This page is currently under construction! The following pages will be mainly dedicated to the DUGGUA family of 19th century Padstow, although I hope to "collect" other names related to the family!

It will probably contain a few broken links, errors and omissions for a while - I will remove this warning when I am more confident about the contents. Until then, please feel free to contact me if we share any interest in the family.


02 Aug 2007

Last week I ordered a book entitled "A Pedler Family History" by Sir Frederick Pedler, which I'd found by Googling "Dogo + Withiel". Yesterday it arrived! It contains plenty of references to Dogo; individuals I've seen on the IGI, but they're several decades before the period I'm interested in. Still no sign of Thomas, father of Peter Duggoe..... I've ordered the "sequel" book which allegedly contains updated research. Fingers crossed! Also waiting on the death cert for John Roger Gill Duggua - will he turn out to be Roger John after all?

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