Orphans' Court Docket A Page 184

May Term 1847

In the matter of the Petition of George Doverspike one of the heirs of Henry Doverspike (deceased) for the partition of Real Estate.

And now to wit May 4 1847. The petition of George Doverspike of the County of Clarion was presented setting forth.

That Henry Doverspike late of Porter Township, formerly Red Bank in the County of Clarion, died intestate, leaving issue twelve children viz:

Henry, George, John, Daniel, Philip, Elizabeth intermarried with Fredrick Hetrick, Mary intermarried with John Milliron, Christina intermarried with John Hetrick, Catherine intermarried with Samuel Rhodes, Rebecca intermarried with Daniel Rhodes, Julianna intermarried with Price Taylor, Lydia intermarried with Jacob Pence. and seized in his demise as of a fee of and in a certain message or tract of land containing ninety nine acers with allowance.

Situated in Porter Township aforesaid ajoining lands of John McMillion, Joseph Smith, Lewis Doverspike, Amos Merser, and the villiage of New Bethlehem, with appurtenenes consisting of a two storie log frame house, a double log barn, a good orchard and about sixty acers cleared land.

The petitioner therefore prays the court to avoid an inquest to make pertitioner of the premises aforesaid to and among the representatives of said intestate in such manner and in such proportions as by the laws of the Commonwealth is directed of such partition can be made with out prejudice to or spoiling the whole, but if such partition cannot be made therof, then to value and appraise the same and make a return of their proceedings according to law.

May 4 1847 - Court grant the prayer of the petitioner and award a unit of inquest and direct at least 15 days notice to be given to the heirs of Henry Doverspike previous to the day of holding the inquest 8 July 1847 - Ex wit of Partition

Inquisition indented and taken at Bethlehem in the County of Clarion aforesaid this 20th day of August A. D. one thousand eight hundred and fourty seven before Seth Clorer high sheriff of said County, by oath and affirmations of the jurors whose names and seals are hereunto annexed, good and lawful men of my bailimek who say upon these oaths and affirmations.

That having been taken by the said Seth Clorer high sheirff as aforesaid in his proper person to the premises described in the unit to the inquisition annexed, and the parties in the said unit named, having been severally named, and as many as chose being present.

That the property or premises aforsaid cannot be parted or divided without prejudice to or spoiling the whole and therefore that they have valued and appraise the same, and do value and appraise the same at the sum of twelve hundred dollars.

In Testimony whereof as well I the said sheriff as the jurors aforsaid to this inquisition have set our hands and seals this day and yeat first above mentioned.