Descendants of Thomas Grubb

First Generation

1. Thomas GRUBB. Born abt 1540 in England.[1] Thomas died in England in Jul 1616; he was 76.[1] Occupation: Yeoman.[1]

By the time John Grubb (the immigrant and great-grandson of Thomas) was born in 1652, all known Grubbs in southeastern Cornwall were descended from Thomas Grubb. His parents are unknown. The Grubb family lived in Stoke Climsland, Cornwall, England, for at least 200 years before Thomas was born, possibly longer. On July 28, 1329, Ralph Grubbe, a hunter, was granted permission to tresspass on the Keyrbullock Park in the parish. Thomas was most likely Anglo-Saxon in origin. In Anglo-Saxon, Grubb or Grubbe means a digger or a coarse person. [1]

Thomas was of England's yeomen class, similiar to our middle class. At the time of his death in 1616, his assets were valued at 137 pounds, a substantial amount. According to the will of Thomas Grubb dated 1616, Stoke Climsland, the following children are mentioned: Thomas, Henry (the elder), Edward, Robert, Anthony, David, Peter, Henry (the younger), Epipany, Mary, and Jane. [1]

On 5 Jan 1562 when Thomas was 22, he first married Agnes JEFFREY, in England.[1]

Thomas second married UNKNOWN.

They had one child:
2 i. Henry (1581-1645)

On 23 Apr 1604 when Thomas was 64, he third married Johan WILLIAMS (WILLS), in St Dominic, England.[1] Born ? . Johan died in 1627 in Cornwall, England.[1] Buried on 22 Nov 1627 in St Dominic, Cornwall, England.[1]

Johan Williams (Wills) was a widow in nearby St. Dominic, Cornwall, England. Johan outlived Thomas by eleven years. [1]

They had no children.


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