Descendants of Thomas Grubb

Seventh Generation

Family of Edith GRUBB (14) & Richard THATCHER

38. William THATCHER. Born in 1736/7.[7],[32] on 7th of 12th month. William died in 1807; he was 71.[7],[32] on 6th of 2nd month.

In 1757 when William was 21, he married Sarah DICKENSON, daughter of Joseph DICKENSON & Elizabeth UNKNOWN.[7],[32] William Thatcher, son of Richard and Edith (Grubb) Thatcher, and Sarah Dickenson, spinster daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Dickenson of Sadsbury, married 4th of 5th month, 1757. Born in 1734.[7],[32] on 9th of 1st month. Sarah died in 1817; she was 83.[7],[32] on 7th of 8th month; age 83 years, 6 months, 28 days. Religion: Minister among Friends.[7],[32]

They had the following children:
i. Elizabeth. Born in 1758.[7],[32] at 4 am, on 17th of 3rd month. Elizabeth died ? .

Elizabeth married Isaac GARRETT.
ii. Hannah. Born in 1760.[7],[32] at 1 am, on 14th of 9th month. Hannah died ? .

Hannah married John WORRALL.
iii. Joseph. Born in 1763.[7],[32] at 3 pm, on 5th of 3rd month. Joseph died ? .

Joseph first married Abigail WORRALL.

Joseph second married Mary MARSHALL.
iv. Edith. Born in 1765.[7],[32] at 1 am, on 4th of 8th month. Edith died in 1791; she was 26.[7],[32] on 20th of 12th month.

In 1789 when Edith was 24, she married Jesse GREEN.[7],[32] on 14th of 1st month.
v. Richard. Born in 1768.[7],[32] at 4 pm, on 24th of 2nd month. Richard died ? .
vi. William. Born in 1770.[7],[32] at 8 am, on 22nd of 11th month. William died ? .

William married Betsy GARRETT.
vii. Sarah. Born in 1773.[7],[32] between 8 and 9 pm, on 12th of 10th month. Sarah died ? .

Sarah married Nathan SHARPLESS.
viii. Phebe. Born in 1776.[7],[32] at 6 am, on 26th of 12th month. Phebe died ? .

Phebe married Davis GARRETT.

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