John M. Flemnig Exutor


John W. Doverspike

This Indenture made the twenty third (23) day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety four

Between John M. Fleming of the Borough of Kittanning Pennsylvania.

Exeutor of the Last Will and Testament of M. E. Kells late of Red Bank Township Armstrong County Pennsylvania of the one part and John W. Dovespike of said Township County and State of the other part.

Whereas the said M. E. Kells by virtue of devices good conveyance and assurances in law, duly had and executes became in her her.........dimise as of for of and in a certain message tenement and tract of land situated in the Village of Eddyville Township of Red Bank County of Armstrong and State of Pennsylvania and containing 22500 square feet and bounded on the north of lands of J. D. Doverspike in the east by lands of J. D. Doverspike on the south by lands of J. D. Doverspike and on the west by a public road.

Said lot being one hundred and fifty feet (150) in front, by one hundred fifty feet feet (150) in dept.

And being as thereof made her Last Will and Testament in writing bearing Date 3rd day of July A. D. 1893 wherein and whereby among other things , She ordered that the whole of her Real Estate should be sold by her Executor therein after named and of which said Will she appointed the said John M. Fleming Executor as in and by the said recited Will since her Health duly provided and remaining in the Registers Office at Kittanning in Will Book 5 page 155

Book Vol. 83 Page 16