Drettler Families in the U.S.

Drettler Families in the U.S.
We all want to know “who we are” and “where we came from.”

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2010 Updates:
New and corrected information plus a database of Drettler, White, and other related family members.

An accidental start

Research on this family began accidentally, while researching my own family. Some information on the Drettlers came my way and I realized this was possibly the family of a friend. Later, this family was definitely confirmed as the family of my friend. From that point, a purposeful search for the Drettler family present and past began.

Intent of Site

  • Document the history of this family’s past generations and its extended connections.
  • Connect with current generations.
  • Share information in order to validate documentation on all generations.

    Research Focus

    The focus of this research is the descendants of Adolf Drettler, who came to the U.S. in 1911. However, other related families are included.

    Family History

    The first known Drettler to immigrate into the U.S. is Abraham Drettler, who came to New York City from Austria in January 1893. He is the son of Isidor Drettler of Vienna, Austria. He is the brother of Adolf Drettler, who is the focus of this research. Most Drettler families immigrated from Poland and Galacia/Austria (now Ukraine), and settled in New York in 1900-1930. Migration from New York of the children of the original immigrants was to California, Hawaii, Colorado, and Florida in the 1960s-1970s.


    Dretler is an alternate spelling with the Dretler families emigrating from the same area of Galacia, Austria/Poland as the Drettler families. It is presumed that they are related. Most of the Dretlers from Poland, Austria, and Russia settled in Brockton, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts and Indiana. They are found in the 1910, 1920, 1930 federal census in these areas.


    Accuracy of Contents

    Are you a Drettler or Dretler?

    Are you interested in representing your ancestry accurately?

  • To represent the family accurately, errors need to be corrected and omissions eliminated.
  • Please help fill in the gaps or confirm the facts documented on this site.

    Research has been from public domain records, including various national and state agencies, genealogy Web sites, and people-locator Web sites. Certain details of living people, such as their birth dates, are not included in the Web site. The facts are as accurate as my source information. Sources are documented at the end of this page and in the database. Some documentation is based strictly on my deductions, i.e., putting two facts together to reach a logical conclusion where no definite fact can be found. These deductions are indicated as “assumed” or “candidate” or “circa” in the database.

    Contact: Gayle Smith

    Missing pieces

  • The names of Adele (--?--) Drettler Fine’s parents and both sets of grandparents. FOUND!
  • Helen Drettler’s married name, her spouse and children, if she was married. She is the sister of Irving (Isidore) and Michael (Israel) Sr.
  • Other children of Morris and Mary Drettler, if there were any born after 1930.
  • The spelling of Mary’s surname. In the NY Bride Index it is spelled “Aran,” but “Aaron” seems more common. Unable to find her definitely in the 1920 census, though she reported in the 1930 census that she immigrated to the U.S. in 1910. Also, unable to find her in the 1910 census.
  • Where are Abraham, Max, Isidor Wilhelm/William I. in 1920 and 1930? They were all still living at that time.
  • Where is Adolf in 1920 and 1930? No record of his death can be found.
  • Dretler family connections are not yet documented.

    Surnames (primary) Sources
  • Aaron (Aran)
  • Belostozky, Bjalostozky
  • Clayton
  • Drettler
  • Fine
  • Kealoha
  • Kresner
  • Paola
  • Weinsheink
  • White
  • Boston Passenger Lists
  • California Birth Index
  • California Marriage Index
  • California Divorce Index
  • California Death Index
  • Cemetery Records: Los Angeles National Cemetery
  • Ellis Island Passenger Lists
  • Florida Death Index
  • Naturalization Records of New York
  • Nevada Marriage Index
  • New York Death Index
  • New York Bride and Groom Index
  • New York Passenger Lists
  • People-locator search engines
  • Social Security Death Index
  • U.S. Census 1910, 1920, 1930
  • U.S. Public Directory
  • WW I Draft Registration Cards
  • WW II Draft Registration Cards
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