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Asa Hickok


Born: May 24, 1754 in Connecticut

Son of Justus Hickok and Lois Munn

Service: Revolutionary War

Enlisted as a Private with the Connecticut troops.

First served under Captain David Hinman for approximately 8 months beginning in April of 1775.

Served again under Captain Elijah Hinman for approximately two months in 1776.

Died: March 29, 1836 at 81 years of age.

Buried: Prince Hollow Cemetery in Cadis, Warren Twp., Bradford Co., Pennsylvania




David Letner  


Born: c. 1833 in Illinois

Son of Michael Letner and Mary Bartley

Service: Civil War - Union

Enlisted as Lieutenant 2nd Class on August 31, 1861– Company A 3rd Iowa Cavalry Regiment

Resigned commission on April 26,1862.

Enlisted Lieutenant 1st Class on August 9, 1862 – Company B, 30th  Iowa Infantry Regiment

Promoted to Full Captain on April 2, 1863.

Died: May 29, 1863  in Memphis, Tennessee of wounds received on May 22, 1863 at Vicksburg.

Buried: Memphis National Cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee



Alpheus Bentley Daughtry


Born: August 15, 1839 in Ohio

Son of Mathew Daughtery and Mahala Bentley

Service: Civil War - Union

Enlisted as a Private August 13, 1862 - Company F, 30th Infantry Regiment Iowa

Transferred as a Sergeant on September 30, 1863 to Company A, 4th Regiment Iowa Veteran Reserve Corps.

Mustered out on July 17, 1865 in Rock Island, Illinois

Honorably Discharged.

Died: August 24, 1915

Buried: Hillside Cemetery in Fort Lupton, Colorado




James Letner  


Born: c. 1843 in Iowa

Son of Michael Letner and Mary Bartley

Service: Civil War – Union

Enlisted as a Private on August 31, 1861

Enlisted in Company A, 3rd Iowa Cavalry Regiment on September 7, 1861.

Died: March 7, 1862 at Pea Ridge, Arkansas



Sebastian Neiss, Jr.


Born: c. Feb 1845 in Siegen, Bas-Rhin, Alsace

Son of Sebastian Neiss and Barbara Joerges

Service: Civil War – Union

Enlisted as a Private on November 20, 1861 at Fremont, Ohio in Company H, 72nd Regiment Ohio Volunteers

Died: August 29, 1862 at Regimental Hospital




George Robinson


Born: September 19, 1837 in Orange, Ohio

Son of Nathan Robinson, Jr. and Laura B. Chase

Service: Civil War - Union

Enlisted as a Private on August 22, 1864 Company B., 128th Infantry Regiment Ohio.

Mustered out on June 9, 1865 at Johnson’s Island, Sandusky, Ohio.

Died: December 15, 1915 in Sylvania, Ohio

Buried: Ravine Cemetery in Sylvania, Ohio













Charles Bernard Pitzen


Born: August 30, 1880 in Toledo, Ohio

Son of John P. Pitzen and Katherine Braker

Service: Philippine-American War

Enlisted: September 1, 1899

Discharged: July 2, 1901

Died: August 27, 1961 in Toledo, Ohio

Buried: Calvary Cemetery in Toledo, Ohio


Read Charles’ personal diary kept his enlistment. 

Read letters written to Charles by his mother during his enlistment.


(Transcriptions provided by Barbara Durgin.

Photo provided by Dennis Ross.)







Thomas Manson Buck


Born: Oct 24, 1887 in Atchison, Kansas

Son of Ephraim Frank Buck and Clara Marie Quinn

Service:  World War I and World War II

Told by his stepfather that there would be no further schooling after he finished the 8th grade because he was needed to work on the farm, Thomas Manson Buck convinced his mother to sign a consent form so that he could enlist in the Navy in January 1903.  He learned seamanship aboard the square-rigged training ship USS Mohican.  He qualified for rating as Quartermaster, was promoted to Chief Quartermaster, and then warranted as Boatswain.  In 1917 he was commissioned Ensign, then promoted to Lieutenant JG and made Sub Chaser division commander.  In September of 1918 he was promoted to full Lieutenant and assigned to oversee the fitting out of new Eagle boats being built at the Ford shipyard in Detroit, Michigan.

After the war he returned to his permanent rank of Warrant Officer and was commissioned a Chief Warrant Officer in March of 1923.

He retired in January 1933 at the rank of Lieutenant with 30 years of service.

As war again loomed in January of 1940, he requested a return to active duty.  He was recalled to active duty in September 1941 and assigned to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.  He was promoted to Lt. Commander in May 1943 and retired again in November 1946.

During his 35 years of active duty he served aboard various sub chasers, torpedo boats, Eagle boats, destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and finally, the Hospital Ship USS Relief.

Died: December 12, 1952 in the US Naval Hospital, St. Albans, New York

Buried: Mount Angeles Cemetery, Port Angeles, Washington



(Photo and information on Thomas Manson Buck’s service provided by Kenneth M. Buck)


(Identities of men in above photo:  Back row L-R:   B. F. Tripp, Quartermaster 1C; R. V. Barksdale, Quartermaster 3C; B. Hackett – Quartermaster 2C

Front row: Thomas Manson Buck, Chief Quartermaster; H. Albright, Quartermaster 3C)



Kirk Manson Buck


Born: January 26, 1918 in Norfolk, Virginia

Son of Thomas Manson Buck and Franklyn Caroline Baxter.

Service: World War II

1941 - First Sgt in National Guard

Transferred to US Army and sent to OCS.

Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant and assigned to ordnance company in 4th Infantry Div.

Landed at Utah Beach on D-Day (June 6, 1944)

Participated in battles of St. Mere Eglise, Huertgen Forest, and the Bulge.

Received battlefield promotion to 1st Lieutenant when company CO was shot out of their boat while crossing the Rhine.

Civilian life:

Graduated  New York State College of Forestry in 1949.

Executive of lumber and building supply companies in Syracuse, New York.

Died: September 9, 2004 in Fayetteville, New York

Buried: Fayetteville Cemetery in Fayetteville, New York.



(Photo and information on service provided by Kenneth M. Buck)




Robert James Weigant


Born: December 14, 1926 in Linden, Michigan

Son of William J. Weigant and Elizabeth “Elsie” Maier

Service: World War II

Private First Class, U.S. Army


325th Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division

Entered the Service from: Michigan

Died: January 30, 1945

Buried: Plot E Row 16 Grave 20 at Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery in Henri-Chapelle, Belgium

Awards: Purple Heart


Read a letter  written to Robert’s mother, Elizabeth “Elsie” Weigant by his Army buddy, Elmer Arthur Bernard, and published thereafter in a local newspaper.


(Photo from the collection of Ray and Marie Hickok)

(Photo of Robert’s tombstone provided by Jan Van Impe)





Robert Lawrence Pitzen, Sr.


Born: August 12, 1928 in Toledo, Ohio

Son of Albert J. Pitzen and Salina L. Orr

Service: World War II

From 1945-1948 with the US Navy aboard the USS Pocono.

Korean Conflict

US Marine Corp

Civilian life: Toledo Police Officer, Detective and Commander of Metro Drug Unit.

Member: American Legion, Masons, Zenobia Shrine.

Died: February 21, 1995 in Toledo, Ohio

Buried: Toledo Memorial Park in Toledo, Ohio










Dennis Noel Buck


Born: December 22, 1952 at Syracuse, New York

Son of Kenneth Michael Buck and Doris Marianne Fleischauer

Service: January 1971 – January 1974

US Army

Airborne Sensor Specialist

Operated side-looking radar, infrared sensing sevices, and hi-resolution cameras during surveillance missions over Korea demilitarized zone while also serving as navigator for the pilot.

Civilian life:

Quality Assurance Field Representative with Boeing Aerospace and Commercial Airplane Divisions – 22 years.

Died: July 21, 1999 in Covina, Los Angeles, California

Interred in columbarium at Tahoma National Cemetery in Covington, Washington.





(Photo and information on service provided by Kenneth M. Buck)





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