Descendants of Thomas Grubb

Sixth Generation

Family of Emanuel GRUBB (7) & Anna HITCHCOCK

14. Edith GRUBB. Born ? . Edith died in 1771 in West Chester, Chester Co, PA.[7],[32],[10]

THATCHER, EDITH. Widow. Concord.
2/14/1771. Mar. 19, 1771.
To son William Thatcher riding chair, &c. To sons Jonathan, Samuel and Stephen 20 shillings each. To daughter Hannah wife of Joshua Haines £5. To daughter Sarah wife of Daniel Bailiff £10. To daughter Ann wife of Thomas Canby £10. To daughter Phebe Hyett £10. To daughter Mary Thatcher £30 and her uncle Emanuel Grubb to have care of her. To granddaughters Edith Canby and Edith Thatcher £5 each. Remainder to son Thomas, also Executor.
Wit: Robt. Chamberlin, Ann Chanberlin, Jos. Pierce. [10]

In 1734 Edith married Richard THATCHER, son of Jonathan THATCHER & Hannah DIX, in Chichester Meeting House.[7],[32] Richard Thatcher, son of Jonathan and Hannah (Dix) Thatcher of Thornbury, and Edith Grubb, dau. of Emanuel Grubb of Brandywine Hundred, New Castle County, m. 23rd of 11th mo, 1734 at Chichester Meeting House. Born ? . Richard died in 1763 in Lanc Co, PA.[7],[32],[33]

21 April 1763. 2 Aug. 1763.
Wife. Edith Thatcher. Children: Thomas, William, Hannah, Jonathan, Anna, Phebe, Mary, Samuel and Stephen.
Ex. Edith and Thomas Thatcher. Chester Co. [33]

They had the following children:
i. Thomas. Born ? . Thomas died in 1773.[7],[32] on 3rd of 3rd month from smallpox. Buried in Concord.[7] on 4th of 3rd month.
38 ii. William (1736-1807)
iii. Hannah.

In 1757 Hannah married Joshua HAINES.[7],[32] on 9th of 11th month.
iv. Jonathan.
v. Anna.

Anna married Thomas CANBY.
vi. Phebe.

Phebe married Unknown HYETT.
vii. Mary.
viii. Samuel. Born ? . Samuel died in 1776.[7],[32] on 8th of 11th month.

In 1773 Samuel married Mary WRIGHT, in Virginia.[7],[32] on 8th of 9th month.
ix. Stephen.

In 1780 Stephen married Ruth FORKNER, in Virginia.[7],[32] on 5th of 4th month.
x. Sarah.

Sarah married Daniel BAILIFF.

15. Benjamin GRUBB. Born abt 1727 in Brandywine Hd, New Castel Co, DE.[17] Benjamin died on 2 Feb 1776; he was 49.[17]

Benjamin Grubb settled in Frederick County, VA. On July 10, 1764, Benjamin sold his land to James Keith and resettled in Craven County, NC. [17]

Benjamin married Hannah HUMPHREY.

They had the following children:
i. Nicholas.

Nicholas Grubb can be placed in Craven County, NC, by 1776. [17]
ii. Benjamin.

16. Emanuel GRUBB Jr. Born on 10 Dec 1729 in Brandywine Hd, New Castel Co, DE.[4],[5],[14],[3] [Note: Of Stockdales, Delaware.]. Emanuel died in Brandywine Hd, New Castle Co, DE on 8 Aug 1799; he was 69.[4],[6],[5],[14],[3] Buried in St Martin's Church, Marcus Hook, Del Co, PA.[3] Occupation: Planter.[4] Religion: Vestryman of St. Martin's Church in Marcus Hook, Del Co, PA.[14]

Emanuel was a captain during the French and Indian War, a magistrate and a large landowner. [4]

Emanuel became the owner of some of the ancestral lands at Grubb's Landing. [3]

March 19, 1754
The Pennsylvania Gazette
TO be sold by the subscriber, living in Brandiwine hundred,
Newcastle county, a plantation, containing 170 acres of timber
land, situated in Little Britain, Lancaster county, adjoining
peach bottom lands, upon Susquehanna river, there may be very
good meadow made, the premises being well watered. Reasonable
time will be allowed for payment of the purchase money, as per
agreement. Any person inclining to purchase, may apply to
Thomas Grubb, in said place, who will shew the premises, or to
the subscriber, who will shew the title, and inform of the
conditions of sale. EMANUEL GRUBB, junior.

EMANUEL GRUBB. Yeoman. Brandywind Hundred. Jan 1, 1799. Aug 17, 1799. O. 482.
Wife, Anne; sons, Benjamin, Peter, James, Nicholas. Exc. son, William Ford Grubb, and nephew, Amer Grubb. [6]

On 16 Aug 1751 when Emanuel was 21, he married Anne FORD, daughter of William FORD & Anne UNKNOWN.[3] Born on 4 Oct 1735.[3] Anne died on 13 Aug 1803; she was 67.[3] Buried in St Martin's Church, Marcus Hook, Del Co, PA.[3]

They had the following children:
i. Benjamin. Born on 9 Apr 1753 in Brandywine Hd, New Castel Co, DE.[3] Benjamin died ? .

On 16 Dec 1776 when Benjamin was 23, he married Lydia LARKIN, daughter of John LARKIN (?-1786) & UNKNOWN, in Old Swedes Church, Wilmington, DE.[3],[7]
ii. Susannah. Born on 11 Jun 1756 in Brandywine Hd, New Castel Co, DE.[3] Susannah died ? .
iii. Joseph. Born on 17 Nov 1758 in Brandywine Hd, New Castel Co, DE.[3] Joseph died ? .
iv. Thomas. Born on 23 Sep 1763 in Brandywine Hd, New Castel Co, DE.[3] Thomas died ? .
v. Peter. Born on 30 Mar 1766 in Brandywine Hd, New Castel Co, DE.[3] Peter died ? .
39 vi. James (1768-1827)
vii. Nicholas. Born on 25 Jul 1770 in Brandywine Hd, New Castel Co, DE.[3] Nicholas died ? .
40 viii. William Ford (1773-1849)

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