Among other things, I had the deck taken out in the backyard. It was a festering swamp underneath, and we couldn't even go outside without mosquitoes swarming over us. I decided to replace it with a new patio, adjoining the boring 10 X 10 slab patio. Amazingly, my neighbor Dave spent a weekend out of his life on this project of mine. What a friend!


Michaela's Grandpa took us to the Renaissance Fair this year... and provided a costume for her to wear, too! Here's the princess:

I had the pleasure of meeting another cousin from my incredible Drock family... Linda Neice and her husband (and dog!) stopped off in Houston on their way west. We spent a fun couple of hours sharing...

And here's a picture from just yesterday, December 14. Notice that Michaela's hair is gone. I resisted her for weeks, but she finally convinced me of her sincerity. She and I both went to the salon the day we returned from Thanksgiving in Monterey, and cut our hair totally off. No shots of me this way yet, but I like mine, too!