Census Tracts for the Parish of Veryan

Census Tracts for the Parish of Veryan, Cornwall, England

(Veryan is south-east of Truro)

Click on the first letter of a Surname to search the Census Tract by Family Name:

1871:           AAA        BBB         CCC       DDD       EEE      FFF       GGG      HHH       JJJJ      

                    KKLL     MMM      NNN      OOPP     RRR      SSS       TTT       VWY

Click on the identification number (last column in the Census Tract) to search for whole households and neighbours:

1871:            6970-7069         7070-7169         7170-7267         7268-7365 

                     7366-7460         7461-7560         7561-7660        7661-7758        

                      7759-7858         7859-7961         7962-8047        8048-8142 

                     8143-8230         8231-8326        


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