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Ancestors of Robert McCutcheon - Margaret McCall

Margaret McCall

#8, (22 May 1902 - 30 Aug 1964)
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Relationship   Grandmother of Robert Stewart McCutcheon.
Last Edited   25 Nov 2007
Charts   My ancestors
Line of descent from Robert Dinsmuir
Hugh McCutcheon's descendants

Father   Thomas McCall (15 Mar 1869 - 13 Dec 1919)
Mother   Jane Hanlon (29 Jul 1865 - 23 Feb 1927)

Birth* 22 May 1902 28 Summerlee Street, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland 
Marriage* 3 Jul 1925 Robert Stewart McCutcheon; Dunbeth United Free Church Manse, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland1 
Death* 30 Aug 1964 Coathill Hospital, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland, Cerebral haemorrhage.2 
Note* My grandmother was born in the Summerlee district of Coatbridge, a true daughter of the Iron Burgh, and third generation Irish in the biggest "Little Ireland" in Scotland. I have nothing but fond memories of my grandmother. A woman of striking looks, and despite having to bring up an extra-large family, always had a zest for life, and was full of love and affection for her children and grandchildren. In this respect I feel sorry for my younger cousins who missed out on experiencing this wonderful person. My grandmother was a Catholic who married a Protestant - something which was a taboo in Coatbridge in the 1920s, and although her children were brought up as Protestants, she remained a Catholic. There wasn't a bigoted atom in her body.
Before she married my grandfather she worked in the printing firm of Christies as a machinist, and true to the McCutcheon habit, a couple of her daughters would later work for the same firm.
To her friends she was Maggie, but Grandad simply called her 'Meg'.
She died on a sunny day in August 1964. I can remember the last time I saw her. My dad dropped her off just along the street from the McCutcheon home at Barrowfield Street, it was a few days after my 10th birthday. she had got me pyjamas for a birthday present. Me being a little ingrate mumbled that I'd have prefered a toy instead. I can't remember but probably she shook her head and smiled at me. Later that day she died of a cerebral haemorrhage. The very next day her elder brother Frank McCall passed away after a long illness.3 
Occupation* 1925 Printer's machinist1 
Married Name 3 Jul 1925 McCutcheon1 


  Robert Stewart McCutcheon (7 Jun 1903 - 28 Dec 1978)
Children  1. Hugh McCutcheon (living)
  2. Thomas McCall McCutcheon (excluded)
  3. Robert Stewart McCutcheon+ (1928 - 1995)
  4. Anne Dunsmore McCutcheon (living)
  5. Margaret McCall McCutcheon (living)
  6. Herbert Dunsmore McCutcheon (excluded)
  7. Marion Graham McCutcheon (excluded)
  8. William Dunsmore McCutcheon (excluded)
  9. William Dunsmore McCutcheon (living)
  10. Grahame McCall McCutcheon (excluded)
  11. Jean McCall McCutcheon (living)
  12. Dorothy McCall McCutcheon (living)


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