Doug's Genealogy Page

Doug's Genealogy Page

Map of Northeast Dallas County around 1900 showing some ancestral homesites

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Doug's Family Tree: Surnames Bishop, Clem, Coburn, Dearman, Dial, Franklin, Gentry, Hardin, Lemley, Lively, McCain, McGowan (McGowen), May, Roberts, Robinson, Teer, Wallace, Ward, etc.

Missy's Family Tree: Surnames Amis, Angel, Chisum, Flood, Forbs Gardner, Gray, Jackson, Nash, Pullin, Stewart, Stubblefield

Letter from Hiram F. Lively to Nannie Ford.

Old photos from the Lively family

Some of the information on these pages has been collected from other researchers. I wish to thank Henry Teer for the information on the ancestors of Dr William Teer. The Book
Livelys of America by John F Valentine gave me details and dates about my Lively ancestry, most of which has been confirmed now in notes, family Bible records, etc.. Gene Boswell is helping me find out the May line. Dee Clem, author of Clem Clemm Klem and Klemm Family History has helped me with the Clem line. Much of the other information I have found on the Internet, through corresponce with long lost cousins, or at the library. Some through boards like Genforum. Other info I have found on and and a few other sites. TXGenWeb and various genealogical sites on the web have given me some more documentation and dates. And of course, the Dallas Public Library with its very busy (on Saturdays anyway) genealogy section. I also found Hopkins County Obituaries Prior 1939 by June England Tuck 1995, and Index of Death Records, Hopkins County 1903-1950. And of course, word of mouth from relatives. There are probably many other sources I'm forgetting. The copyrighted sources are listed at the bottom of the biography pages. Thank you for all the help everyone has given me. I have a ton more to do. Since much of the research for these lines has been done by other people (especially the really old stuff), I can't vouch for it's accuracy. I've only just begun my research and I'm now starting to put together all the documentation to prove the tree. I didn't include full names of those people still living on the pedigree charts (except me).

P.S. get with your grandparents and WRITE DOWN the names of all the people in old family photos. It's frustrating to find old boxes or albums of photos of ancestors, but not knowing who they are. Also, my dad made some tapes with his parents in 1970. THOSE TAPES ARE GOLD!! DO THIS NOW!!!!

More lines and further info will come as I get around to it.

Sep 27, 1999