Descendants of Thomas Grubb

Seventh Generation (Continued)

Family of Peter GRUBB Jr (37) & Mary Shippen BURD

60. Alan Burd GRUBB. Born on 12 Sep 1772 in Hopewell Forge, Warwick Twp [now called Brickerville in Elizabeth Twp], Lanc Co, PA.[3] Alan Burd died ? .

Alan Burd married UNKNOWN.

They had one child:
i. Nelson.

Nelson died unmarried. [3]

61. Henry Bates GRUBB. Born on 6 Feb 1774 in Hopewell Forge, Warwick Twp [now called Brickerville in Elizabeth Twp], Lanc Co, PA.[3] Henry Bates died in Mt. Hope [now in Penn Twp], Lanc Co, PA on 9 Mar 1823; he was 49.[3],[48] [Note: Another source gives the death date as 1822.].

Grubb mansion, comprising some 2,000 acres, was built at Mt. Hope in 1800 by Henry Bates Grubb. The main entrance was a double driveway lined on both sides with Japanese Red Maple and Hemlock Spruce and terminated in a circle around a large fountain in front of the mansion. The boxwood garden was artistic and contained thousands of dollars worth of boxwood. In 1848 Mrs. Henry Bates Grubb erected a church on the property and in 1900 elaborate additions were made, as stated on the chancel building cornerstone: "To the Glory of God and to the memory of Clement B. and Mary Brooke Grubb." [47]

When Henry Bates Grubb died, he left the Mt. Hope Furnace and land (2,307 acres) to his son, Clement B. Grubb. The mansion which was built by Henry in 1800 and remaining land is today home to the Mt. Hope Estate and Winery. Henry Grubb also built the Hope Church in Mt. Hope, and the first service was the baptism of his son, Clement, on January 3, 1818. [48]

On 18 Jun 1805 when Henry Bates was 31, he first married Ann CARSON, daughter of John CARSON, in Pine Grove, PA.[3],[47] Born abt 1781.[3] Ann died on 19 Oct 1806; she was 25.[3] In her 26th year.

They had one child:
i. Henry Carson. Born on 30 Sep 1806 in Lanc Co, PA.[3] Henry Carson died in Lanc Co, PA on 6 Jun 1873; he was 66.[3] [Note: day of death could be the 9th of June.].

On 1 Dec 1808 when Henry Bates was 34, he second married Harriet Amelia BUCKLEY, daughter of Daniel BUCKLEY & Sarah BROOKE, in Pequea, Lanc Co, PA.[3] At her father's Competence Farm.

They had the following children:
i. Bates Buckley (Died as Child). Born on 19 Nov 1809 in Lanc Co, PA.[3] Bates Buckley died ? .
88 ii. Edward Burd (1810-1867)
iii. Charles Buckley. Born on 12 Feb 1813 in Lanc Co, PA.[3],[47] Charles Buckley died on 15 Aug 1833; he was 20.[3],[47]
89 iv. Clement Bates (1815-1889)
90 v. Mary Shippen (1816-1900)
91 vi. Sarah Elizabeth (1818-1884)
92 vii. Alfred Bates (1821-1885)

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