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You can never have a sense of belonging and know where you are going -- until you know who you are and where you come from.   - Cindy Moonstar, a Cherokee

Bob & Kathleen Duggan Family Registers

Descendant Charts of 145+ Selected Surnames


Bob & Kathleen Duggan


I'm Robert Stone (Bob) Duggan, Jr., and this is my bride of 57 years, Kathleen Ringwald. (We celebrated our Golden Anniversary on 20 November 2004). We live in Park Springs retirement community in Stone Mountain, GA, USA.

With five children, ten grandchildren, and two great grandchildren (so far), Kathleen and I also share interests in genealogy, world travel, photography, gardening, languages, amateur radio, and working with international students at Atlanta's First Presbyterian Church.

Genealogy is a major interest, however. Since 1990 we have compiled over 114,000 names in our genealogy database. (We use Brother's Keeper software). On this web page we are continually adding mostly undocumented descendant registers (see the list below) of some of our main family lines as archives for our family and for other researchers. Our sources include our years of research in libraries, churches, court houses, and cemeteries both here and in Europe -- as well as data shared by many, many kin and friends on the Internet.

Visit our main page when you can. There you will find links to all our immediate family. Also listed there are the over 300 surnames from Kathleen's and my family trees.

There we also include several other pertinent reference links for Duggan and Ringwald, as well as for Dutch/Gelderland and German/Baden-Württemberg genealogy.

So...please visit the main Bob Duggan Page!

A number of our family photos may be viewed at our Tripod Website.

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Links to our 140+ surname ahnentafels, registers, and other pertinent sites on the Web are below. NOTE: Some of these registers are in DOC or RTFand are well over 200 pages (several Mbs), so there may be several L-O-N-G minutes involved just in downloading them. All registers include a name index at the end to help find specific individuals.

The sources for the following (mostly undocumented) registers are many. Although accuracy cannot be guaranteed, it is still the best we have been able to achieve. Any additions or corrections are thus always welcomed.

Remember that the data below is primarily made up of names, dates, and places. What matters most is what we do between the birth and death dates. The poem "-Hyphen-" by Martin Collis says it well:

1893 -- 1950

...The first and last days are markers in time,
But what do those days really mean?
What matters is not the birth or the death
But the hyphen which lies in between...
Choose wisely and well when selecting the goals
That you choose to base your life on
To miss the joy is to miss it all
And a terrible waste of a hyphen-

There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children ...
One is roots
The other is wings

NOTE: We willingly share our database with others ... but please only for non-profit use.

Our Ahnentafels:
Robert S. DUGGAN, Jr. 25-Generation Ahnentafel [0.6 Mb]
Kathleen RINGWALD 25-Generation Ahnentafel [0.4 Mb]
Our siblings', our children's, and our grandchildren's spouses' Ahnentafels:
Richard Anderson BARNES Ahnentafel [0.1 Mb]
Cameron Winston McMurrain CLARK Ahnentafel [35 kb]
Charles Franklin CLEMENTS Ahnentafel [0.3 Mb]
Patricia Ann DEMPSEY Ahnentafel [15 kb]
Douglas Philip HANNY Ahnentafel [15 kb]
Bonnie Keis HIGHSMITH Ahnentafel [0.3 Mb]
William Henry HITCH Ahnentafel [0.1 Mb]
Jeffrey McGee JOHNSON Ahnentafel [0.7 Mb]
Elizabeth Hurt KILLINGSWORTH Ahnentafel [65 kb]
Terry Suzanne PLYLER Ahnentafel [65 kb]
ADAMS Register [0.3 Mb]
ADDAIR Register of 4 Generations [0.2 Mb]
BARNES Register [0.1 Mb]
BECKERINK Register [0.3 Mb]
BEERNINK Register of 6 Generations [0.2 Mb]
BEMERS Register [0.5 Mb]
BENT Register of 7 Generations [0.1 Mb]
BIGGE Register of 4 Generations [0.1 Mb]
BILLUPS Register [0.3 Mb]
BOUWMEESTER Register [0.7 Mb]
BROWN of VA Register [0.1 Mb]
BRUGGERS Register [1.3 Mb]
BURGESS Register [0.1 Mb]
CHAPPELL Register [0.1 Mb]
CHEELY Register [0.3 Mb]
CLARK Register [0.1 Mb]
CLEMENTS Register [0.1 Mb]
(You may also want to visit the Clement Cuzins Webpage).
CONE Register [3 Mb]
(You may also want to visit the Cone web page).
COWLEY Register [0.4 Mb]
CRAWLEY Register [0.1 Mb]
DAMCOTT / DAMKOT Register [2 Mb]
DEBBINK Register [0.3 Mb]
DEKLE Register [0.1 Mb]
(You may also want to visit the Dekle Webpage).
DEMPSEY Register [0.1 Mb]
DEUNK / DUENK / DUNK Register [0.3 Mb]
DUGGAN Register [3.7 Mb]
DULANEY / DELANEY Register [0.7 Mb]
Willem DULMES Register [1 Mb]
DUNNEWOLD / teWEKAMP Register [1.6 Mb]
EININK Register [0.6 Mb]
ELINK Register [1.6 Mb]
ESKEW Register [0.3 Mb]
ESSELINK Register [1.1 Mb]
FISHER Register of 3 Generations [35 kb]
FREDERICK Register [0.3 Mb]
FREEMAN Register [1.1 Mb]
FREERS Register [1.0 Mb]
FRENCH Register [0.3 Mb]
FROST Register of 5 generations [0.8 Mb]
GHEESLING Register [0.3 Mb]
GILMORE Register [0.2 Mb]
GLENN of VA Register of 4 generations [53 kb]
GLENN of Ireland Register [0.1 Mb]
P. GROSS Register [0.8 Mb]
GROSS / LeGROS Register [0.5 Mb]
GUSSINKLO Register [0.6 Mb]
GUSSINKLOE Register [0.3 Mb]
Hans Jacob HAGLER (b. c1660) Register [1.4 Mb]. Note: My register [0.4 Mb] for the "other Johannes HAGLER" (b. 1726) is here.
HANNY Register [70 kb]
HARRELL Register [0.2 Mb]
HARRISON Register [0.6 Mb]
HEINEN Register [0.2 Mb]
HESSELINK Register [0.8 Mb]
HEWIN Register [0.1 Mb]
HIGHSMITH Register [0.1 Mb]
HIJINK Register [0.2 Mb]
HILBELINK Register [0.8 Mb]
HITCH Register [0.1 Mb]
(You may also want to visit Mike Hitch's web page).
HOGENBOOM Register [40 kb]
HOITINK Register [0.1 Mb]
HUDSON Register [0.2 Mb]
HUININK Register [1.5 Mb]
HUNDERS Register [2.7 Mb]
HYMAN Register [2 Mb]
JENTINK Register [0.5 Mb]
JOHNSON Register [40 kb]
JOHNSON / JOHNSTON Register [0.4 Mb]
JORDAN Register [0.5 Mb]
JOYCE, Caleb Register [1.5 Mb]
JOYCE, Martin Register [2.6 Mb]
KENAN Register of 4 generations [60 kb]
KILLINGSWORTH Register [0.2 Mb]
(You may also want to visit Nan Hankovich's Killingsworth web page).
KIMZEY / KIMSEY Register [0.1 Mb]
KIRBY Register 1.2 Mb]
(You may also want to visit the Kirby web page or the About Alabama Genealogy site).
KLEINHESSELINK Register [0.2 Mb]
KLOMPS Register of 4 Generations [38 kb]
KOLSTEDE/te KOLSTEE Register [0.1 Mb]
KROSENBRINK / teHAVESTE Register [1.2 Mb]
LANIER Register of 8 Generations [70 kb]
LAUCK / LAUX Register of 8 Generations [0.8 Mb]
LEGTERS/POELHUIS Register [1.2 Mb]
LENOIR Register [0.5 Mb]
LINDER Register [0.7 Mb]. Note: My register for the apparently unrelated Marty LINDER line [0.2 Mb] is here.
MADDUX Register [1.2 Mb]
(You may also want to visit the Maddux Cousins web page).
MALPASS Register [0.2 Mb]
MANNING Register [2.3 Mb]
___ MARTIN Register [30 kb]
David MARTIN Register [60 kb]
Johann Hans MARTIN Register [0.1 Mb]
John MARTIN Register [40 kb]
MASSEY / MASSIE Register [0.4 Mb]
MAYO Register [0.1 Mb]
McGEE Register [70 kb]
McMURRAIN Register [70 kb]
MEERDINK Register [2.2 Mb]
MEINEN Register of 4 Generations [45 kb]
Hendrick MENTINK Register [0.6 Mb]
Jan MENTINK Register [80 kb]
MOECKEL Register [40 kb]
NECKERS / NEKKERS Register [0.5 Mb]
ten NIJENHUIS Register [0.5 Mb]
OONK Register [0.6 Mb]
OWEN Register [0.3 Mb]
PARKS Register [0.7 Mb]
(You may also want to visit the Parke/s Society web page).
PIETENPOL Register [0.5 Mb]
PLECKENPOL Register [0.5 Mb]
PLYLER Register [25 kb]
PORTER Register [0.8 Mb]
(You may also want to visit the Porter web page).
POTTER Register [0.2 Mb]
PURCELL Register [75 kb]
RAMAKER Register [0.2 Mb]
RAUWERDINK Register [0.1 Mb]
REESINK / RESINK Register [1.6 Mb]
REUSELINK / ROESLINK Register [0.8 Mb]
RICE Register [0.8 Mb]
RINGWALD / RINGWALT Registers [twenty separate lines]
ROBINS / ROBBINS Register [0.7 Mb]
RODES Register [0.5 Mb]
ROERDINK Register [0.3 Mb]
ROWSE Register [2.6 Mb]
RÜHL Register [2.0 Mb]
SCHIRMER / SHERMER Register of 6 Generations [75 kb]
SCHOLTEN Register [0.8 Mb]
SCHREURS Register [2 Mb]
SELLINK Register of 5 Generations [61 kb]
SIKKINK Register [2.4 Mb]
SMITHWICK Register [3 Mb]
STANLEY Register [0.7 Mb]
(You may also want to visit the Carolina Cuzins' Stanley web page
or Larry Stanley's Stanley/Standley web page).
STANTON Register [0.7 Mb]
STONE Register [1 Mb]
(You may also want to visit Al Streit's Stone web page).
STOWE Register of 9 Generations [0.3 Mb]
TeBEESTE Register [0.8 Mb]
TenDOLLE Register [1.0 Mb]
TenHAKEN Register [0.4 Mb]
TenHULSEN Register [0.6 Mb]
RUTGERS/TeKOLSTEE Register [1.0 Mb]
TenPAS Register [0.8 Mb]
TeSELLE Register [1.2 Mb]
TeSTEGE Register [0.8 Mb]
TeSTRAKE Register [0.7 Mb]
Jan Hendrik TeWINKEL / TeWINKLE Register [0.4 Mb]
Garrit Jan TeWINKEL Register [0.2 Mb]
TIMSON Register of 3 Generations [36 kb]
TRAWICK Register [0.1 kb]
UMMINGER Register [0.2 Mb]
VanHOOSER Register [2.1 Mb]
WALKER Register [0.8 Mb]
Jan WAMELINK Register [1.9 Mb]
Lambert WAMELINK Register [0.6 Mb]
WARDE Register of 9 generations [0.4 Mb]
WIGGERS Register [1.2 Mb]
Wander WILLINK Register [90 kb]
WILTERDINK Register [1.6 Mb]
WOLTERINK Register [0.7 Mb]
ZÜRN Register (3 Generations) [28 kb]

More Registers are being added from time to time!

Please send any corrections, additions, or comments to Bob Duggan.

This page was last updated 19 December 2011. Thank you for visiting our web page.

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