Bacot Family Bible of Peter and Mary Eugenia Bacot, ca 1818, Charleston, SC.

The Family Bible of Peter and Mary Eugenia Bacot

ca 1818, Charleston, SC.

The following is a transcript of the "Family Records" pages of the family Bible of Peter and Mary Eugenia Bacot, ca 1818, Charleston, SC.

Peter was the eldest son of Thomas Wright Bacot (son of Peter Bacot) and Jane (DeSaussure) Bacot, daughter of Henry DeSaussure.

Mary Eugenia was the eldest daughter of Charles Burnham Cochran, (son of Robert Cochran) and Harriett Rachel (Thomson) Cochran, daughter of Col. William Thomson of BelleVille S.C.

It's a treat to see the elegance of the hand that wrote most of the entries and poignant to see the changes to that hand over the decades; recording the births, marriages and deaths of her children. It's a good read.

Names mentioned: Bacot, DeSaussure, Cochran, Thomson, Simons, Van Vorst, Gilchrist, Richey, Thomson.

This Bible was published in 1818 by M. Carey & Sons, No 126 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. (It apparently cost $20. It's written in the flyleaf.)

Notes: Underlines and other formatting are as written. Abbreviations have an added apostrophe instead of a superscripted final letter. My comments are in [brackets]. All my tyops have yet to be found.

Doug Strain Sept. '07

[Front flyleaf]
The Family Bible
Peter and Mary Eugenia Bacot
Charleston A.D. MDCCCXVIII

[in a different hand]
To my beloved and everloving Daughter
Emily H. Vredenburgh
I give my Dear Mother and Father's Family Bible
Easter Day, March 29 1891.
Emily H. Van Vorst
"Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet."

[pg] 677

Peter Bacot, (eldest Son of Thomas Wright B., (Son of Peter) and Jane B. formerly Jane DeSaussure, Daughter of Henry D.) intermarried with Mary Eugenia, (Eldest & only surviving Daughter of Charles Burnham Cochran, (Son of Robert C.) and Harriett Rachel, Daughter of Col. William Thomson of BelleVille S.C.) on the 6th February 1810. The Rev'd. Jams D. Simons Rector of St. Philip's Church, Charleston, performed the matrimonial Church service at the House of Charles B. Cochran.

Mary Elizabeth, (2'd daughter) intermarried with Tho. Corbett Simons, Son of Rev'd James D. Simons, on 6th February 1833.

Charles Burnham Cochran oldest Son, intermarried with Sarah Frances, youngest daughter of Sarah and John Van Vorst of Harsimus, New Jersey. at St Matthews Church by the Rev E. D. Barry on the 2d. June 1839.

Robert Cochran, 3d Son intermarried with Mary, [third?] daughter of Frances & Robert Gilchrist of Harsimus, N.J. at the Reformed Dutch Church by the Red'd Mat's Lusk, on the 15th Sept'r 1841.

Emily Harramond 7th daughter intermarried with John Van Vorst only son of John & Sarah Van Vorst at Grace Church Van Vorst Jersey City on the 10th of Jan'y. 1850.

Emma Cecilia youngest daughter intermarried with The Rev'd. Thomas Richey* at Grace church Van Vorst Jersey City on the 7th Oct'r. 1858. *Rector of Mt. Calvary Church, Baltimore, Maryland.

[pg] 678
[left column]

Peter Bacot, in Charleston S.C. on the 3'd. December 1788. [In margin] Dec'd.

Mary Eugenia, his Wife, at Belleville, St Matthews Parish on the 26th October 1791

Their Issue as follows, viz:

1 Harriett Jane, in Charleston on the 28th. December 1810

2 Charles Burnham Cochran, in Charleston on the 16'th Novem'r 1812.

3 Thomas Wright, in Charleston on the 11'th December 1814.

4 Mary Elizabeth, in Charleston on the 28'th Febuary 1816.

5 Robert Cochran, in Charleston on the 16'th September 1818.

6 Charlotte Haskell, in Charleston on the 9'th March 1821.

7 Eugenia Septima, in Charleston on the 23'd July 1823.

8 Eugenia Octavia, in Charleston on the 3'd July 1825.

9 Catherine Potter, in do on the 27'th December 1827.

10 Emily Harramond, in Ch's'ton on the 6'th Novem'r 1829.

11 Emma Cecelia in Charleston, on the 5'th October 1833.

[All entries except Mary Elizabeth, Robert Cochran, Emily Harramond and Emma Cecelia have "Dec'd" written in the left margin in a different hand.]

[right column]
Births [struck out &]
Deaths [written below, all in a different hand]

[opposite Mary Elizabeth] Mary Elizabeth, in New York November 11'th 1896

[opposite Emma Cecelia] Emma Cecelia, at the Residence of her Son Rev. Francis H. Richey, Asbury Park, N.J. On the 13'th of July 1916

[pg] 679
[left column]
[left column empty]

[right column - all in original, elegant hand.] Deaths
Eugenia Septima --- in Charleston, on 28'th June 1824 of Catarrhal fever & Dysentery Interred in the Eastern Cemetery of St. Philips' Church: aged 11 months & 5 days.
And art thou withered, lovely flower!
Just in the morning of thy bloom?
And hast thou lasted but an hour
And blossomed only for the tomb?

Plucked by Death's ruthless, envious hand,
From off thy fostering Parent*-Stem,
Before thy beauties could expand!
The morning dew, thy Diadem!

But thou'rt transplanted in the sky,
Where other flow'rets kindly flourish
Under the Heavenly Florist's Eye,
Whose tender care thy sweets will nourish.
[in margin] *She had not been weaned from her Mother, who had suckled her from her birth, to the time of her death.---

Peter Bacot --- in New York, on the 31'st Aug[?] 1836 and was Interred, in the Eastern Cemetery of Saint Philip's Church on the *16'th Nov'br [(in margin] *16'th Nov'br following[)] In Charleston, aged 47 years, 8 months and 28 days -- "Did not thy Father do Judgement and Justice, and then it was Well with him". 22 Ch. 15 v. Jeremiah "He judged the cause of the poor and needy: then it was well with him"! Was not this to know me? Saith the Lord". 22 Ch. 15 v. [obscured]

[pg] 680
[left column - in 2nd elegant hand.]

Eugenia Octavia on 6'th June 1843 in New York - aged 17 years 11 months and 3 days of inflammatory fever

Thomas Wright on 24'th March 1848 in New York aged 33 years and three months of Typhus fever

Harriett Jane, at Baltimore on 13'th March 1859. Interred in the Cemetery at Orange, New Jersey: aged 49 Yrs, 2 months, 16 days. "The rest from thy labours."

Charlotte Haskell May 11, 1889. Entered into life, aged 68 years 1 month and 11 days. "Rest comes at last"

Catherine Potter, Entered into life Nov 20 1887, aged 58 years 10 months and 0 days. "Whom the Lord loveth He chastisseth"

[Right column]

C. B. Cochran on 21 Aug 1833 aged 67 yrs 6 m's.

H. H. Bacot on 13'th October 183[?] age 53 yrs 6 m.

Thomas Wright Bacot Sen'r. on 1 October 1834 Aged 69 yrs 1 mo. 11 days

[in same hand, but less-elegant]
Mary E. Bacot on the 30'th Dec'r 1847 aged 56 years two months and four days - died at the residence of her son Robert C. Bacot - Harsimus New Jersey.

[printed in 3rd hand]
Emily Harramond wife of John Van Vorst. Entered into life Eternal October thirteenth 1902. "Her children a^rise up and call her blessed" Prov. 31.25.
Passed away att the old Brinckerhoff Homestead, Freehold N. J. interred in the Van Vorst Vault in the Dutch Reformed Cemetary, Jersey City, New Jersey.