Census Tracts for the Parish of Veryan

Census Tracts for the Parish of Veryan, Cornwall, England

(Veryan is south-east of Truro)

Click on the first letter of a Surname to search the Census Tract by Family Name:

1841:                AAA       BBB        CCC       DDD       EEE        FFF        GGG       HHH       JJJJ     

                        KKK       LLLL      MMM     NNN      PPPP      QQRR    SSS        TTT        VWY

Click on the identification number (last column in the Census Tract) to search for whole households and neighbours:

1841:               1718-1816           1817-1916            1917-2040           2041-2141

                         2142-2255           2256-2358            2359-2461           2462-2568   

                        2569-2686            2687-2794            2795-2897           2898-3002 

                         3003-3125           3126-3207            3208-3286       

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