Descendants of Thomas Grubb

Eighth Generation (Continued)

Family of Henry Bates GRUBB (61) & Harriet Amelia BUCKLEY

88. Edward Burd GRUBB. Born on 17 Dec 1810 in Mt. Hope Furnace [now in Penn Twp], Lanc Co, PA.[3],[47] Edward Burd died in Burlington, NJ on 27 Aug 1867; he was 56.[3],[47]

Edward was one of the owners of the Cornwall ore mines. [3]

On 9 Nov 1837 when Edward Burd was 26, he married Euphemia Brown PARKER, daughter of Isaac Brown PARKER & Maria VEAZEY.[3]

They had the following children:
i. Edward Burd.

Edward was of Edgewater Park, NJ, and was the United States Minister to Spain. [3]
ii. Henry Bates.

Of Burlington, NJ. [3]

89. Clement Bates GRUBB. Born on 9 Jan 1815 in Mt. Hope [now in Penn Twp], Lanc Co, PA.[3],[47] [Note: D. R. Bernard's History of Grubb Family Lebanon Co, Penna. gives the date of birth as 9 Feb 1815.]. At the age of 2, Clement Bates was baptized in Hope Church, Mt. Hope, Lanc Co, PA on 3 Jan 1818.[48] Clement Bates died in Lanc Co, PA on 31 Oct 1889; he was 74.[3],[47],[48] Occupation: Ironmaster; President of Lancaster's First National Bank from 1880 to 1887.[47] Religion: Episcopal; served as vestryman of St. James Church in Lancaster, PA.[47]

Clement was eight years of age when death deprived him of his father, and he was then placed under the tutelage of Dr. William Augustus Muhlenberg. He completed his education at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA. At age seventeen he took up the threads of his father's business, operating the Mount Hope, Mount Vernon, Manada and Codorus charcoal furnaces. He built the St. Charles Anthracite Furnace in Columbia, PA, and purchased and rebuilt the Henry Clay Furnace near Columbia. He was family oriented, proverbially quiet, and benevolent in his dealings with his fellowman. [47]

In 1845 Clement purchased 4.4 acres of land that is now Musser Park in Lancaster, PA. By 1846 the Grubb mansion, built in the Greek Revival style, was completed and became the family's permanent residence. The Grubbs also owned a townhome in Philadelphia. [48]

January 31, 1845, Clement Bates Grubb purchased four lots along North Lime Street between Marion and East Chestnut Streets (Lot numbers 490, 491, 492 and 493) in Lancaster, PA. Clement paid $2500 for these four lots. Clement kept accurate records of every detail involved in the building of his mansion. Digging the cellar cost $26. The stone foundation was laid for the sum of 45 cents per perch, and the stone itself cost 70 cents per perch (a perch of stone being about 24 cubic feet.) The bricks for the walls cost $2 per 1000. By April, 1845, the foundation was in. The first floor walls were finished by the end of May, and the brickmasons had started on the second story. The exterior was finished by the end of June. Work began on the stable which was along East Chestnut Street. During the month of August the upper part of the mansion walls were plastered. The fence surrounding the mansion required 860 pickets. In February, 1846, carpet was laid throughout the mansion, and furniture was moved into the home. The Grubb family moved into the mansion the beginning of March, 1846. Servants were hired: Mary Mullen, chambermaid, at $1.25 per week; Margaret O'Neill, cook, at $1.50 per week; and Anthony Lutz, butler and coachman, at $10.00 per month. Circa 1880 Clement Bates Grubb purchased the four lots between his property and North Shippen Street. He constructed various outbuildings such as a greenhouse and an orangery. The alley between Marion and East Chestnut Streets was eliminated. The entire block bounded by Lime, East Chestnut, North Shippen and East Marion Streets was landscaped in the Victorian style. Grubb Mansion and its grounds became Lancaster's showplace. Clement's unmarried daughter, Daisy Grubb, continued to live in the mansion after the death of her father in 1889 until her death in 1936. At the time of his death in 1889, Clement Bates Grubb was said to have been the wealthiest citizen in Lancaster. [78]

On 27 Feb 1841 when Clement Bates was 26, he married Mary Ann BROOKE, daughter of Charles BROOKE & Jane BARDE.[3] Born ? . Mary Ann died on 23 Feb 1899.[47]

They had the following children:
110 i. Harriet Brooke (1842-?)
ii. Charles Brooke. Born on 6 Oct 1844 in Lanc Co, PA.[47],[48] Charles Brooke died on 12 Nov 1911; he was 67.

Charles died unmarried. [47]
111 iii. Mary Lilly Brooke
112 iv. Ella Jane Brooke (?-1920)
v. Daisy Elizabeth Brooke. Born ? . Daisy Elizabeth Brooke died on 10 Sep 1936 in Lanc Co, PA.[47],[48] [Note: Another source gives the day of death as the 11th.].

In 1902 Daisy sold her interest in the Cornwall Ore Mines to the Penna. Steel Company, later pruchased by the Bethlehem Steel Company August 1, 1918. [47]

Daisy E. B. Grubb was the last resident of Grubb Mansion built by her father, Clement Bates Grubb, in 1845/46 (today Musser Park) in Lancaster, PA. Daisy was one of Lancaster's leading society ladies. She was involved in children's causes and community projects. As a young woman in the Victorian era, Daisy had been engaged to a young man. Before the wedding, her fiancé was tragically killed in a hunting accident. An avid art student, legend has it that Daisy painted cherubs on the ceiling near the ballroom at the mansion at Mt. Hope and that she painted one of the cherub faces in the likeness of her financé. She spent time expanding the Mt. Hope mansion built by her grandfather, Henry Bates Grubb in 1800; and by 1895 she had enlarged the eight-room Federal style house into a 28-room Victorian manor. (The mansion at Mt. Hope is today Mt. Hope Estate and Winery.) Daisy never married. [48]

90. Mary Shippen GRUBB. Born on 12 Oct 1816.[47] Mary Shippen died in 1900; she was 83.[47]

To quote from the brochure of The Inn at Mt. Hope [a bed & breakfast inn located at 2232 East Mount Hope Road, Manheim, PA]: "The year was 1860 - James Buchanan from nearby Lancaster was President, the ironmasters were in the height of their glory and Mary Shippen Grubb Parker was settled in Mt. Hope, between the new school she had built and her family church. Situated on a hill and overlooking the stream near the family mansion - which her father built in 1800 - gracefully sat Parker House. There, with her daughter and servants, Mary lived in the security of the family wealth as the nation prepared for war."

On 2 Sep 1845 when Mary Shippen was 28, she married George Washington PARKER.[3]

They had one child:
i. Daughter.

91. Sarah Elizabeth GRUBB. Born on 19 Nov 1818 in Lanc Co, PA.[3],[47] Sarah Elizabeth died on 27 Nov 1884; she was 66.[3]

On 16 Feb 1846 when Sarah Elizabeth was 27, she married John George OGILVIE.[3]

They had the following children:
i. John Malcolm (Died as Child).
ii. Elizabeth Gibson.

[Note: Gilbert Cope in his history of the Grubb Family stated that he was indebted to Elizabeth for "many facts."] [3]

On 3 Jun 1886 Elizabeth Gibson married Dr. Herbert NORRIS, in Philadelphia, PA.[3]

92. Alfred Bates GRUBB. Born on 6 Jan 1821 in Lanc Co, PA.[3],[47],[79],[80] Alfred Bates died in Lanc Co, PA on 2 Feb 1885; he was 64.[3],[47],[79] Buried in Mt. Hope Episcopal Cemetery, Penn Twp, Lanc Co, PA.[79]

1860 Census, Rapho Twp (P.O. Manheim), Lanc Co, PA:
A. B. Grubb, age 38, Mount Hope Furnace, Real Estate 80,000, Personal Estate 20,000
Ellen Grubb, age 23
Henry Bates Grubb, age 1
Mary McClay, age 28, Domestic
Jane McClay, age 24, Domestic
Henry Farnum, age 21, Clerk [Note: possibly Ellen's brother?]

1870 Census, Rapho Twp (P.O. Sporting Hill), Lanc Co, PA:
Grubb, Bates A., age 49, Iron Master, Real Estate 39,700, Personal Estate 22,700
Grubb, Ellen, age 32, K. House
Grubb, Alfred, age 9
Grubb, Ellen, age 6
Grubb, Annie, age 3
McCullerigh, Lizzie, age 25, Domestic Servt., Born Donegal Ire ld
Canipell, Jenny, age 28, Domestic Servt., Born Glasgow Scot ld
McNight, Fany, age 19, Domestic Servt., Born Ireland

On 25 Mar 1856 when Alfred Bates was 35, he married Ellen FARNUM.[3] Born abt 1837 in PA.[81] Ellen died ? .

They had the following children:
i. Caroline (Died as Infant). Born on 27 Nov 1856 in Lanc Co, PA.[79] Caroline died on 9 Sep 1857 in Lanc Co, PA.[79] Buried in Mt. Hope Episcopal Cemetery, Penn Twp, Lanc Co, PA.[79]
ii. Henry Bates (Died as Infant). Born on 7 Apr 1859 in Lanc Co, PA.[79],[82] Henry Bates died in Lanc Co, PA on 22 Nov 1860; he was 1.[79] Buried in Mt. Hope Episcopal Cemetery, Penn Twp, Lanc Co, PA.[79]
iii. Alfred Bates. Born on 21 Aug 1861 in Lanc Co, PA.[79],[83] Alfred Bates died in Lanc Co, PA on 7 Jul 1936; he was 74.[79] Buried in Mt. Hope Episcopal Cemetery, Penn Twp, Lanc Co, PA.[79]
iv. Ellen. Born abt 1864 in Lanc Co, PA.[84] Ellen died ? .
v. Annie. Born abt 1867 in Lanc Co, PA.[85] Annie died ? .
vi. Rosalie. Born on 19 Sep 1873 in Lanc Co, PA.[79] Rosalie died in Lanc Co, PA on 29 Jul 1943; she was 69.[79] Buried in Mt. Hope Episcopal Cemetery, Penn Twp, Lanc Co, PA.[79]
vii. Harriet Amelia (Died as Infant). Born on 16 May 1877 in Lanc Co, PA.[79] Harriet Amelia died on 27 Aug 1877 in Lanc Co, PA.[79] Buried in Mt. Hope Episcopal Cemetery, Penn Twp, Lanc Co, PA.[79]
viii. Peter (Died as Infant). Born on 16 Sep 1879 in Lanc Co, PA.[79] Peter died on 14 Jun 1880 in Lanc Co, PA.[79] Buried in Mt. Hope Episcopal Cemetery, Penn Twp, Lanc Co, PA.[79]

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