Will of Adam Mauney Estate #93

Armstrong County Pennsylvania

In the name of the Lord Amen.

Whereas I Adam Mney Sen. of Armstrong County Red Bank Township and State of Pennsylvania, Grating.

I being old and week in strants but of a got sound mind and memory.

Thanks be to the Allmyte God for his mercy.

I do hereby make this my last will and Testement.

First - I recomand my body into the Erth in a Christian manner. Then it is my will that my sonning inlaw Jacob Miller and my son Isaac Mney ar to be the executors of my estate, wherewith it has pleasist God to bles me with. I do hereby request of them, the said executors, nout to make sale or to attempt to expose of Lot No. 11 where on we now live, untill after my beloved wife Mary Chataranes, dect after my dect.

She is to have her youthel bet, and bet stid, battings and all that is longing to them. Besides too other bets and bet stits and all that is longing to them.

The red tobels, the draper, and cobarts with all the kiching furniture, belonging to our present household.

She is to have the pipe stove, with all that is longing to it, besides the large trank she is to have her joris of all kevertits in the house and take three, forby her three bets and bettings. She is to have the Big Eyron kittle, the midling size bras kittle, and small bras kittle, tow small casts pots, one frying pan, one cast pan, one bake kittle.

Besides thirty yards of flax linning if there is that much at hand. She is to have her jois of tow milk cows, and her jois of tow hogs. She is to have teen busels of wheat. She is to kipe the block, and winn mills and is to have one hundred fifty pounds in money of the first that said executors can git in hand after my dect.

And fordis I make this my last will and testiment, that I make over to my daughter Chaterine too hundred dollars, and too hundred dollars to my other daughter Maghtelin, and too hundred dollars to my son Peter, and too hundred dollars to my son Jacob, this money is to be pay instid of the land which ha bin refousit by them on the North side of Redbank Creek, to be payd as follows after said executors has payd one hundred and fifty pounds to my wife.

Then tha are to be in rank according to their births, untill all the money insted of the refoust land is payds N. B. My wife is to have her jois of too Bees and scaps.

And fourdis it is my will that at my dect all the above shall be pay first then all my children ar to be in eachait shers The executors ar to pay as follows, twenty five dollars to shire to begin at the eldest and pay to the youngest, then to begin at the eldest and pay on to the youngest.

And I do make this my will that the said executors are nout to be put to any unplois or distrefs until they have suffishing time to make vantue and give reisenible credit, and have reisenible time for Collecting the Outstands, All propertys belonging to my estate ar to be sold by way of Public Vantue only what is here in made over to my wife shall be and as long as she remains my widow.

Signed and sealed the 6th day of January 1816 in the presents of us.

Ludwick Doverspeck (in German)

F. Hilliard

Adam Mani {Seal}

Armstrong County ss.

Before me Elan Smith Kelley Register for the probate of Wills and granting letters of administation in and for the County.

Personally came before me Ludwick Doverspeck and Franeis Hilliard the subscribing witnesses to the forgoing instrument of writing who being duly sworn according to law depose and say that their names subscribed to the foregoing instrument are in their own person hand writing. That they were present and saw Adam Mani the testator sign seal and publish, pronounce and declare the said instrument of writing as and for his last will and testement, and they signed their names thereto as witness in his presence and at his request, and that at the time of his doing so, he the said Adam Mani was of perfect and sound mind Memory to the best of these deponents belief.

Ludwick Doverspeck (in German)

F. Hilliard

Sworn and subscribed before me this 23rd day of Feb 1818

Eben Smith Kelly Register

(Registered 23rd Feb AD 1818)