England; is
                the ancestor of the Virginia Wyatts. The monumental inscription in Boxley Church
                to the Wyatt family states that "Sir George's son, Rev. Haute, died vicar of Boxley
                Parish, Kent Co., England, and had issue living in Virginia." He came to the
                Colony with his brother, Sir Francis, arriving on the [ship] Georgia, Nov. 18, 1621;
                he served as Minister of Jamestown, James City Co., Va., from 1621 to 1625,
                when he returned to England, became vicar of Boxley Parish, and so served until
                his death

                Minister: Lived in Kent County, England and Virginia.
                Religion: Church of England. Minister of Jamestown from 1621-1625. Arrived in
                the Americas on the [ship] "Georgia" on, November 18, 1621. Returned to
                England in 1625. Died as Vicar of Boxley Parish. Graduated from Oxford
                College. Came to Jamestown to serve as chaplain for his brother, Sir Francis
                                                                        * * *
                  He accompanied his brother, Sir Francis Wyatt, the governor, as minister to the
                  colony, the first minister from England to serve the young colony at Jamestown,
                  (James City Co.), serving from 1621-1625. He was born 1594 at Allington Castle,
                  and was educated and graduated from Queen's College, Oxford where his portrait
                  hangs in one of the college halls. He was ordained at Canterbury Cathedral. In
                  1625 he returned to England with Sir Francis and helped settle their father's
                  estate, and served as vicar of Boxley, Kent until his death July 31, 1638.

                                                                           * * *

                  The Rev. Hawte Wyatt was born at Boxley Manor in the Parish of Boxley in the
                  County of Kent in England in 1594, and he was named for his paternal
                  grandmother.  He came to Virginia with his brother, Sir Francis Wyatt and his
                  wife and young son Edward, one year old. They arrived in Jamestown in
                  October, 1621. His second son, George, was born in Jamestown shortly after the
                  Indian massacre of Good Friday in March, 1622.  The two brothers remained in
                  Jamestown until after the death of their father, who was buried at Boxley
                  September 1, 1624.  Both Rev. Hawte and Sir Francis asked to be relieved of
                  their posts in Jamestown, and they returned to England with their families. Rev.
                  Hawte Wyatt later became vicar of Boxley where he remained until his death
                  31 July 1638, but Sir Francis returned to Virginia thirteen years later and served
                  a second term as Governor.

                  If you are in Boxley visit the Boxley Parish Church. The vicar will let you in and
                 gave you some good info on the Wyatt family. The Wyatt memorial on the inside
                 wall of the church is impressive. The Rev. Haute Wyatt's grave is there
                 somewhere, probably under two other layers of graves. You can see Allington
                 Castle quite well from a spot across the river (it is privately owned now, and the
                 castle is very well preserved). You will need to get directions to an inn located at
                 a lock on the Medway. From the inn, walk upstream (to the left) for about 5
                 minutes and you will be directly opposite the castle. You can also cross the lock
                 and walk around to the front of Allington, but you can't get close enough for a
                 good photo. Still, you can see the castle from a distance. Also ask for directions
                 to the old abbey site where an ancient barn still stands. I am told that the house
                 on that location was the ancestral home of the Wyatts.


                 The church has several plaques on the walls. The largest of these is about four
                 feet wide and six feet high. It has full relief columns in a dark stone on each side
                 with broken pediment and urn at top and carved floral base and Wiat coat of
                 arms at top all in limestone. The plaque is carved in marble and describes six
                 generations of Wiats and reads as such....

                 EDWIN WIAT Sergent at Law Son and heire Male of Sr FRANCIS WIAT of
                 BOXLEY ABBEY and MARGARET his wife was at one time Justice of Peace of
                 this COUNTY Recorder of CANTERBURY and Recorder and Burgess in
                 Parliament for the Corporation of MAIDSTONE One of the Council of the court
                 before the President and grand Session for the COUNTIES of CARMARTAEN
                 PEMBROKE and CARDIGAN he married FRANCES Second daughter and
                 Coheire of THOMAS CRISPE of QUEX in THANET Esqe by whom he had
                 THOMAS and other Sons and MARGARETTA and other Daughters buried in the
                 Chanecll and hath EDWIN FRANCIS and RICHARD Living and Erected this
                 Monument 1702 To the Memory of Sr HENRY WIAT of ALINGTON CASTLE
                 Knight Bannert descended of that Ancient family who was imprisoned and
                 tortured in the Tower in the reign of KING RICHARD the third kept in the
                 Dungeon where fed and preserved by a Cat. He married ANN daughter of
                 THOMAS SKINNER of SURREY Esqe was of the Privy Council to KING
                 HENRY the Seventh and KING HENRY the Eighth and left one Son Sr
                 THOMAS WIAT of ALINGTON CASTLE who was Esquire of the body to
                 KING HENRY the Eighth and married ELIZABETH Daughter of THOMAS
                 BROOKE Lord COBHAM and well known for Learning and Embasys in the
                 reign of that KING Sr THOMAS WIAT of ALINGTON CASTLE his only Son
                 married JANE younger Daughter of Sr WILLIAM HAWT of this COUNTY and
                 was beheaded in the reign of QUEEN MARY Leaving GEORGE WIAT his only
                 Son that Lived to Age who married JANE Daughter of Sr THOMAS FINCH of
                 EASTWELL and KATHERINE his wife Restored in blood by act of Parliament
                 of the 13th of QUEEN ELIZABETH and leaving also two daughters ANNA who
                 Married ROGER TWISDEN of ROYDEN HALL Esqe and JANE who Married
                 THOMAS SCOT Esqe GEORGE WIAT was Succeeded by his Eldest Son Sr
                 FRANCIS WIAT twice GOVERNOR of VIRGINIA and married MARGARET
                 Daughter of Sr SAMUEL SANDYS of OMBERSLY in WORCHESTERSHIRE
                 GEORGE WIAT left also HAWT WIAT who died Vicar of this Parish and hath
                 Issue Living in VIRGINIA and left also ELINORA Married to Sr JOHN FINCH
                 BARON of FORDITCH Sir FRANCIS WIAT by his wife MARGARET had issue
                 the Said EDWIN WIAT and also ELIZABETH who Married THOMAS
                 BOSVILE of LITTLE MOTE EINESFORD Esqe and by him hath 
                 MARGARETTA his only Daughter and heire who is Married to Sr ROBERT
MARSHALL of the MOTE in MAIDSTONE Knight and Barronet