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Ancestors of Robert McCutcheon - Annie Dunsmore

Annie Dunsmore

#12, (21 Aug 1872 - 9 Jan 1963)
Annie Dunsmore|b. 1872\nd. 1963|p12.htm|John Dunsmore|b. 1839\nd. 1905|p732.htm|Marion Graham|b. c 1846\nd. 1874|p733.htm|William Dunsmuir|b. c 1813\nd. 1874|p759.htm|Jean Cameron|b. c 1814\nd. 1894|p761.htm|Alexander Graham|d. 1858|p769.htm|Margaret Barbour|d. 1886|p770.htm|

Relationship   Great-grandmother of Robert Stewart McCutcheon.
Last Edited   25 Nov 2007
Charts   My ancestors
Line of descent from Robert Dinsmuir
Hugh McCutcheon's descendants

Father   John Dunsmore (29 Jan 1839 - 1 Feb 1905)
Mother   Marion Graham (c 1846 - 24 Jul 1874)

Birth* 21 Aug 1872 Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, Scotland1,2,3,4 
Marriage* 25 Feb 1892 William Hugh McCutcheon; Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, Scotland 
Death* 9 Jan 1963 51 Townhead Road, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland 
Note* Another regret of mine is that I do not recall meeting my great-grandmother. I was eight when she died in January 1963, but I've no memory of her. I'd like to think my parents went to see her at her bungalow in Townhead and took me with them.
Annie's mother died when she was less than of two years old. This left her father John Dunsmore to bring up the young family of a boy and two girls, (Annie, of course being the youngest) with the help of his elderly mother Jean. John married again in 1884, to Barbara Martin. But there is no record that his children followed him. In fact his mother was head of the house at Calder Street, Lochwinnoch when the 1891 census was taken. Also in the house along were Anne and her elder sister Margaret. at the time Anne was employed as a silk weaver. Less than year later she had married my great-grandfather (William) Hugh McCutcheon. She was eighteen and he, a widower, thirty-three. How they met, what brought them together, I have no idea. I have a slim hunch that she was childminder to his young family. Maybe not, but she inherited that young family, and she and Hugh went on to produce another nine children of their own.
I'm told that my grandmother was a fair-minded woman, held in esteem by her children, step-children as well as her nieces and nephews. It's a testimony to that esteem that she had no fewer than four granddaughters named after her. My great-grandmother was afflicted by blindness late in her life. And it's thanks to her blindness that one of her granddaughters took a photo of her without her knowledge, and is the only photo-portrait of her that survives.5 
Residence* bt 1881 - 1891 Calder Street, Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, Scotland6,7 
Occupation* 1891 Silk weaver7 
Residence 1901 101 Aitkenhead Road, Govanhill, Glasgow, Scotland4 


  William Hugh McCutcheon (1 Sep 1858 - 14 Sep 1939)
Children  1. Marion Grahame McCutcheon (excluded)
  2. John Stewart McCutcheon (excluded)
  3. William Dunsmore McCutcheon (excluded)
  4. George Buchanan McCutcheon (excluded)
  5. Margaret Jane Dunsmore McCutcheon (excluded)
  6. Robert Stewart McCutcheon+ (1903 - 1978)
  7. Annie Dunsmore McCutcheon (excluded)
  8. Herbert Buchanan McCutcheon (excluded)
  9. Grahame McCutcheon (excluded)


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