Census Tracts for the Parish of Veryan

Census Tracts for the Parish of Veryan, Cornwall, England

(Veryan is south-east of Truro)

In 1821, A pre-Census was taken by  the authorities.  This Census consisted of the names of all the Household Heads, their place of residence, their occupations, the genders and approximate ages of the head and the rest of the household.  The age was given as 20+ for a 25 year old person or 50+ for a 59 year old person. David James of Veryan transcribed this data and then searched out the members of the family- he found out the names of most of the spouses and many of their children so it is a useful tool for family researchers.

AAA         BBB         CCC         DDD         EEE         FFF        GGG         HHH         JJJJ  

KKK         LLL         MMM       NNN        PPP         QQRR     SSS          TTT         VVWW 

You can now co-relate these people to their neighbours or to unnamed members of the family by looking for the final number above in the chart below                                                   

1-89                       90-190                   191-288                289-380                 381-476    

477-571                572-664                  665-758                759-857                 858-948

949-1046              1047-1135             1136-1229            1230-1322              1323-1405


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