Estate of Henry Deibler

Notice To The Public

The Petition of Gary C. Doverspike in the above captioned estate has been filed with the court of Common Pleas of Jefferson County, Orphans Court Division.

The said Petition request that Gary C. Doverspike be appointed administrator d.b.n.c.t.a. The Petition also requests Court approval for the sale of the following described property:

All that certain piece, parcel or tract of coal, located in Ringgold Township, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows:

Beginning at a stone corner thence by lands of Peters (estate) and lands of David Buffington, North 2* East 97. 6 perches to a stone, thence by lands of David Shirey South 441/2 * East 14.2 perches to a stone; thence by same lands North 1* East 16. 3 perches to a water bench; thence by land of Daniel Riun North 81* West 20 perches to a stone; thence by same lands North 2* East 9.6 perches to a post; thence by lands now owned by Isaac Brocious North 88* West 86 perches to a post; thence by lands of John A. Shirey, South 2* West 115.6 perches to a white oak; thence by lands of R. B. Dinger South 88* East 116 perches to the place of beginning.

Containing 76 acres and 137 perches.

Being the coal and coal rights reserved by Henry Deibler, dated February 18, 1909, and recorded in Jefferson County Deed Book Volume 121, Page 386.

The Petition requests and the Court has issued a Rule to Show Cause on the heirs of Henry Deibler directing them to show cause if they have any as to why the following relief should not be granted:

1. That Gary C. Doverspike be appointed administrator for the limited purpose of selling the herein described property to Harmon Mining Company for the purchase price of 120,000.00 less the 1/27 interst already held by Harmon Mining Company.

2 . That Petitioner, Gary C. Doverspike, be directed to execute a fiduciary deed conveying the property to Harmon Mining Company in return for payment of purchase price.

3. That the sale of the herein described property for the purchase price be confirmed as the fair market value of the said property and the highest and best price obtainable under current market conditions.

4. That Petitioner, Gary C. Doverspike, be directed to file an account and a proposed decree of distribution of the proceeds of said sale to the herein named beneficiaries within thirty (30) days after the sale has been completed. 7/12/83: 355EE

5. That any persons having any knowledge or information contrary to the herein stated list of heirs of Henry Deibler be directed to provide said information to the Petitioner.

By Rule dated the 27th day of July, 1983, the court has ordered all heirs of Henry Deibler to show cause why, if any, the above described relief should not be granted, with Rule returnable for answer in writing to the Court on or before the 22nd day of August , 1983. If any objections are raised by answer to Rule, a hearing shall be held on the 29th day of August, 1983, at 11:30 o'clock a.m. in courtroom #200

Al Landers {Seal}

Al Landers, Esq.

Law Office of Greco & Landers, P.C

12 Grant Street

Clarion, Pennsylvania 16214

Heirs of Henry Deibler