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Home Card

This Penix family file has over 10,000 family names and is connected to many other families. Our file starts with the home card of Joshua Penix and Ann Cathey and expands from there. The father of Joshua is also listed in the file but any before that we have no proof for them at the moment so those are pure speculation and may be incorrect.

Since our family is connected to many other families we included addresses of some other families that we are connected to that are available. We have included those addresses in the notes and in the undefined section of the file for the people that are connected to the other family. At the moment there are 5 other files connected to our family but this I'm sure will increase in time.

I also have some picture files for certain parts of our family on this Rootsweb site. Those addresses will also eventually be included in this file. However the main index page at also has a listing of not only the picture files but also the connected family files and any others mentioned here.

We also have a non connected Penix family on this site that needs to be checked if you aren't in our file. I'm sure at some point these families will be connected to ours, it is just a matter of time before we find the proper connection.

We don't imply that our file is totally correct since we are continually making corrections and additions to the file. If you see any mistakes or have any additions to add to the file feel free to email me and the corrections and/or additions will be made.

At the current time the file will have person sheets where you can click on the person listed as the primary person (and spouse) for a page and you will then be able to see additional information about this person, mainly the notes about the person.

There have been and still are several people working on this file. Bob Adams keeps and updates the file and I write it to the web page and of course many people have and continue to send us information to add to the file. There is also a listserve at Rootsweb for the Penix family and related spellings of the name.

Any use of this file is restricted to personal use only. Any other use of the file must be approved by me, Bob Adams and Jessie Underwood.

For some additional information on the family you might check the book files for a book that I wrote for Jessie Underwood using the information she spent years trying to collect and organize. The address for these files is: These files may be downloaded and printed for personal use. The names contained in the book do not include many that are in this file since the book was written before we started this file but it does contain much information that is not in this file due to the size of this file. We are trying to keep the size of this file down so we haven't included many documents, history and pictures that appear in the book.

Enjoy the files and be sure to let me (or the other person listed if it is a connected file) know if you have any additional information for us. Also email if you want information about these files or just want to chat about them.


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