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Armstrong County


Clarion County


Children Of Henry Deibler = Rachel Miller

Children Of Daniel Doverspike = Abbie Michael

Children Of Clark Elton Doverspike = Ida Mae Deibler

Children Of John Wesley Doverspike = Catherine Procious

Children Of Edward Henry = Elva Selvina Gruver

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Doverspike = Births

Armstrong County Doverspike Marriage License Numbers

Clarion County Doverspike Marriage License Numbers

Early Death and Marriage

Doverspike = Marriage

Doverspike = Deaths

Wills and Estates

Doverspike Orphans Court Records

Mount Tabor Cemetery

Dry Ridge Cemetery

New Salem Cemetery

Belknap German Reform Church Cemetery

Mount Zion Beautiful Lookout Cemetery

Emmauel Lutheran Cemetery

St James Lutheran Church Cemetery

St Marks Lutheran Cemetery

St Marys Catholic Cemetery

Alcola Trinity Cemetery

Hawthorn Cemetery

Middle Run Cemetery

New Bethlehem Cemetery

American Civil War Soldiers Doverspike

American Civil War Soldiers Deibler

Doverspike Pension

Civil War Muster Rolls Doverspike

Civil War Muster Rolls Deibler

1772 1890 Census Doverspike Pennsylvania

1910 Census Doverspike


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