Census Tracts for the Parish of Veryan
Census Tracts for the Parish of Veryan, Cornwall, England

(Veryan is south-east of Truro)

Click on the first letter of a Surname to search the Census Tract by Family Name:

1861:               AAA       BBB       CCC       DDD        EEE       FFF       GGG       HHH       JJJJ

                      KKK       LLL       MMM     NNN        PPP       RRR      SSS       TTT        UVVW

Click on the identification number (last column in the Census Tract) to search for whole households and neighbours:

1861:               5578-5661          5662-5764          5765-5862          5863-5962

                      5963-6062           6063-6142          6143-6241          6242-6320

                       6321-6418           6419-6513         6514-6608           6609-6709

                       6710-6806           6807-6890          6891-6969

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