LOUIS VUILQUET, b.ca1677 in Montbeliard region of Alsace, France;
SP: Anne Catherine Biston
1.Pierre, b.ca1702 in Alsace, France, d.1755; arrived Nova Scotia 
          in 1752 on the "Speedwell"
  SP: Claudine Pretot in France
  (1)Louise, c.1736-06-09 at Bouhans-Le-Lure, Haut-Saone, France
3.Marie Anne, c.1708-09-26 at Coincourt, Muerthe-et Moselle, France;
  SP: Barthelemy Seibert at Rosiere-Aux-Saline, Muerthe-et-Moselle,
4.Jeanne, c.1710-09-16 at Rechicourt-La-Petite.
5.Anne Catherine, c.1712-12-16 at Coincourt, Muerthe-et Moselle
6.Jean Pierre, 1716, of whom presently
JEAN PIERRE VUILQUET, b.ca1716 Coincourt in the Montbeliard region
                      of Alsace, France; a farmer, arrived at
                      Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1752 on the
                      "Speedwell", d.1760-04-15
SP1: Catherine Marguerite d.1752-10-27  m2.1753-01-23, 
SP2: Catherine Marie Dupuis d.1772-08-26 (widow of Jean Nicolas
1.Barbara, b.ca1737 in Montbeliard
2.Catherine, 1738 in Montbeliard; m.1769-11-27
  SP: John Pierre Carlin (s/Jean & Catherine)
3.Suzette, b.ca1739 in Montbeliard, 1752-11                   
4.Joseph, b.ca1751, c.1752-07-09 at Halifax, NS, d.1753-07-14
5.Pierre Louis, c.1756-11-21 at Lunenburg, NS
     There appears to be no further information on this family.
With one surviving male, as listed above, it would seem that the 
name disappeared from the area after this point in time. Whether
he died or left the area for some reason is not known. There seems
no connection to the Wilkie family of the area, who were Loyalists
of Scots ancestry. I mention this because the name Vuilquet also
ended up being referred to as Wilkie, and appears as such on the
Montbeliard Monument.
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