Census Tracts for the Parish of Veryan

Census Tracts for the Parish of Veryan, Cornwall, England

(Veryan is south-east of Truro)

Click on the first letter of a Surname to search the Census Tract by Family Name:

1851:            AAA      BBB       CCC        DDD       EEE       FFF       GGG       HHH       JJJJ      

                     KKK     LLL       MMM     NNN       PPP        RRR      SSS        TTT         VWY

Click on the identification number (last column in the Census Tract) to search for whole households and neighbours:

1851:             4095-4196         4197-4298         4299-4398          4399-4495         4496-4596   

                      4597-4696          4697-4796         4797-4899         4900-5004        5005-5104  

                      5105-5206         5207-5308          5309-5410         5411-5490        5491-5577  


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