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Official site for Dreisbach, Dresbach, Dresback, Driesbach, Driesbaugh, Dreisback, Treisbach, and other variants

Et majores vestros et posteros cogitate.
Think of your Forefathers!  Think of your Posterity! 

The vast majority of Dreisbachs 
in the United States 
descend from 
Abraham of Balde,
who lived in 
Balde, Wittgenstein, Germany,
approximately 1535-1575.

Link to full-sized Dreisbach Family Crest  - Coat of Arms from Johann Siebmachers Wappenbuch von 1605
The Dreisbach Coat of Arms
The information in our database was primarily compiled from
The Dreisbach Book
  • When is a Dreisbach a "Trashpack"?
  • Who was "the fattest person ever known"?
  • Who was shot off his horse by his mother-in-law?
  • Which 2 Dreisbachs sat on Lincoln's knee?
  • Who published a cure for corns involving a live toad? 
2001 Supplement to The Dreisbach Book

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