Commmenwealth of Pennsylvania ss.

I, hereby certify that on the 20th day of December, A. D. 1938, before me, the subscriber, a Notary Republic in and for the County of Armstrong, and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, pesonally appeared Earl E. Hoover, the attorney named in the forgoing Deed, and by virtue and in pursuance of authority therein conferred upon him acknowledged the said Deed, to be the act of the said The Armstrong County Trust Company, to the end that it may be recorded as such.

Witness my hand and Notarial seal the day and year aforesaid.

G. A . Walker {Seal}

My Commission Expixes Feb 8 1941.

Certificate Of Residence

I, S. H. McCain, do hereby certify that Gantee's precise residence is East Franklin Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania.

Witness my hand this 20th day of December 1938.

S. H. McClain


Recorded December 20 1938

Allen W. Smith, et ux, et al


Newton D. Bish, et ux

This Indenture, Made The eighteenth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight,

Between Allen W. Smith and Gertude Smith, his wife, Rosella Troutman and Frank J. Troutman, her husband, Twila Doverspike and Edward Doverspike, her husband, Andrew Reichard and Ruth Reichard, his wife, and Grace Bish, her husband, all of Redbank Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, parties of the first part.


Newton D. Bish and Grace Bish, husband and wife, of the same place, of the second part,

Witnesseth, that the said parties of the first part, for and in consideration of the sum of One and 00/00 Dollars, lawful money of the United States of America, unto them well and truly paid by said parties of the second part, at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents, and the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, have remised, released and quite-claimed, and by these presents to remise, release and forever quit-claim unto said parties of the second part, theirs heirs and assigns,

All those two certain tracts of land or pieces of land situated in Redbank Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania.

Bounded and described as follows,

TRACT 1. Beginning at a post at a corner of land of Adam Miller; thence by said land south 87 degrees east 30 percels to a post, thence by land of A. Kunselman, now or formerly Adam Miller, south 33 degrees east 65.5 perches to a stone, thence north 82 1/4 degrees east 22 4/10 percels to a stone, thence south 2 degrees west 17 4/10 perches to a stone, thence south 87 degrees east 4 6/10 perches to a stone, thence by New Salem town lots south 25 1/4 degrees west 19 8/10 perches to a stone, thence south 48 dgrees east 17 7/10 perches to a stone, thence south 24 1/4 degrees west 4 percels to a post in middle of road from New Salem to Eddyville, thence along in the middle of said road south 36 1/4 degrees west 24 6/10 percels to a post, thence south 18 degrees west 9 6/10 perches to a stone at the corner of said road, thence by land of Peter Hock north 37 degrees west 59 perches to corner, thence by land of Joseph Shaffer heirs north 1 degree east 30 6/10 percels to the place of beginning.

Containing thirty four acers, more or less.

TRACT 2. Adjoining the aforesaid tract of land and beginning at a post at the corner on public road leading to Eddyville; thence along said road south 25 degrees west 6 perches to a post; thence by the aforesaid tract No. 1 north 47 degrees west 16 percels to a post, thence by lot of Samuel Reichard south 47 degrees east 16 perches to a post, thence north 25 degrees east 6 perches to the place of the beginning.

Containing eighty six and nine-tenths (86. 9/10) percels, strict measure.

Being the same two tracts of land conveyed by Calvin Shick and Emma Shick, his wife to R. C. Reichard by deed dated March 26 1904 and recorded in the Recorder's Office of Armstrong County in Deed Book, Vol. 120 Page 186.

The said R. C. Reichard died intestate on January 29 1920, leaving to survive him Gertrude Reichard, his widow, now Gertrude Reichard Smith, wife of Allen W. Smith, and six children namely, Clarence A. Reichard, Arveta Troup, Rosella Troutman, Twila Doverspike, Andrew Reichard and Grace Bish.

The said Clarence A. Reichard and Ruth Reichard, his wife, and Ruth Reichard, his wife, and Arverta Troup and Norman Troup, her husband, conveyed all rights, title and interest in the aforesaid, two tracts of land to Allen Smith and Gertude Smith (formerly Gertude Reichard widow of R. C. Reichard)

Book Vol. 288 Page 378