Philip Doverspike (of H)


February 14 1890

Know all men by these presents that I Philip Doverspike, a farmer of Armstrong County, Pennsylvania being in good health and of sound and dispsosing state of mind and memory and being desirious of setting my affairs while I have strength and capability:

First: I direct my Executors herein after named to pay all my just depts and expenses out of the money or property.

Second: My wife E. J. Doverspike is to stay on the place as long as she lives or wants to stay and keep my name. She is to have the third of the place whatever there is raised on the place and the third of the hay and pasture and all of the fruit the third: and stable room for two cows and a few sheep and also two or four pigs. She is to have the house now living in, everything therein that she wants to keep, bedding and clothing, carpets and all furniture, what she don't want sold. Is to have two cows, two sheep, three pigs, twenty five bushels of hay, wheat, and straw as much as she needs every year. This wheat she is to have besides the third of the place.

The rest of the property is to be sold and made into money.

Mother is to have one hundred dollars in money out of the loose property and also the two stoves, one in the room, one in the kitchen, and the one that farms the place is to haul her coal.

If the place is not sold in the Coal Company then it is not to be sold as long as mother lives or without her consent, and when it is sold then mother is to have the third of that money for her keeping and living of the place to buy a lot and house or stay with some of the children as seems best, and the rest of the property and place is to be divided among the children.

Franklin Doverspike, George H. Doverspike , Amanda Edwards, Milissa C. Mohney, Emma J. Sigworth - Emma J. Sigworth is to have fourty dollars more than any of the rest, out of the place, when it is sold and the rest is to be divied equal shares, the money for the stock and farm utensils is to be divided equal.

I this day in the year of our Lord, February 14th 1890.

I appoint George H. Doverspike and James C. Edwards Executors, to see things and settle things up hereafter.

Witness my hand and seal.

Philip Doverspike of H.

Will # 50044