Descendants of Thomas Grubb

Seventh Generation (Continued)

Family of Emanuel GRUBB Jr (16) & Anne FORD

39. James GRUBB. Born on 25 Jun 1768 in Brandywine Hd, New Castel Co, DE.[5],[4],[14],[3] [Note: Of Stockdales, Delaware.]. James died on 4 Apr 1827; he was 58.[5],[4],[14],[3] Occupation: Planter; magistrate.[4],[14] Religion: Vestryman of St. Martin's Church in Marcus Hook, Del Co, PA.[14]

On 24 Sep 1787 when James was 19, he married Sarah FORD, daughter of John FORD & Prudence CLAYTON, in Old Swedes Church Cemetery, Wilmington, DE.[7],[3] James Grubb and his 1st cousin Sarah Ford of Chichester Meeting, married out of Friends.

Sarah Ford was the granddaughter of William Clayton, governor of Pennsylvania and president of the Colonial Council and of the Upland Court. She was also a granddaughter of Walter Martin, a member of Penn's Assembly and the donor of St. Martin's church lands, Marcus Hook, Pa. [5], [14]

They had the following children:
i. Ann.

Ann married Isaac SMITH.
ii. Bayard.

In 1837 Bayard married Ann NEIDE.[3]
iii. Amor.

Amor married Henrietta M. ALLMOND.
iv. Mary.

Mary first married Richard CLAYTON.

Mary second married George BUCK.
v. James.

James married Ann BEESON.
vi. Sarah Louisa.

Sarah Louisa married Charles G. OSLEN.
62 vii. Wellington (1811-1853)

40. William Ford GRUBB. Born on 13 Feb 1773 in Brandywine Hd, New Castel Co, DE.[3] William Ford died in Brandywine Hd, New Castel Co, DE on 30 Jul 1849; he was 76.[3],[50] [Note: Delaware Gazette gives day as 31st.].

GRUBBS, William F., in Brandywine Hd., 31 Jul 1849, aged 77 yrs. (Delaware Gazette, 14 Aug 1849) [50]

On 4 Jan 1798 when William Ford was 24, he married Lydia WILLIAMSON.[3]

They had the following children:
i. Walter W..
ii. Henrietta M..
iii. Albert G..
iv. Charles P..
v. Harry B..
vi. Lucelia E..
vii. Caroline M..
viii. William L..

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