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[Last updated 7 March 2011]

This Ringwald crest woodcarving was made by Eugene Lee (Gene) Ringwald [1919-1998] of Durham, NC, a descendant of Georg Ringwald (Line 1 below).  Views from the Freiamt, Baden area show the Green Tree Inn (founded by that Georg Ringwald) and some of the Ringwald crest details at the Inn.
Photos of the Freiamt countryside around Ottoschwanden (shared by Diane Blust) are shown here: (the village) and here: (an old farm).

Registers and Indexes

In our research we have found over two dozen separate and so far unrelated lines of Ringwalds. Most are from Baden, but a few are from Württemberg. The Ringwald lines included below are the principal lines currently in our database. All other lines are quite small.  Each register includes a name index for that line.

1. Descendants of Georg RINGWALD [1620-present] 0.9 Mb
of Biederbach, Baden

2. Descendants of Jörg RINGWALD [c1620-present] 0.75 Mb
of Onstmettingen, Württemberg -- my wife Kathleen's line

3. Descendants of Anton RINGWALD [1749-present] 85 kb
of Doettelbach, Baden (probably related to 1. above)

4. Descendants of Christian RINGWALD/RENGEWALD [c1660-present] 90 kb
of Durlach, Baden

5. Descendants of Jonas RINGWALD [c1735-present] 90 kb
of Elzach, Baden (probably related to 1. above)

6. Descendants of Conrad RINGWALD [1820-present] 50 kb
of Baden Baden, Baden (probably related to 1. above)

7. Descendants of Bernard RINGWALD [1761-present] 40 kb
of Elzach, Baden (probably related to 1. and 5. above)

8. Descendants of Friedrich RINGWALD [c1850-present] 30 kb
of Balingen, Württemberg (probably related to 2. above)

9. Descendants of Friedrich(?) Gottlieb RINGWALD [c1790-present] 60 kb
of Württemberg (probably related to 2. above)

10. Descendants of Wilhelm (William) RINGWALD [1832-present] 40 kb
of Baden

11. Descendants of Wilhelm Edward (C. Edward) RINGWALD [1841-present] 0.2 Mb
of Prussia

12. Descendants of Meir Ben Josef Ribero/RINGWALD [c1540-present] 0.2 Mb
of Holland

13. Descendants of Martinus RINGSWALD [c1625-present] 0.3 Mb
of Sasbach, Baden.

14. Descendants of August RINGSWALD [c1820-present] 60 kb
of Baden (probably related to 13. above)

15. Descendants of Peter RINGWALD [c1715-present] 65 kb
of Kuhbach, Baden (probably related to 1. above)

16. Descendants of John RUECKWALD/RINGWALD [c1830-present] 60 kb
of Regenwald, Germany

17. Descendants of Johann Georg RINGWALD [c1683-present] 75 kb
of Ringsheim, Baden (probably related to 1. above)

18. Descendants of Anton RINGWALD [c1712-present] 80 kb
of Hofstetten-Haslach, Baden. Many of this Ringwald line lived in Hodschag and Milititsch, Batschka (now part of Voyvodina in Yugoslavia) from c 1765 until the 1940s.

19. Descendants of Andreas RINGWALD [c 1665-present] 35 kb
of Ettenheim, Freiburg, Baden.

20. Descendants of Antoine/Anthon RINGWALD [1775-present] 80 kb
of Benfeld, Alsace, France.

21. Descendants of Johann RINGWALD [b. c1840] 20 kb and Johann RINGWALD [b. c1875] 20 kb
of Putinci, Banat (now Yugoslavia).   (Both lines are likely tied to Line 18).

22. Descendants of Christian RINGWALD [c1691-c1800] 25 kb
of Reichenbach/Lahr, in Baden who moved to Hodschag, Batschka (now Yugoslavia).   (This line is likely tied to Line 18).

23. Descendants of Michael RINGWALD [c1738-c1800] 20 kb
who settled around Kolut, Batschka (now in Yugoslavia).   (This line is likely tied to Line 18).

24. Descendants of Mathias (Matthew) RINGWALD [1898-present] 25 kb
of Slankamen, Yugoslavia now in the Kitchener, Ontario area.   (This line is likely tied to Line 18).

25. Descendants of Joseph RINGWALD [c1820-present] 30 kb
of Baden and later Wales and to western Canada.

26. Descendants of Evert DIRKS(REINERS/RINGWALD) [1696-present] 15 kb
of Backemoor, Ostfriesland, Prussia and later to Kansas.

27. Descendants of David RINGEWALDT [1728-c1840] Brandenburg, Prussia and Otto RINGEWALD [c1860-present] of Berlin 80 kb.   Note: Bartholomäus Ringwaldt (28 Nov 1532 - 1599) of Brandenburg, Prussia was a Lutheran pastor who composed some 168 hymns.  Even today the Lutheran Hymnal includes one of his hymns.  He may be from the same line as these Ringewald(t)s (above), since all came from the Brandenburg area, which includes Berlin.

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