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Welcome to my favorite area of my website.

While the research is fun nothing beats the thrill of getting to see the faces of the people whom you are learning about.  I hope you enjoy my family photo collection as much as I do.

You may browse the photos by using the index that is provided below.   I hope the following notes will make the index a little easier to use.

Women are listed by their maiden name until married.  
When I have more than one picture of a person on the site I have listed the extras directly underneath the first occurrence of that individuals name.  

I have several unidentified photos on the site and have provided links below.  If you can help by putting a name to any of these people please contact me

Orr.  These came out of a family Bible and may be from the Orr or Pitzen family.

Pitzen  This Pitzen family reunion was held in Toledo in August of 1950.  We have identified over 150 of 197 so far!  And since we have had so much success with this photo I have added a second photo from a reunion that was held a few years later.

If you have any photos you would be willing to share privately or publicly on this site, please contact me.     

Use the following alphabet below to link directly to surnames beginning with that letter.

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    Bernard Benton

    Elinor Benton

    Fred Benton

    Marian Violet Benton   Baby picture April 1906


        Wedding to Leroy Gibson  June 9, 1926 

    Fitch D. Benton


    Florence (Robinson) Benton

    Roseltha (Hallett) Benton

    William D. Benton    

    Francis (Miller) Braun  sibling portrait c. 1910

    Margaret (Miller) Braun  sibling portrait c. 1910

    Oliver M. and Clara M. (Quinn) Brown


    Martha (Dendinger) Booth with siblings

    Anna (Reinhart) Boyer  with sisters c. 1960

    Frances Genevieve Buck see Hickok


    Franklyn Caroline Buck

    Thomas M. Buck

        Thomas 1919



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    Campbell Auto Co.  Salt Lake City, Utah

    Beatrice (Quinn) Comera




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    Alpheus B. Daughtry

    Alpheus Daughtry, Jr.

    Calvin Daughtry

        Calvin and Amelia Daughtry

    Edwin Daughtry and Roena (Hays) Daughtry

    Emma Daughtry

        see Ozment

    Julia (Letner) Daughtry

    Olive "Doll" Daughtry

        see Baxter

    Rebecca Daughtry

        see Hickok

    Roman Daniel as attendant to William and Francis (Daniel) Dendinger

    Alois Dendinger

    Alton Dendinger  family portrait c. 1938

        Alton with brothers

    Arthur and Justina (Hohman) Dendinger wedding

    Balbina "Bena" Dendinger 

        see Martin

    Barney Dendinger

    Bessie (Hepperly) Dendinger

    Catherine M. Dendinger

        Catherine as attendant to William and Francis (Daniel) Dendinger

    Caroline Dendinger

        Caroline as a young lady

        Caroline as a young lady

        John and Caroline (Dendinger) Reinhart Aug. 30, 1895 wedding

        see Reinhart

    Charles Dendinger

        Charles and Louise (Laux) Dendinger wedding

        Charles fishing

    Clarence and Loretta (Schank) Dendinger wedding

        Clarence wedding attendant

        Clarence wedding attendant

    Edward Dendinger

    Elwood Dendinger  family portrait c. 1938

        Elwood in Navy.  1954

        Elwood with brothers

    Ferdinand Dendinger

    Ferdinand "Fred" Dendinger

        Fred with siblings at reunion c. 1920

        Fred with gentlemen at reunion c. 1920

    Frank Dendinger with siblings c. 1895


        Frank and Lena (Wagner) Dendinger wedding

        Frank with siblings at reunion c. 1920

        Frank with wife, Lena and son Paul

        Frank with sisters, Veronica and Mary

    Jacob Dendinger

        Jacob wedding attendant

    Jacob Dendinger with siblings

        Jacob and Lydia (Wollenslagel) Dendinger Dec. 1908 wedding

    John Dendinger with siblings at reunion c. 1920

        John with men at reunion c. 1920

    Joseph Dendinger with siblings at reunion c. 1920

        Joseph with men at reunion c. 1920

    Josephine (Weishart) Dendinger

    Leo Dendinger with siblings

    Louise (Laux) Dendinger fishing

    Mary E. Dendinger with siblings c. 1895

        Anthony and Mary (Dendinger) Schreiner wedding

        see Schreiner

    Matilda "Tillie" Dendinger 

        Tillie with siblings

    Melvin Dendinger  family portrait c. 1938

        Melvin with brothers

    Paul Dendinger with parents

        Paul and Madeline (Bolish) Dendinger wedding

    Peter J. Dendinger  family portrait c. 1938

    Raymond Dendinger  family portrait c. 1938

        Raymond and Freda (McConnell) Dendinger  Apr. 16, 1938 wedding

        Raymond with brothers

    Rose Elizabeth Dendinger  

        Rose with siblings c. 1895  

        see Seitz        

    Veronica "Fronie" Dendinger

         Veronica with siblings c. 1895

        see LeMaire

    Vivian Dendinger with Grandfather, Barney.

    Walter and Rosina (Daniel) Dendinger wedding

    William and Francis (Daniel) Dendinger wedding

    Alexander H. Dunning

    Archie Dunning

    Daniel A. Dunning

    Katherine (Quinn) Dunning


    Lillian J. Dunning

    Thomas Jefferson Dunning



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    Carl Fries

    Catherine (Wise) Fries

    Joseph Fries


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    Leo and Anna (Miller) Gerber  Nov. 26, 1895 wedding

        40th anniversary  Nov. 1935 

    Alice Gibson

    Arthur Gibson

    Christine (Mannweiler) Gibson

    Daniel Gibson

    Ferdinand Gibson

    John D. Gibson

    Leatha Gibson

    Leroy Gibson

        Leroy and Marion (Benton) Gibson wedding  June 9, 1926 

    Mary (Kelly) Gibson 

    William Gibson

    Yvonne (Pitzen) Gillette  1950 reunion

    Margaret (Reinhart) Green with her sisters

    Taylor and Margaret (Reinhart) Green  Nov. 14, 1916 wedding

    Rose (Gross) Greulis

    Leo and Myrtle (Doursha) Grodi  

    Mark Grodi


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    Anna (Pitzen) Hall 1950 reunion

    Hazel Hall see Lorenzen

    Thomas Hall 1950 reunion

    Gladys (Hudnall) Hansen 1917

        Gladys c. 1970

    Maria "Molly" Herrig wedding attendant

    Francis Genevieve (Buck) Hickok see Buck

        Genevieve 1917

    Frederick A. Hickok with Ray G. c. 1910

        Fred at his auto repair shop

    Helen (Utz) Hickok camping with the Jones

    Henry Hickok

        Henry and Rebecca (Daughtry) Hickok wedding

        Henry at home in Hinckley, Utah

        Henry in Hinckley, Utah

        Henry with whole family - unidentified


    Laura Louise (Ray) Hickok

    Ralph H. Hickok

    Ray G. Hickok as school boy

        Ray with Fred c. 1910

        Ray July 1917

        Ray camping with the Jones

        Ray at his auto repair shops

    Ray M. Hickok 1912        

        Ray  1919

        Ray camping with the Jones

        Ray  Senior picture 1930

        Ray  University of Nebraska 1935

        Ray  University? 1936

        Ray  University of Nebraska 40 year union 1975

        Ray and Marie (Weigant) Hickok c. 1937

    Silas and Neville (Schofield) Hickok

    Clarence Hitzeman  1950 reunion

    Justina Hohman and Arthur Dendinger wedding picture

    Mary Hohman wedding attendant 


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    Katie Iden wedding attendant

    Phillip Iden wedding attendant  


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    Archie Jones

    Ernestine Jones

    Gertrude (Quinn) Jones

    Lillian ? Jones

    Wendell Jones


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    Caroline (Lorenzen) Krukowski 1950 reunion

    Stanley Krukowski 1950 reunion


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    John Laux

    Louise Laux wedding  

    Magdalena (Gross) Laux     

    Victor and Veronica (Dendinger) LeMaire wedding

        Veronica with siblings at reunion c. 1920

        Veronica with women at reunion c. 1920

    Betty Lorenzen 1950 reunion

    Caroline Lorenzen see Krukowski

    Doris Lorenzen 1950 reunion

    Hazel (Hall) Lorenzen 1950 reunion

    James Lorenzen 1950 reunion

    James Lorenzen, Jr. 1950 reunion

    Joannie Lorenzen 1950 reunion

    Kenneth Lorenzen 1950 reunion

    Louis Lorenzen 1950 reunion

    Louis Lorenzen, Jr. 1950 reunion

    Lyle Lorenzen 1950 reunion

    Marie (Craft) Lorenzen 1950 reunion

    Richard Lorenzen 1950 reunion

    Robert Lorenzen 1950 reunion

    Shirley Lorenzen 1950 reunion

    Tom Lorenzen 1950 reunion

    Virginia (Ford) Lorenzen 1950 reunion



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      Cecil and Manola (Nuber) Miller Dec. 24, 1914 wedding

      Cecil Vern Miller, Jr.

      Deloy Miller

      Glenn Ray Miller


    Cyril Maier, Jr. c. 1902

        Cyril c. 1920

        Cyril c. 1940

    Elizabeth M. Maier c. 1902

        see Weigant

    Erna Maier c. 1902

    Leo Maier c.1902

    Norma (Kraeger) Maier

    Patricia Maier

    Richard Maier

    William and Bena (Dendinger) Martin

    Alois and Agatha (Gerber) Miller 

    Anna Miller  c.1894

    Catherine Miller see Wise

    Clarence G. Miller  baby picture  c. 1904    

        Clarence as a young boy  c. 1909    

        Clarence as a young man  c. 1922

        Clarence with Coletta Reinhart  c. 1925

        Clarence and Coletta (Reinhart) Miller wedding

    Coletta (Reinhart) Miller with her sisters  c. 1960    

    Frances Miller see Braun

    John Miller  sibling portrait c. 1910  

    Joseph and Mary (Hay) Miller  Mar. 1, 1897 wedding

        Joseph family portrait c. 1895

        Joseph and brothers  

    Louis Miller  sibling portrait c. 1910

    Margaret (Dehe) Miller

        Margaret family portrait c. 1895

    Margaret Miller see Braun

    Phillip Miller  sibling portrait c. 1910

        Phillip enlargement from sibling portrait c. 1910

        Phillip family portrait c. 1895


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       Catherine (Gross) Noe

       Lawrence Nuber  1925 

       Manola Nuber  c. 1914

          Wedding 1924


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    John Orr

    Elizabeth (Badger) Orr

    Emma (Daughtry) Ozment

        Emma with sisters

    Robert Ozment


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    Albert John Pitzen

        Albert J, Salina, Gladys, Albert H., and Nellie Pitzen c. 1918

    Albert H. Pitzen

    Anna Pitzen see Hall

    Arthur E. Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Arthur R. Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Barbara Pitzen

    Bernard Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Charles A. Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Charles B. Pitzen

        Charles 1950 reunion

    Charles W. Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Delores A. Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Dorothy Pitzen with son, Gene  c. 1938

    Dorothy (Thompsen) Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Edward Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Edward A. Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Frederick Pitzen

    Genet (Gisel) Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Gereth B. Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Gladys Pitzen

    Gladys (Holly) Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Guy and Denise (Miller) Pitzen  June 1995 wedding

    Harold Pitzen


    Janis E. Pitzen

    Joyce Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Kathy Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Katherine (Braker) Pitzen c. 1880


    Keith Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Margaret (Baldwin) Pitzen

        Margaret 1950 reunion

    Mary Ann Pitzen

    Mathias Pitzen

        Mathias and Elizabeth (Gross) Pitzen

    Nellie Pitzen    

    Peter Pitzen

    Phyllis Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Phyllis (Shuman) Pitzen 1950 reunion

    Robert Pitzen

        Robert  Navy picture

    Rose (Szalkay) Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Ruth (Pulley) Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Salina (Orr) Pitzen 

    Sharon Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Steven Pitzen

    Verimae Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Wallace Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Wayne Pitzen  1950 reunion

    Zane Pitzen   1950 reunion


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    Beatrice S. Quinn see Comera

    Clara M. Quinn see Brown

    Daniel D. Quinn c. 1910

    Daniel M. Quinn

    Ellen (Bowman) Quinn

    Frances Fern Quinn c. 1879

    Gertrude Quinn see Jones

    Katherine Janet Quinn see Dunning

    Mary "Mae" Quinn

    Matie Quinn c. 1910




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    Albert Reinhart

        Albert wedding attendant

    Anna (Buehler) Reinhart 

    Anna Reinhart  family portrait c. 1905

        Anna with sister Coletta

        Anna with John Boyer c. 1920

        see Boyer

    Caroline (Dendinger) Reinhart with siblings at reunion c. 1920

        Caroline with women at reunion c. 1920

        Caroline with women at family gathering c. 1925

    Coletta Reinhart with sister Anna

        Coletta as a young girl 

        Coletta as a young lady  c. 1925

        see Miller

    Emma Reinhart wedding attendant

    John and Caroline (Dendinger) Reinhart  Apr. 30, 1895 wedding

        John  family portrait c. 1905 

        John and Caroline  c. 1920

    Joseph Reinhart wedding attendant

    Margaret Reinhart   baby picture c. 1897

        First Communion

        Margaret with women at reunion c. 1920

        Wedding to Taylor Green Nov. 14, 1916 

        see Green 

    Albertine Robinson

    Cora Robinson

    Ella Robinson

    Florence Robinson

        see Benton

    George Robinson

    Rosette (Showler) Robinson

    Dennis Ross  1950 reunion

    Lawrence Ross  1950 reunion



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    Loretta Schank and Clarence Dendinger wedding

    Martha (Daniel) Schank wedding attendant

    Neville Schofield  see Hickok

    Mary (Daniel) Schreiner wedding attendant

    Mary E. (Dendinger) Schreiner with siblings at reunion c. 1920    

        Mary with women at reunion c. 1920

    Anna Maria (Gross) Schvinel

    Herman Seitz  family portrait

    Herman Joseph Seitz family portrait

        with twin Louis

    Louis Francis Seitz family portrait

        with twin Herman "Joe"

    Robert Seitz family portrait

    Rose E. (Dendinger) Seitz with siblings at reunion c. 1920

        Rose with women at reunion c. 1920

        Rose family portrait

    Walter Seitz family portrait


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    Raymond and Pearl (Andrews) Tiller





    Magdalena Wagner

        Frank and Lena (Wagner) Dendinger wedding

        Lena with husband Frank Dendinger and son Paul

    Elizabeth "Elsie" (Maier) Weigant family portrait c. 1919

        Elsie c. 1940

    Leo Weigant c. 1940

    Marge Weigant c. 1940

    Marie Weigant c. 1940

    Robert "Bob" Weigant c. 1940

    William Weigant

        Will as young man

        Will family portrait c. 1919

        Will c. 1940

        Will with Elsie 1942

    Barnabus Willman

    Catherine (Schutt) Willman

    Adam Weis/Wise

    Catherine (Miller) Wise  sibling portrait c. 1910

        Catherine with husband, Adam

    Elizabeth (Shoemaker) Wise

    Paul Wise

    William (Fries) Wise

    Barbara Wheating  1950 reunion

    Edith (Pitzen) Wheating  1950 reunion

    Linda Wheating  1950 reunion

    Richard Wheating  1950 reunion


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