126th Signal Service Company Korea, 1951

126th Signal Service Company 326th Comm Recon Company

Korea, 1951

The following pictures have been received from various members stationed with Det 1, 126th Signal Service Company, Advance/
326th Comm Recon Company, in Korea during 1951-1952.

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CWO Jesse Gordon
Yonchon, Korea 

Kim - Korean Houseboy
Lew O'Donnell
Korea - December 1951
Kitchen & 
 Mess Tent Chunchon, Korea
Dave Kuester
Korea, 1951
Jerry McDaniel
Dave Kuester
Korea 11951-1952

Dave Kuester
Korea, 1951

Gordon Barnes
Korea, 1951

Standing: Duane Shamburg
Kneeling: Bob Skramstad, Gene Dumdee, Ray Bernstein
Yonchon, North Korea - 1951-1952

Phil McNair & Don Francavage
Putting up antennas - Yonchon, Korea - 1951

Harry Beach - Lew O'donnell - Chet Rushford
With control tower of John Rogers Airport Honolulu in background
May 21, 1951

Travis Air Force Base - May 18, 1951
Enroute to Korea
Jack Burian,  Allentown, PA - Leonard Bloomqust, Green Lake, MI
Gerry Miller, Saginaw, MI - Don Francavage, Pottsville, PA
John Prettyman, Camden, NJ - Frank Smith, Redding, PA
Lew O'Donnell - Chet Rushford, Vermont
Howard Woods, Philadelphia, PA
Picture taken by Harry Beach, Detroit, MI

Travis Air Force Base, May 18, 1951
Enroute to Korea
Chet Rushford, Vermont - Gerry Miller, Saginaw, Michigan
Don Francavage, Pottsville, PA - John Prettyman, Camden, NJ
Jack Borian, Allentown, PA - Howard Woods, Philadelphia, PA

Frank Derosa 
Jim Hotzenback 
Yonchon, Korea

1st Detachment
326th Comm Recon 
Korea, 1951

Frank DeRosa
Korea, 1951
Two Korean refugees...coming home - but no home left!  Notice how this one whole block has been leveled and yet it is only about a block from the PX in which section very little damage was done
Bob Skramstad
                 Yonchon, Korea, 1951
Jimmy Kingsmill
Han River in background
at Yoju Crossing
May 1951
Frank DeRosa
Jim Holzenback

Laying wire for our site 
at Yonchon - 
October 1951

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