WS-FTP LE set-up for FreePages at Rootsweb

WS-FTP LE set-up for FreePages at Rootsweb

Before you upload your files, keep in mind that your home page or main page should be called index.html.

When you first open WS-FTP LE, you will see a Session Properties screen, as shown below. Click on the New button and fill in the boxes as shown using the user name that Rootsweb assigned you. Type your password in the box, exactly as given, it is case sensitive. Check Save Pwd if you want it to remember your password for you.

Click on the Startup tab at the top and fill in the boxes as shown. In the box labeled "Initial Local Folder" type in the path to the directory where your webpages are stored on your computer. This is optional, but makes it easier when you are ready to upload.

Click on the Advanced tab, make sure the settings are as shown below.

When you have done this much, click OK. It will save your settings and connect you to Freepages. You will see the screen shown below. The directory listing on the left (Local System) will look different, reflecting your directories.

The directory listing on the right (Remote Site) will look similar to this. Scroll down and click on genealogy_html (or whichever directory is suitable for your pages). Be patient while the listing changes, sometimes it can be slow to update.

You can upload groups of files at one time, but make sure you upload html files and image files separately. When uploading html files make sure you send them as ASCII files and images file as Binary files. Select the files you want to upload from the Local System directory as you normally would. When you have selected the files you want to send, push the button with the arrow shown above. That will move the files from your system to the Remote System. When the transfer is complete, the Remote System directory will be updated and you should see your files in the right pane.

I hope this helps!